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There were already three Probus clubs in 2005 in or near to Somers, a Ladies, Mens and a newly formed combined club in Balnarring. However waiting lists were reasonably long so with the view of forming a Combined Probus Club in Somers, the Hastings -Westernport Rotary Club was asked to evaluate the interest of residents and assess viability.

On January 14th 2005 interested residents attended a meeting at the local R.W. Stone Pavilion.  The response was so overwhelming that the Somers Combined Probus Club held its first meeting on 11th February, was chartered on March 11th and Officially Incorporated on July 13th 2005.   The Rotary Club of Hastings-Westernport was the sponsor.

At the March 2005 charter meeting, membership had reached 72, the cap was 100.   Enthusiasm was high and Activity Groups were quickly formed.   Many of the activities were held in members' homes and they generally ended in a drink, meal and lots of fun and fellowship.    Word spread and the waiting list grew rapidly. 

In 2023, membership has grown and is limited to a maximum of 120 members.  This limit on membership is set by the current venue for meetings, now held at the Somers Yacht Club.  The membership fee is $45 per person plus a joining fee of $50.