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Welcome to Greenway Combined Probus


A Message From Our President


Dear Friends,

This is a reminder that our next General Meeting is scheduled for 10.30 am on Tuesday, 13 October at the Town Centre Club. You will recall that we have moved the monthly meetings to the second Tuesday of every month from now on. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the meeting as we settle back into our new normal.

Under current COVID-19 restrictions, the Town Centre Club cannot provide our usual morning tea, but expects to do so once there is a further easing of restrictions. But water glasses will be on the tables, and jugs of water for each table brought down once we are settled.

We cannot take our own flasks of tea, coffee or any other beverage, as the club’s licence does not allow for that. We can buy a coffee upstairs during the break, but Lainee Sutton has warned that service will slow down considerably if a lot of folks do this. Some might prefer to buy their beverage on the way in, and nurse it through the morning.

There will be new entry arrangements. All our members will need to do the temperature check. This is contact-free, and you simply stand in front of a screen for a moment. Then present your Vikings card, or be signed in if a non-member of Vikings. Linda Dack will be present in the reception area to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Coinciding with the General Meeting, there will be a very brief AGM. We need to confirm the Committee nominations you supported during our virtual AGM process earlier this year. ACT regulations formally require such elections to be actual meetings of members, and this will enable us to advise the government we have complied with the regulations at our earliest opportunity.

Our main activity in October will be the trivia quiz devised by Janice. Then in November it will be back to our guest speaker series, with Jack Waterford presenting.

After the meeting, lunch will be available upstairs in the restaurant for those who wish to partake.
See you all there!