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  Russell Lea Manor*


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*Russell Lea Manor, also known as Russell Lea House, was the home of Russell Barton (1830-1916), and was situated north of Lyons Road between Sibbick Street and Lyons Road.  The suburb of Russell Lea takes its name from this grand home.

Streets in Russell Lea have names which commemorate First World War battles and events.

When the Liryclea Estate, owned by William Smiley Tait, a well-known Sydney businessman, was subdivided in 1915, planners were clearly conscious of the recent battles of Mons, Reims and Liège when the streets were named. Tait Street, in the same subdivision, was named after William Smiley Tait. His son William Goth Tait served in the 12 Light Horse in the First World War. 

The City of Canada Bay has installed commemorative plaques at Mons, Reims, Liège and Tait Streets explaining the background of the names. 


(Source: City of Canada Bay Heritage Society)