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Acitivity groups


The advantage of a large club is that we have many members with diverse interests. This means we can arrange a variety of activities for members every month. A typical month includes:


Book group - members meet and discuss merits or otherwise of chosen books
                        Convenor – Sue Douglas – 1st Monday each month

Cards group – a social evening with a number of members meeting for games of 500
                        Convenor – Judy Davies – 2nd Wednesday each month

Coffee and chat – an organised morning tea held monthly at the Glen
                        Convenor – Linda & Brian Towers – 3rd Tuesday each month at the Glen

Craft group – meeting in a home where sewing, knitting and chatting predominate
                        Convenor Peggy Renshaw – 1st Thursday each month except Dec - March

Dine-out group – volunteer members arrange either lunch or evening dine-outs
                        Convenors vary and locations vary

Extended walking - for those more experience walkers
                        Convenor – Peter Dunne – Dates vary

Gardening group – excursions to various locations seeing gardens of interest

Golf – a monthly group meeting at a selected golf course
                        Convenor – Robert McKay – 1st Friday each month 

Hamer Hall - for lovers of fine music usually followed by a lunch
                        Convenor – Barry David – show dates vary

Mahjong – both experienced and novice players meet twice monthly in a home
                        Convenor – Lis Wilson – 1st & 3rd Tuesdays each month

Midweek music – locations vary depending upon shows available and usually include lunch
                        Convenors and shows vary

Scrabble group – meeting in a home with a number playing simultaneously
                        Convenor – Judy Davies – 2nd Wednesday each month

Theatre and concert lovers – selected shows of appeal chosen for members
                        Convenor – Alma Brand – show dates vary

Travel - varies from single to multi days and more extended interstate and overseas travel
                        Convenor for multi-days – Robert McKay 

Walk and chat - where participants join in various levels of fitness walks finishing with a cuppa
                        Convenor – Linda Towers – Each 1st Friday at Jells Park

Wine tasting group – various selected wines are tasted and discussed in a home group session
                        Convenors – Bob & Del Gilder – Tasting dates vary

Still more – Other activities can occur from time to time as members decide to encourage others in differing activities.