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The Toorak Men’s Probus Club Inc., has had a long, lively life with two name changes along the way. It was formed in February 1989, as the Probus Men’s Club of Prahran, and has met monthly since July 1989. Throughout its life it has been privileged to hold its meetings, lunches and dinners at the attractive Toorak Services Club, a carefully converted private residence on Clendon Road Toorak.

In 2002, our club name was changed to the Stonnington Men’s Probus Club to better reflect its coverage. Then, in July 2016, the Club changed its name again, to the Toorak Men’s Probus Club to recognise the centre point of its recruitment. The change also acknowledged the long and friendly association the Club has with the Toorak Services Club, our virtual home as visitors, where we conform to its easily-met standards.

Throughout our history membership has stayed at around 40 to 50 persons . This allows members to easily get to know one other, and to fit within the lunch limit of the Services Club.  But we still have room to welcome new members who want to share our interests and activities!