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                   SPEAKERS FOR 2021 (Friday Meetings)


Jan 22nd               Prof. Ian Bickerton            Italy in the American Imagination

Feb 26th               Richard de Grijs                From the First Fleet to the Harbour Bridge: Sydney's Astronomical Developments

Mar 26th              Rafaele Joudry                   Sound Therapy for Ear & Brain Vitality

Apr 23rd               Michael Bendon                The Forgotten Flotilla

May 28th              Graham Sims                     Flight into Hell

Jun 25th               Prof Martin Thomas          The Future of Nuclear Energy in Australia - CANCELLED due COVID restrictions

Jul 23rd                Cr David Walton                 Underbelly Manly - CANCELLED due COVID lockdown

Aug 27th              Susan Alexander                A Spanish Love Affair - CANCELLED due COVID lockdown                   

Sep 24th              Leonie Dillon                      Oz Harvest - CANCELLED due COVID lockdown

Oct 22nd               Jim Haynes                       Adventurers, Pioneers and Misfits - CANCELLED due COVID restrictions

Nov 26th               Martin Thomas                 Nuclear Energy - Australia's Answer to Climate Change?