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                               SPEAKERS FOR 2018

                                (L) indicates ladies may also attend these meetings

February 2nd           John Bryson                           "The Hong Kong Campaign"


February 23rd (L)    Faye Yarroll                            "Bilateral Cochlear Implants -

                                                                                         how they changed my life"


March 23rd                       AGM and Members talks


April 27th (L)           Graham Wilcox                     "The Struggle for Unity"


May 25th                 Lawrence Peak                     "Nagasaki and Beyond"


June 22nd (L)          David Claydon                      "Innovation & Dignity or Intimidation &



July 27th                  Jenny Smillie                        "NorthConnex"    


August 24th (L)        Dr Martin Smith                 "Personaliising Medicine:

                                                                                   the Health Care of the Future"


September 28th (L)           Paul Fletcher (Federal MP for Bradfield)


October 26th (L)       Richard Whitaker                  "From Gods to Gigabytes"  (Weather forecasting)


November 23rd                 Members talks