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                                       THE PROBUS CLUB OF RYE


In 1983, as a community service project, the Rotary Club of Rye contacted people whom the felt may be interersted in forming a Probus Club in Rye and invited them to a meeting held on November 7, 1983. After hearing from a number pf speakers, The Probus Club of Rye was inaugurated.

Key Dates:

 1. Inaugurated                                          November 7, 1983

2. First Committee Meeting.                     November 22, 1983

3. Foundation General Meeting held at St Andrews Church Hall.    December 5, 1983

4. First General Meeting held at Blairgowrie Coimmunity Hall.       February 6, 1984

5. Incorporation as "The Probus Club of Rye Inc"                            September. 16, 1988