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Garden Group

The Garden Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month except for special shows.  Before Covid Lockdowns this group met at Members' homes to exchange cuttings and seeds and visited nurseries.

GARDEN GROUP   Dorothy Kiss and Ella Keesing 

A very pleasant morning on 23rd February was spent with Anne Symonds who showed us her garden plot amongst many others at the Community Gardens, Ashwood. We discussed the renting of the plots, water supply, sharing of produce and many handy tips for gardening. From there we had a short drive to the Stockville Cafe for refreshments and further discussion. Thank you Anne. 

Other events we are planning in 2022, some of which we couldn't participate in due to lockdown in Melbourne, are:

  • Burwood Brickworks Gardens
  • the Camellia show in Mt Waverley 
  • Open Gardens in 2022
Month  Venue
 Wednesday 23rd February at 10.30 am    Waverley Community Gardens, Salsbury Road, Ashwood   
 March  Melbourne Garden Show
 April  Burwood Brickworks
 August  Camellia show 
 November  Open Gardens Monash 2022

On Tuesday 26th October the Garden Group was able to enjoy a visit to Banksia Nursery with the easing of COVID restrictions. Unfortunately the promised talk didn’t happen as the speaker was ill. However 9 of us enjoyed a pleasant coffee and cake amongst the blooms and then wandered together around the nursery making some purchases to keep busy in the sunshine.

Month Venue
 Wednesday 23rd February at 10.30 am    Waverley Community Gardens, Salsbury Road, Ashwood   
 TBA  Burwood Brickworks
 TBA  Camellia show 
 TBA  Open Gardens 2022