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Greenway Probus Club brings together retired and semi-retired people in fellowship and friendship for

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Based in Canberra's beautiful Tuggeranong Valley, Greenway Probus Club draws its Membership from the Tuggeranong Valley, Woden and Weston areas.

Covid willing, we meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month, from January to November. Meetings are held at the Vikings Town Centre Club in Greenway, starting at 10:30.


Access Canberra no longer supports the COVID-19 Helpline and all COVID-19 related queries will now be taken through the Contact Centre Service on 13 22 81.



A Message from your President

October, 2023


Dear Members,

Having returned from Europe, Marti and I are slowly recovering from our jet lag, which seems to get
worse with every year we age. I guess it‟s the price we oldies pay for the fantastic mobility which air
travel offers. I‟d like to extend a thank you to all those who filled in various roles during the last few
months, as a number of Committee members were absent. Ours is a very good team, it‟s heartwarming
to see them pull together. Our club continues to thrive.

However, as I look into my crystal ball, I‟m becoming anxious.

I advised members in June that the positions of Treasurer, Speaker Seeker and Webmaster would be
needing new blood by March next year. Hats off to Glenda and John for doing a superb job in those
roles. But the best way to say thank you for their service is to volunteer to take on one of these

Our Committee is facing something of an aging crisis, and we should take sensible steps to get around
it. If you are in your 60s we need you on the Committee. I‟m asking you to consider becoming an
assistant now to the Treasurer, Speaker Seeker and Webmaster. We need to have people ready to move
into these vital roles come the end of the current terms. And experience as an assistant would give you
a chance to suck it and see.

So please give it some thought. Generational change is on the move: we need to be ahead of the curve.