AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

General Meeting:

We meet on the second Friday of the month at The Somers Yacht Club. We hear from our activities directors, so we know what is going on for the month and we deal with general business and the running of the club. We then break for morning tea and a chat. Each monthly meeting includes a Guest Speaker / Entertainment segment.


Morning Tea Coordinator:

Rhonda Macdonald 59835674 



Guest Speakers:

Robert Bartholomew 5983 5128

 Usually there is an invited speaker, organized by our "Speaker Seeker". The presenter usually gives a 30 minute talk on a subject of interest.  


Activities Directors:

 Coordinator: June Cowen  5983 5321

 June will produce a calendar listing planned activities. Leaders will need to contact June or use the calendar so that we can minimize the clashing of activities and outings.  


THANK YOU ROS ! Ros Teh has decided to have a rest from her much appreciated ART and ART APPRECIATION Group activities. Ros has run art classes and more recently the art appreciation group for many years

The club is very grateful to Ros for her fabulous contribution to the diversity of activities offered by the club.


Book Group:

Leonie Holmgren 0417 393 320

Bookclub meets on the first Monday of the month, byo lunch at 12:00pm. Members take turns in hosting the meeting at their homes. Books selected will include a selection of books chosen for bookclubs by the Frankston Library.                                                                         


Gill Schwarz 5983 1428 or 043 8598934 (In Gill’s absence David Andrewes has offered to organise the Bridge Group. David Andrewes 0429166044)


Bridge is a card game played by sets of four players made up of two competing partnerships.  It stimulates your mind, memory and concentration, combined with the social interaction. Our playing sessions are hosted  at each others' homes on the first Thursday of each month, starting at 4pm.    New members are welcome.



Jenny Cole 0473 490 244, Barb Schwarz 5931 3998

Introducing a selection of interesting locations across the year, see the Newsletter for details



Vern Tansley 5983 5822

 The group meets at 7 pm on the Saturday following the general monthly meeting at various member's homes to play either Canasta or Samba finishing with supper. New members welcome, please bring a small plate of supper to share.


 John Copeland  5983 2904 


The Group draws together people with an interest in keeping fit and having fun cycling.  Meeting monthly, normally on the fourth Wednesday, rides are mainly on paths in the local area occasionally starting at more distant locations.  We usually cover about 25 km with a riding time of 1½ hrs. and a stop for coffee, and if it is a longer ride, a stop for lunch.  A typical ride would be from Somers to Stony Point or McCrae to Rye along the foreshore  and more exotic locations, including overnight stays and trips further afield.


Members are welcome to join us each Monday morning when we ride from Somers Yacht Club at 9am to Balnarring for coffee - weather permitting.


Family History

Glenda Culley 0409144157 and Sue Rintoul 59831116

This new group will look at the various sources available to research your Family History, will meet on the 1stWed.of each month from  3 to 5pm, followed by drinks and nibbles.



Judy Lewis 5983 1917

On the Wednesday following the monthly meeting a group attend a local cinema to view a selected film, often followed by coffee or a meal.  Films available are announced at the monthly meeting.


Peter Cole 5983 1395 and Daryl Cowen 5983 5321

The Finance Group will meet at 5pm on the Thursday after the monthly meeting (unless otherwise notified).  

We discuss ways of saving and making money involving items of daily living. We research the share market and run a team competition based on shares.

We meet at the Somers Tennis Club followed by a BYO drinks and BBQ.

New members are more than welcome. Contact Peter or Daryl if you are interested in taking part. 

Funky Dancing

Clare Whitnish 0409860353

Funky Dancing continues every MONDAY 4:30pm to 5.30pm at Somers Yacht Club except during school holidays.  

The cost is $10 per session OR $60 for 1st term.

Term 1 runs for 8 weeks from 3rd February to 23rd March.



Marg Harwood 5983 8142 

Marg organizes very interesting garden related trips often followed by a coffee or lunch. Activies  that are coming up will be announced  in the newsletter and at meetings.


Peter Cole 5931 3510

Up coming events will be announced in the newsletter.

Kelly Pool:

Barry Price 5983 1096

We meet for a very social game at 3 pm  on the Thursday before the monthly meeting at the homes of various members. We  have an "8 Ball" trophy and we play a very friendly competition to see who holds it for the month. We normally share plates of nibbles and perhaps a glass of wine. New members welcome.


Jean Grant 5983 1800  

Our photography group usually meets on the Tuesday following our monthly meetings. Our aim is to develop and improve our skills whilst enjoying the gentle art of photography. The long term plan is to move towards a comprehensive understanding of digital camera and computer usage in creating photographic images to our satisfaction. We have workshops on camera and computer technique.  We have been using our skills to produce Photographic Books. It is a great way to keep up with rapidly changing technology and to foster friendships.



John Copeland 5983 2904  and  Barry Price 5983 1096 

A variety of different activities are organized throughout the year. Watch the newsletter for  the next adventure.


Pat Pringle 59835573  Leonie Holmgren 5931 3285

We have  a variety of interesting walks. New walkers are warmly welcomed. Look in the newsletter for details of the next walk.

Wine Appreciation:

Stephen Brown 0407334018

The wine group have regular outings and sometimes combine with another group on an overnight trip. They have visited wineries, had wine tastings and learnt lots of interesting facts about wine.