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You have found the website of THE PROBUS CLUB OF RYE INC., which was formed over 20 years ago and is part of PROBUS South Pacific  Limited.

There are over 1500 such clubs in Australia, each with its own constitution and club rules. In our case we are in District 1 of Region D9820 which includes some 50 clubs and 3670 members. Each club was initially sponsored by a local Rotary Club, although that club plays no role in its activities and does not control its meetings.

The PROBUS Charter supports Clubs that:

  • advance intellectual and cultural interests among adult persons who have retired or are semi-retired from their earlier professions

  • hold regular meetings of members and to arrange activities which will provide fellowship and which foster development of acquaintance and social interaction

  • strive to be seen as a worthwhile organisation by the local community

  • are non-sectarian and non-political in their meetings, activities and communications. It does not endorse candidates for public office and does not take corporate action at any meeting with the intention of influencing the policies or decisions of Government. That said, the merits of any public question may be the subject of fair and intelligent study or discussion at a club meeting for the information of members.

  • cannot be seen as fund-raising bodies. However, a club may, by a majority decision of its members, engage in corporate projects for social benefit provided that any such activity does not involve the raising of funds, and that participation in any such project is entirely voluntary.

Clubs may be of single or mixed gender - in our case of it is of men’s gender with a membership cap of 120 and with a charter to build and maintain its membership from retired or semi-retired men resident in the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

Our constitution requires that officers be elected annually, and  as a minimum, includes a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

In our case, the Committee comprises nine members, including welfare, activities, speakers and communication.

Currently we meet at 0930 hours on the first Monday of the month, except January, in the Community Hall in Williams Road, Blairgowrie.

Contact details are included on this website and we welcome your calls.