AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

Welcome to the Thames Probus Club   

We are a group of retirees and semi-retirees who meet and relax together on the:

2nd Tuesday of each month 

at: The Richmond Village Centre,

Richmond Street


We always appreciate new comers as we can help expand your circle of contacts and open the door to lasting friendships in our easy to live in town.

The Club was established in July 1990 by The Thames Rotary Club and it is still enjoying the pleasure of being part of Probus, which enables members to make contact with many clubs around New Zealand and in Australia.

Our meetings start at 10 o’clock with a mini ‘getting to know’ members talk, enjoyable conversations, and companionship over morning tea. This is typically followed by a guest speaker; and then we move on to shared lunch gatherings at the many café and restaurants in our area.  

In between our meetings we arrange regular and varied outings; some simple and easy, others challenging - but always with flexibility in mind.  Members can also partake in occaisional overnight trips organised by Michelle who successfully runs her own local tour company. Where needed, we help members find support buddies to travel with, confident that they are cared for - and even spoilt.

Do come and meet our non-fundraising group of caring members and listen to some extremely interesting speakers, enjoy camaraderie, especially if the Thames area is the centre of your interests.