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  • Welcome to the Probus Club of Cerberus

The Probus Club of Cerberus Combined Inc

 Welcome to our website.




Our Club is named after "HMVS Cerberus", a local landmark:

A famous heritage battleship resting in the shallow waters of Half Moon Bay.


Our venue is superb

We meet at the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron Club House, every third Tuesday of the month from 10 am till noon.

Our meeting room boasts 180 degrees view of Port Phillip Bay.


The Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron Club House is situated on Beach Road

  almost opposite Cromer Road, Beaumaris, Vic.


Our Club

The Probus Club of Cerberus Combined Inc, is a friendly, welcoming, active club with a little over one hundred members:

men, women, singles and couples, all of whom give meaning and strength to our “combined” Club.

Our first meeting was held in 1999.

We are a non-political, non-sectarian and non-fundraising club.

 We welcome the ideas and influence of all our members and believe that our club has  

 richness and diversity which is demonstrated in our wide ranging activities.

The ethos of our Club is to enhance intellectual and cultural stimulation for members 

 and to provide opportunities for friendship and fellowship.


Our monthly activities include:

  • Monthly meeting

  • Trips and tours

  • Walking Group

  • Book Group

  • Film Group

  • Luncheons

  • Music Group

  • Theatre Group

  • 500 Cards Group

  • Coffee and Chat at Rickett's Point

  • Golf - yearly event

  • Musicals

  • Evening dine-out

  • Mah Jong Group

  • Picnics and b.b.q

  • Christmas lunch

The monthly meeting is our centrepiece.

Guest speakers are a most important and integral part of the meeting.

Each month, after general business, we have an interesting guest speaker. Speakers are carefully selected so that over the year a wide range of topics, with appeal to our members, is covered.

Our speakers are excellent and always educational and thought provoking.

This year some of our speakers will be Michael Headberry who will talk about Sir John Monash, Dr Vicki Karalis (Sandringham Foreshore), Melissa Krajacic (Wills and Power of Attorney) Lachlan McLeod (documentary filmmaker), David Judkins (the wreck of the Netherby), Justin Taverniti (Bayside Nursery)

Morning tea is provided and sufficient time is allowed for a good catch up with friends.

At the meeting reports are provided by the activity convenors. They announce future plans and provide feedback on recent activities.

After the meeting there is an opportunity to have lunch together at a local restaurant.




Welcome to our new president for the year 2019/2020







....and welcome to the new committee for the year 2019/2020




The Club’s newsletter “The Cerberus Courier” is published monthly and provides members with information 

 about upcoming activities and reports of past excursions. 

 The Courier, as well as minutes of the past meeting, is distributed at the commencement of the monthly meeting.

Members who have an email address also receive an electronic copy of the "The Cerberus Courier

 a week prior to the general meeting.


 Congratulations to Barbara and Jim who were awarded with life memberships for their many years of outstanding service to the Club.    April 2019.



Our Club has many small groups which meet once a month at homes of different members. 

 These activity groups enhance friendships and are  fun as well as stimulating.

Members are always encouraged to start an activity group to pursue their own and others members’ interests.


 500 Card Group

meets on a Monday evening and winners swap with the losers after a round of 4 games,

thus allowing members to play with a number of different partners. 

Members keep their individual score and at the end of the evening the winner is presented with a trophy. 

 The evenings are  fun and a light supper afterwards concludes a very sociable evening. 

 Convener Femke

Members of the Card Group in action



Book Group

 meets on a Wednesday at a different home each month. 

 Books for reading and discussion are selected by the members of the group. 

 Lively and stimulating discussions are the order of the day. 

 Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea allows the members to socialize and get to know each other better.

 Convener Nola


 Walking Group

regardless of the weather conditions walks every Thursday from Sandringham to Milanos in Brighton

where they enjoy a well- deserved morning tea. 

The walk along the cliff tops is invigorating.

Members who are not walking or only part of the way are invited to join for  morning tea

 before the walk back to Sandringham is undertaken.

Convener Jim


Mah Jong Group 

was established during 2016 and meets on Friday afternoon.  

 Although some members have never played they enjoy this stimulating activity and the opportunity to meet 

 and socialize with other members.

Convener Margaret

Members of our Mah Jong group practising their skills.


 Evening Dine-outs 

 A variety of local restaurants are visited and each other’s company is enjoyed

 while dining and “wining”. 

