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The Inaugural Meeting of the Saratoga/Davistown Probus Club was held at Davistown RSL Sub-branch Hall on Wednesday 15th October 1986, with a foundation membership of 15 members.  The Foundation President was Noel Tooth.  The current President is Erin Eyles

After a fire destroyed the meeting venue (Davistown RSL Bowling Club) in April 1990, the venue of Brentwood Village Recreation Hall was offered by then proprietor, John Klumper.  The club has met there ever since.

The decision to become a combined club was first discussed in 2009, and in 2012 women became members, with the first ladies joining the committee in 2013.  Joan Edwards became the first female President in 2014 and the membership is now 50/50 men and women

 In October 2016 the club celebrated its 30 year anniversary, with a splendid lunch at the Waterford Café, Kincumber. Several past presidents were able to attend.

Past Presidents

1986-87      Noel Tooth

1987-88      Noel Tooth

1988-89      Alan Bird

1989-90      Bill Geerlig

1990-91      Ken Mears

1991-92      Harry Highland   

1992-93      Warwick Dunn

1993-94      Jack Taylor

1994-95      John Hicks

1995-96      Ted van den Driesschen

1996-97       Ron Hawthorn

1997-98      Tom Sawyer

1998-99      George Daniels

1999-2000  Lionel Davidson

2000-01      Trevor Dacey

2001-02      John Pearson

2002-03      Carl Reber

2003-04      John Pearson

2004-05      Ern Rowley

2005-06      Trevor Dacey

2006-07      Norm Lloyd

2007-08      Geoff Furniss

2008-09      Ken Spencer

2009-10      John Samios

2010-11      Brian Paton

2011-12      Colin Beveridge

2012-13      Alan Edwards

2013-14      Geoff Furniss

2014-15      Joan Edwards

2015-16      Brian Paton

2016-17      Joan Edwards

2017-18       Brian Paton

2018-19       Geoff Furniss

2020-2021   Jan Lockhart

2022-2024    Erin Eyles