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Welcome to Greenway Combined Probus


Greenway Probus Club brings together retired and semi-retired people in fellowship and friendship for

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Based in Canberra's beautiful Tuggeranong Valley, Greenway Probus Club draws its Membership from the Tuggeranong Valley, Woden and Weston areas.

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month, from January to November. Meetings are held at the Vikings Town Centre Club in Greenway, starting at 10:30.



A Message from your President

April, 2024

Dear Members, 

I am excited to step into the role of President. Our committee looks a little different as we farewell Glenda and John and welcome Pam and Chris. Change is inevitable and new challenges keep us on our toes. My aim for the year is to support the Committee in maintaining a fun and interesting club which will remain attractive to our existing members while also growing our membership.

To take us all out of our comfort zone, today I am launching the 'Probus President’s Poetry and Photography Proposal’. To participate, members can share a poem they've written or a photo they've taken that fits the 'starter theme’. As long as you can explain how your work is connected to the starter theme, you can interpret it anyway you like. I challenged the committee to show us how it's done, with a starter theme of "Water". Sandra B chose a waterfall and I wrote a bad poem.I'll pick one poem and photo each month for the newsletter. We‟ve created a webpage with information about P3&P2 and a place to show off our work. If you want to give it a crack, April's theme is ‘Friendship and Fun’. Entries need to be with me by the third Tuesday (the week after our monthly meeting.) You can email me a digital copy or bring a printed version to the meeting. 

Lets have some fun!