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Is it time to buy a tablet?

Are you sick of relying on your bulky desktop computer for everything digital? Modern tablets offer a great compromise between performance and portability. 


How to choose a smartphone

Whether it’s your first purchase or an upgrade, there is a lot to consider when choosing a smartphone.


Technology that will make your life easier

A lot of today's technology has the potential to make your life easier. Here are a few gadgets to look out for this year. 

Detoxing the digital way

With everything moving to digital, switching off is becoming more important. But how do you go about detoxing from your digital devices and how can it help?


Essential gadgets you need for the summer holidays

A time to relax and unwind, make your summer that little bit more enjoyable with one of these nifty gadgets.

Smarter Homes

Everything is automated nowadays. Our emails come to our smartphones, we can access documents through the cloud and we receive seamless internet connectivity through the air. But what about our homes?


3 ways seniors can boost their skills

You might have a few years in the workforce under your belt now, but it’s not too late to make new friends, develop interests or pick up skills.


How to save your photos on the internet

While nothing can replicate that nostalgic feeling when viewing an old family photo album, you can now save your photos online so they can be viewed from anywhere in the world at any time.


5 apps to keep you organised

Your smartphone can be a wonderful tool to help manage your life and keep everything organised. You just have to know what apps to download.


A guide to free text messaging

While text messaging is generally included in most phone plans, why pay for it when you don’t have to? Here’s a breakdown of all the top apps that let you text for free.

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