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A Brief History of Thames Probus Club 


Rotary our founding body called a public meeting on the 26th of July 1990 and a decision was made to form the first Probus club in the Thames Coromandel area

Max Bosselmann was very supportive and organised our first meeting, which was chaired by Rotary President Robin Park, on the 14th of August 1990.

Our meeting place has changed over the years moving from The National Party rooms when we started with 26 Foundation Members, to the Squash Club rooms when membership quickly increased to 106, but now with around 50 members we have settled comfortably into The Richmond Village lounge where being welcomed is much appreciated.

We have participated in many trips, in 1991 our Club’s first Australian Probus trip was to Gunning where we explored the Canberra region and members can recall many trips over there. The 1997 Probus Rendezvous in Perth was especially memorable; venturing up to Monkey Mia, over to Rottnest Island, and then back to wine tasting in the Barossa Valley followed by a bit of gold panning at Ballarat always enjoying Probus hospitality. We have enjoyed trips to Sydney and Cairns as well.   

New Zealand overnight trips of up to 3 days have included exploring up North, viewing Rhododendrons in the Taranaki, as well as magical moments in the Hawkes Bay and on Waiheke Island.

A highlight was our club’s 10th anniversary, which we enjoyed in the company of 200 Probians. We have marked many anniversaries since and there will be more to come as we are now planning our 34th successful year celebrations this coming August