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                   SPEAKERS FOR 2020 (Friday Meetings)


Jan 31st                Warren Reed                    Why Human Intelligence Gathering Survives the Onslaught of Modern Technology

Feb 28th               Hon. Michael Kirby            Human Rights Violations in North Korea

Mar 27th               AGM Meeting cancelled due to Govt. restrictions re COVID-19 virus

Apr 24th               Cr. David Walton               Underbelly Manly (Cancelled due COVID-19)

May 22nd             Aus. Gov. eSafety Commissioner Office        Can You Spot a Scam (Cancelled due COVID-19)

Jun 26th                Rafaele Joudry                  Sound Therapy for Ear & Brain Vitality (Cancelled due COVID-19)

July 24th               Brian Skipper                    Sydney's Future Fish Market (Cancelled due COVID-19)

Aug 28th               Ambre Hammond             An Unorthodox Life in Music (Cancelled due COVID-19)

Sep 25th               Prof. Ian Bickerton            Italy in the American Imagination (Cancelled due COVID-19)

Oct 23rd               Michael Bendon                The Forgotten Flotilla (Cancelled due COVID-19)

Nov 27th              Meeting cancelled due COVID-19 restrictions

Dec 2nd                Ambre Hammond             An Unorthodox Life in Music      (At Christmas Lunch)