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The January meeting had two very pleasant happenings. Firstly, Rowland Stewart gave a speech thanking the Club for selecting him as the Club's Phobian of the Year - a well deserved award which had been presented "in his absence" last year. Secondly, a new idea called the "gifting table" was introduced whereby members' numbers/names were drawn out of a bag and the winners were then able to select their prize from the "gifting table".


Another wonderful Christmas gathering and lunch. This year's Christmas meeting was made even more memorable by the inclusion of the Heart and Soul choir which entertained us with a mixture of traditional Christmas Carols and other songs with a Christmas theme.


It was great to see some of our members getting out for a picnic and some fun. Why wouldn't you be there? The weather was wonderful, the conversation friendly and the food was free!!


At Probus we are not only friends with each other but sometimes, through Guest Speakers like Daniel Harris-Pascal from Recycling Hub/No Waste, we learn to become friends of planet earth.


What a fun President's lunch we had on Wenesday 6 July 2022! The ukulele band played songs from the past that everyone knew the words to, and if your memory failed you, the words were projected onto the screen. Roy, the band leader, got June to lead the audience in singing and clapping. And to finish it all off we were once again presented with wonderful meals by Jacob and his team! 


On Friday 24 June a small group of Elvis devotees went to the Limelight Cinema to watch Baz Luhrmann's movie "Elvis". It was a smash hit for those who turned up. We then moved onto Rashay's for lunch. In between the movie and lunch we managed to get in a lift which got stuck - thank heavens it was only a short time before we were able to get out!!



Some photos from our June meeting. Most importantly, our two new members Yvonne Griffiths and Chrissie Sanders-Wheatley. Below that we have some photos of our Guest Speaker, astrophysist Dr Brad Tucker, and a photo of one of the smallest satellites ever sent into outer space. As he said, "the size of a postage stamp" - which, of course, would mean nothing to the younger generation of today. 






Just a couple of photos of our members enjoying the recent Expo outing. We almost got some of our members to join the dance exercise group but they chickened out at the last moment. Carol is still waiting to hear if she won the two weeks of driving an Electric Vehicle, so if you see a flash green and white car in the Vikings car park you will know why it is there.


Well members, it is up to you to vote on which of the photos below is the better one



Bob Bush, our Guest Speaker for May - a bush poet. Impassioned, dramatic, enthralling and humorous.





What a wonderful outing we had on Wednesday 27 April trying out lawn bowls as part of a Canberra wide Probus outing. It was held at the Belconnen Lawn Bowls Club and over 60 members from around 15 clubs turned up. We beat the rain that was just hanging around and enjoyed bowling (a first for many people) before we adjourned for lunch in the club house - a great day and all for a mere $10. After lunch we were given the chance to win bottles of wine and boxes of chocolates (all included in the $10). Athol won a very tasty looking red wine and I scored a block of chocolates.




Did Jeff know something that we didn't know when he organised the lunch at Bellucci's in Woden, just in time before Canberra went into Covid lockdown? Well if he did he is keeping quiet about it, unlike the group that met for lunch some of whom couldn't even break away from their conversation for a photo. Gossip, by any chance???




We had an excellent meeting on Wednesday 4 August with 46 members in attendance. We started the meeting with President Vicki inducting two new members, Heather and Mike Goodman. After a sumptuous meal we were entertained and educated on what role the modern library plays in our community. I, for one, took advantage of what I learnt and have already downloaded my first audiobook - a nice change from paying for them from my usual retailer.  





Another enjoyable Sunday lunch, this time at the Mawson Club in Woden. The Probus members from both the Conder Lanyon and Greenway club's gathered together on Sunday, 18 July enjoying each other's company and some wonderful food.




On Monday, 12 July a hardy group of club members ventured out on the Viking Club's bus, with Jeff as the driver, for morning tea at Koolabri Function Centre followed by lunch at the RnR Diner at Bungendore. A few late dropouts meant the numbers on the outing were not as many as expected but then that simply meant more of Robin's cakes for those who were there. We probably need to get some more males on these outings otherwise it could will become known as the outings for Jeff's harem.




On Thursday 24th June some intrepid (or foolhardy?) people dared the rather inclement weather for a bus trip to Robyn Rowe’s Chocolates en route to Yass. We were (almost) part of history at Robyn Rowe’s as it has been sold and is about to close. The new owners, Alistair Coe and his wife take over in September. Mrs Coe is also a chocolatier so the tradition may continue. Actually, the wet and cold weather did not dampen spirits at all, and it was a very enjoyable day. The Yass Soldiers’ Club was an excellent venue for lunch.


2021 - A relaxing cruise on Lake Burley Griffin followed by a sumptuos picnic lunch beside the lake.



What an amazing outing it was when we visited the historic township of Joadja. In the early days it was a focal point of the Southern Highlands, being a major producer of kerosene. Now they are attracting increasing numbers of tourists and are supporting their existance by becoming a producer of gin.




Our week long "Linga Longa" excursion was a wonderful chance to see areas of New South Wales and Victoria that have beautiful settings as well as amazing historical  backgrounds. Amongst other things we got to travel down the Murray River on a paddle steamer, we took a tourist boat trip around Lake Mulwala and then we got to learn about the history of the area which focused on the activities of bushrangers. We even got to act the part of some of the main characters in the story of the bushrangers - much to the delight of some of our group.




Here is a photo that could be titled "a blast from the past" - a group of our members enjoying a meal outside the Southern Cross Club, enjoying the view of Lake Burley Griffin (taken backn in 2017).