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About Us


Probus orginated as an association of retired and semi-retired men.

The word Probus comes from the words PROfessional and BUSiness groups.

The basic purpose of a Probus Club is to provide regulargatherings for those who, in retirement, appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and of a similar level of interest.

At an interest meeting sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chatswood on October 15,1985 it was decided to form the Chatswood Central Probus Club.

The Foundation Officers of the Club were:

President                          Lance Smith

Vice President                 Colin Douglas

Secretary                          Don Thomas

Treasurer                          Jim Williams

Committee Members: Peter Smith, Godfrey Phillips, OllieAnderson, Charles Lark.

Sid Pearce our Patron and Lance Smith were largely responsible for the formation of this Club.

We owe them a very great debt of gratitude for their efforts!

The first Monthly Meeting was held at the ChatswoodR.S.L.Club on November 12, 1985 at 10.00 a.m. with 38 in attendance