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Combined Probus Club of Woodend & District

Our Banner (above left) was made by one of our Inaugural Members Rudy Jacksch when he presented the beautifully carved wooden banner to the Club in 2003.  Because the Banner is made of timber and is therefore quite heavy, it required a holster to be worn by the bearer.  Graeme Stevens another of our Members hand crafted and donated the very fine leather holster to support the Banner.

Woodend Probus Club board and cow bellOur Bear Mascot (above right) was presented to us on 1998 on Oct 22nd when we went to Geelong.   We had lunch at ‘Smorgies’ which was at the end of the Pier.  They were having a promotion and as we were over forty in number, they presented us with a large cuddly brown hear to raffle for our Club.  On the way home we decided to keep him as our Mascot.  ‘Pro Bear’ is bedecked in presidential trappings and now takes pride of place at our meetings.

Name Tag Cabinet was also made by Rudy  Jacksch in 1993 and presented to the Club.

Gavel & Cow Bell — the beautiful hand crafted timber Gavel was presented to the Club in 1995 by a past Secretary Barry Napthine and Jim Pollitt, a special friend from Daylesford Probus Club presented us with the Cow Bell in a wooden carry case in 1997.

It often requires both Gavel & Cow Bell to bring us to order!