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The Probus Club Of The Entrance was sponsored by The Entrance Rotary Club on August 6th 1980 as a men’s club.

However, because of changes that were occurring in society, the Committee and members during early 2009, discussed the matter of allowing female membership.

Subsequently, at the June 2009 General Meeting the members voted to alter the constitution and implement a change of status to that of a mixed gender club.

Total Membership is approximately 84

We welcome new members to our Club. the objective of the club is to promote companionship, fellowship, fun and new friemdships with people of similar age and interests. this can be achieved through joining with others in in our diverse program of cultural and social activities which include BBQ's, theatre outings,day trips and longer intrastate trips.

All members are invited to share the load of running the club by volounteering to work on the committee in one of many varied positions from time to time. We need our committee to help the club function. The tasks are not onerous and help is always available.

OUR GENERAL MEETINGS are held on 4th Tuesday of every month at 10am at the Bateau Bay Bowling Club, Bias Avenue BateaU Bay. COMMITTEE MEETINGS are held on 2nd Tuesday of very month at 10am at the same Club.

After the meeting many of our members stay to lunch at the Club. potential new members and visitors are most welcome at all meetings and events.