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History of early years

History and Background of Incidents Connected with early years of the Club

By Lance Smith -Foundation President, Chatswood Central Probus Club Inc. October 17, 1995

Background of Formation

The Probus Club of Chatswood formed on March 31, 1981, reached a membership of 120 with a big waiting list. In August 1985 the Rotary Club of Chatswood decided to explore the formation of a second Probus Club in Chatswood . Sid Pearce was placed in charge of arrangements and the following is an extract from the Chatswood Rotary Club’s President’s report for 1985/86.“ The year highlighted several events during which we witnessed the formation of our second Probus Club, the Probus Club of Chatswood Central”. This new club set itself a maximum membership level of 70 and this was reached in under five months. My sincere thanks to Sid Pearce for a great effort.”

Formation Meeting

On 15 th. October, 1985 the Rotary Club of Chatswood called a meeting for 10.00 a.m. at Chatswood R.S.L Club for the purpose of discussing the interest and formation of a new Probus Club.

Mr. Laurie Tang, President of the Rotary Club, was accompanied by Messrs. Sid Pearce, Jim Ling, (Foundation President of Chatswood Probus Club), Peter Caldwell Smith, (a Committee Member of  Chatswood Probus) and Bill Jacobs, ( Rotary District 9680 Chairman).

The following business was adopted:

¨ 1.   Resolution to form the Probus Club of Chatswood Central.

¨ 2.   Resolution to accept all applications received for Foundation Membership.

¨ 3.   Election of a Steering Committee.

¨ 4.   Decision of Venue and Meeting Dates.

¨ 5.   Fixing an annual subscription of $6.00 p.a.

¨ 6.   Adoption of the Probus Constitution.

¨ 7.   Arrangements for the Steering Committee to meet straight after the meeting to elect officers and set a date for the first monthly meeting of the Club.

Steering Committee Meeting

A meeting was held immediately after the closing of the general meeting at which the following matters were resolved.

a. Election of Committee Officers.

Lance Smith  President                      Colin Douglas  Vice President

Don Thomas  Secretary              Jim Williams    Treasurer

Committee Members;

Peter Smith, Godfrey Phillips, Ollie Anderson, Chas. Lark

b. Scheduled the First Monthly Meeting of Chatswood Central Probus Club for Tuesday November 12, 1985      at 10.00 a.m. at Chatswood R.S.L. Club, No. 1 Thomas Street, Chatswood.