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What is Probus?

Probus is all about Friendship, Fellowship and Fun in retirement.

Probus provides you with the opportunity to join together in clubs and to progress healthy minds and active bodies through social interaction and activities with retirees in your community.

Probus opens the door to new experiences and friendships, you can hear wonderful guest speakers, stay active by participating in a wide range of activities and explore your community, your country or the world.

Probus offers a range of member benefits and to quote a recent Probus Club member “the day I joined my Probus Club, I instantly had 100 new friends” – That is Probus, Friendship, Fellowship and Fun.

Join over 130,000 retirees across Australia and New Zealand today and discover the wonderful world of Probus, look for your local club Here.

Your passport to Probus

As a Probus club member you are entitled to access exciting benefits:

  • Flagship Probus publication – ACTIVE RETIREESTM Magazine

  • Competitions

  • Probus Member Benefits Scheme

  • Probus National Insurance Scheme

  • Probus Travel Insurance

  • Probus Getaways

Plus, there's a dedicated Probus Support Team at your service at Probus South Pacific office.

Probus Jingle

Listen to the Australian jingle and share it with your friends! Listen here.

Probus Community Service Activity Commercial

Australia - Watch here.

Probus already has over 130,000 members. Why not join them?

Find out more about joining Probus, got to our Contact Us page.