 The restaurants selected are chosen for their different menus.

Different members organise these dine-outs.

A pleasant evening dining out at Botticelli.

Morning teas and lunches

We have many morning teas and lunches during the year. 

 We celebrate our Club's birthday in February with a special morning tea

  and a half -yearly Christmas with a special luncheon.

In November the general meeting is usually followed by a bbq on the grounds of the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron 

 and the Christmas luncheon, held at the same venue, is a highlight of the Club’s social calendar.



"Picnic/BBQ by the Bay"  


Christmas luncheon at the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club.

In 2018 Father Christmas and one of his elfs paid us a visit.
















In January we get together in Basterfield Park. Hampton East for a picnic and a game of bocce






Convenor  Joan


Film Group

enjoys one of the latest film shown at the Brighton Bay Theatre once a month on a Friday

followed by a sandwich lunch in the foyer of the theatre, where a lively discussion takes place about the film.

Convener Glenda


Theatre Group

goes to the intimate Brighton Theatre Company four times a year on a Friday evening. 

  The plays are great entertainment and of a high standard. 

 On arrival  members are offered a glass of sherry or lemonade, coffee/tea and biscuits

  during the interval and a light supper  is served afterwards.

This coming year we will see "After Miss Julie" in March. In May  "I Hate Hamlet" in August "Stargazers" 

 and the last one for the year will be "Dinner with Friends".

Convener Jean


Music Group

is organised by a very talented member of our Club four times a year on a Tuesday afternoon.

 His collection of CD’s is extensive and varied and four times a year he puts together a marvellous afternoon. 

 Members sit and enjoy the music, be it classical or jazz or a sing along.

  Every one brings a plate and during the interval coffee/tea, biscuits or home -made cakes are served.

Convener Barry

Presentation of keyboard by representative of Bendigo Bank




A Gilbert and Sullivan performance by some of our talented musicians during a music afternoon in August 2017. 










Sunday morning tea at Rickett’s Point

Every Sunday from 11 am there is an opportunity to get together with other members to enjoy a cup of coffee/tea  

 and a chat. 

 It is a lovely and inviting venue and a great way to enjoy each other’s company,

  especially for those who have some free time on the weekend.

  Rickett's Point Teahouse


Yearly Golf Day and luncheon.

Once a year a golf afternoon is organised. 

  The Golf afternoon, for beginners and pros alike, is held at the Cheltenham Golf Club followed by a lunch. 

 Everyone is welcome to join in the luncheon.

Convener Jim


Teeing off or having a chat???















Musicals in Town

in 2019 we will enjoy listening to Evita, Muriel's Wedding and Barnum to name a few

Our trips to the city are made very comfortable and easy by having a coach from the Beaumaris Library in Reserve Road, 

 which drops us at the theatre and takes us home.

Convener Helen

Excursions and Longer Trips

Travelling with our group enables members to have a new experiences, see new places

  and most of all enjoy companionship with a very friendly group. 

Over recent years many of our members have enjoyed days in the hills,

  on rivers and bays, regional trains to exhibitions, art galleries, cathedrals,

  heritage homes and gardens and sporting venues.

Overnight tours are organised to explore and experience the attractions of our beautiful state. Longer cruises, 

both river and ocean are enjoyed from time to time and they are interspersed with longer “stay put” trips.

Not only are these excursions and longer trips fun and enjoyable 

they are also educational as excellent guides provide us with interesting information. 

There is also the opportunity to cement friendships on these longer trips.

In April 2019 we are planning a trip to Nagambie where we will have a light lunch as well as pay a visit to

the Chateau Tahblik winery.

During October we hope to visit the Western Distrticts, which will include  a tour through  the Grampians. 

Convener  Helen




Lunch aboard Puffing Billy
















Visiting the Adelaide Zoo during the trip to South Australia 














Visit to Phillip Island 2017







Visit to Black Rock House May 2018









Visit to Tallangata and the High Country 2018 












Silo Art Trail. 2018      




In February 2019 our Club celebrated its 20th birthday. 
Past Presidents were presented with a special badge
and after that a lavish morning tea was enjoyed by all.





Enjoying a piece of the birthday cake.





Cruising down the Goulburn River in April 2019 visiting the Tahblik winery.





For those who wish to join our Club please contact

 The President     Phone (03)  9 5983396