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               PROBUS CLUB OF COLAC INC 2015  




Report for Colac Probus Club 30th birthday celebration lunch at the City Bowls Club 3rd August 2015


The Start of Colac Probus Club emanated in 1983-84 when Colac Rotary  Chairman Roy Telford made a concerted effort to Establish a Probus Club in Colac . one of the fundamental ideals of probus is to provide regular gatherings for people who, in retirement, appreciate and value opportunities  to meet others in similar circumstances with similar interests. With this in mind a steering committee was formed comprising of Roy Telford, Ed Carmody, Ed Clifford, Bruno D'Elia, Max Marriner and Joe Bassett. They then drew up a list of 120 local retirees or semi-retirees who could be approached to form a club.

The Steering Committee met at Legacy House and a motion to form a Probus  Club for men was passed on 12th August 1985. A further meeting was called and this was held at the Austral Hotel and chaired by the then current Rotary

Club of Colac President  Des Miller. Officer bearers were then elected with the first President being Jack Bethune, Secretary Lewis Spiers and Treasurer Stan Bullock. Thus commenced the Probus Club of Colac.


The first meeting was held on the 2nd September at the Austral Hotel and continued there until 3rd April 1989 . From the 1st May 1989 until the 7th March 1994 they were held at the Masonic Hall. On the 5th April 1994 our first meeting was held at The City Bowls Club where we have been ever since.

Probus has been so popular that there are now 4 other active clubs in Colac and one in Apollo Bay.

There have been 29 Presidents in the club s history with Jack Bethune and Stan Bullock the only 2 to serve more than one term. Both served 2 terms each.

There have been 10 secretaries with 3 holding the record of 5 terms each Cliff  Dykes, Arthur Hollis and Tony Martin all share that honour. There have been 9 treasurers with Brain Gleeson being the longest serving treasurer with a period of 7 years.

Jack Bethune, Stan Bullock and George Roberts all held the position of both President and Treasurer with Les Finch and Keith McCarney holding the position of Secretary and Treasurer while Cliff Dykes holds the distinction of being the only L to hold the position of President and Secretary.

All past and present members have made our club what it is today and we celebrate here today their contributions to our club.


Mick Melville,

Colac Probus Club President  2015/2016


More success at the above day with prizes in the quoits and Hookey events.

Prize Certificates for winning Quoits and Hookey at the Probus Fellowsip Games 25/3/15