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Probus Sorrento Combined Inc


Our Club was founded in 1992 and Inaugural President : Helen Reid who attended  The Silver Anniversary  Celebrated in 2017 at The Marriot  Hotel on 23 rd March 2017. We have had successive presidents over the following years some serving two and in one incidence 3 terms out of need as the club has found Presidents difficult to find.

Twenty Seven years later we have a wonderful club, this year I am Vice President , next year President , because I would like to see the club….continue, Fun , Fellow Ship and friendship…( and as CEO of Probus South Pacific said…Food…not far away either..)

Many of our committee have served long time , and as Bev Zielinski  ( two years President) said when I joined Committee, earlier this year…Committee is old- committed and know their jobs and ,after six months…I agree fully with Bevs description.

Mostly Committee is dedicated to seeing the club continue successfully , having many fun. Activities

Ray Griffiths Vice President phone 0408759608

Email [email protected]