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November 2021


October 2021

Josie Bishop provided a spotlight on her teaching experiences in China, explaining what life was like when she lived there while working in Schools & Universities. She was born in England and always dreamt and read about fireworks, silk, exotic places and people; and travel. 

One day her Mum said they were going on a big adventure and they became ‘Ten pound Poms’. 

In 1995, Josie eventually found her way to China where she taught and learnt about Chinese culture and customs. She was invited to stay with the family of one of her students. The family lived in a rural village and she got to understand what living in rural China is really like.  Josie returned to Australia in 2010 with fond memories of her experience.  She showed us some of the things she brought back from China, or with Chinese origins.

September 2021


Clare Lindop.  Clare is a former Champion Australian Jockey Clare Lindop and is arguably the most accomplished female jockey the country has ever produced.  Clare rewrote the history books and broke down barriers to create her own destiny.  After years of consistently competing at the highest level in racing; Clare is an inspiration to a new generation of riders, and now sharing her stories to encourage others to reach their potential.

Please see her website for more details.


Clare left school at 15 years of age to become a Apprentice Jockey in Warrnambool. She talked of winning and losing streaks and the need to concentrate on riding style, mental and physical fitness and getting to know her horses to get the best outcomes at all times. She found that once accepted within the trainer/jockey world they willingly shared experiences, tips and mentoring, and support.  Most horses stop running between 6-8 years old but can live up to 30 years.  Retired horses are now being used in pony clubs.  Clare is currently working with people looking to be a jockey, looking at ways to improve income, and assisting to look after the retired horses.  Since 2018 she has also been a Councillor at the City of Holdfast Bay.

August 2021

Margot Coxan from Novita was accompanied by Braiden, a Novita Ambassador. They talked about the transition to work program and development experiences through Braiden’s examples.  Margot also talked about the fund raising, reaching into the regions, and the impact of NDIS on the services including the recent introduction of independent housing programs with 24 hour supported in-house services.

There were several questions asked by Members about Novita and ESCOSA services and how they work together.

July 2021

Meeting cancelled due to COVID

June 2021

Dr Steven Lapidge CEO of Stop FoodwasteAustralia Ltd15. Guest SpeakerDr Lapridge presented a video about food waste and spoke to it. There were many interesting factsthat caused thoughtful questioning throughout his talk. Some are included below.

Food Consumption and Loss& Waste There are 7.2 billion people on the planet and there will be 10 billion by 2050. Unless we STOP loss & waste we will not be able to feed 10 billion people in 30 years’ time.

One third of all food is wasted

1.9 million over eat and 600 million are obese

75% of foods come from only 12 plants & 5 animals causing us to eat too much sugar, salt & meat and we need to diversify

When Greenhouse gas emissions are treated as a country, emissions from wasted food would be the 3rd largest contributor to climate change

80% of Greenhouse gas from landfill is from totting food The food chain includes Production, Processing, Distribution, Consumption

As food moves from production to consumption the effects of the loss/waste increase as we have invested more and more energy and created more and more Greenhouse gases

In Australia 7.3 million tonnes of food is wasted every year (that’s enough to fill semi-trailers from Perth to Sydney Australia is committed to reducing its food waste by half by 2030

One fifth of Australians already are under nourished.


Best Before means: I’ll still good, you can still eat me, but I might not be quite as good as I was when you bought me

Use By means: I’ve had it. I’m not safe. Don’t eat me.Send me to Green Waste; definitely not for Landfill

May 2021

Kath and Nicole from ‘Greyhounds As Pets’ introduced their animals and told us about the program, fostering and adoption.

There were many questions about the dogs, arrangements, health, and their compatibility for families.  While these were being answered the 2 dogs walked amongst us and we all got just a little bit of Pet Therapy.

April 2021

Mr Gerry McGinley, owner of a shop called ‘Toss of a Coin’, 500 Brighton Road, Brighton.  The shop is for anyone who has a collectable item and may be thinking of selling, or looking to buy.  Gerry talked about his early interest in collecting things, including collecting stamps from businesses on Fridays around his home before soaking the envelopes in the bath - much to his Mum’s despair. 

He circulated some collectable currency (coins and notes), photographs, cards and booklets.  He told us the historical value of each as a collectable (whether to a collector, or his personal reasons).  The stories were amusing and well presented.

He told us of the pitfalls of providing valuations and humorous anti-dotes to deal with them.  He says the biggest issue today is people expect valuations from a photograph on a phone – but valuing collectables “is a tactile business” and he must be able to exam the collectable.

Gerry said he realised that “collecting is a terminal disease” that he would never be able to put behind him.

On ending, he invited Members to present personal items for some insights.  He also welcomed anyone to visit his shop for a look and if they would like, some assistance evaluating their collectables.

March 2021

AGM - No guest speaker

February 2021

Tamme Golding Holbrook told us about the team working with Dr Luke Weinel Coordinator and how they consult family members of those who have passed, for possible corneal donations for people with eye disease. The team is on call 24/7 because of requirements of the donation being completed within 15 hours. The team work sensitively and compassionately with the family of the donors, with hospitals and staff.

The Team do background checks for suitable donors, excluding those with previous cataract surgery and some eye issues. Donors can be any age between 5-90. A registration card may identify a suitable donor, some may have an official License card, or some tick donation on the Driver’s License, to give the precious gift of sight.

The first corneal transplant was in 1905 by Dr Eduard Konrad Zirm.

Corneal transplants were historically the first transplants of human tissue.  Only in 1954 the second, a kidney transplant was made.

Adelaide does about 135 transplants per year, a cap due to staffing restrictions.

 Further details are available:

 Eye Bank of South Australia

Flinders Medical Centre

Bedford Park SA 542

Telephone: 08 8204 4928

January 2021

Brett Roenfeld as five times winner of Golden Gavel award spoke as a “Real Estate survivor”, beginning at Norwood 1979. In 1981 he receive his Auctioneers License, receiving gratefully $100 for his service. In order to excel he sought the help of David Griggs a public speaking coach. He learned how to engage not cut people off. He learned 1. Refine the Script, 2. Choose your of words; paint three emotive pictures of the place before selling, and the power of the pause.

What’s going on with Real Estate? Reported last six months “unbelievable”, growth between 10-30% but stock level is down 30%. People may wish to sell downsize and pocket the profit. He advised many people are lining up to register at auctions. The average house in Adelaide is now $492,000, the Hills are doing better than ever. Government Grants are available to the eligible to $30,000. He warned that people need to be careful as interest rates will eventually rise and people may be caught with high mortgages. Loss of Job Keeper and Job Seeker will also impact.


November 2020

Meeting cancelled due to COVID

October 2020

David Spiers was welcomed by Gloria. He spoke passionately about the development of Glenthorne Park, which he promoted in the SA Parliament. It aims to use existing and new infra-structure to create an accessible and inclusive network of open space rich in environmental and cultural value, authentically connected to surrounding communities.

September 2020

Kate Loveday.  Kate shared deeply from the heart, the prelude to her becoming an author, at a later time in her life. She whetted appetite for her stories by setting them and their characters in real life experiences. Kate almost sold out all the books she brought along.

Health Information Cards were made available for Members’ private use.

August 2020 - First General Meeting 

Speaker Nan Whitcombe introduced by Vice President Barbara O’Halloran.

Nan spoke of her life and times and sold some books.

Barbara thanked Nan with a gift from the Club.