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Links to these documents are provided for members to provide background information and understanding of how the Club is managed.

Probus South Pacific produces a Handbook which provides guidelines for the operation of Probus Clubs:


The Club is an incorporated body under SA Legislation, and has adopted the following constition, which is modlled on the information contained in the abovementioned handbook: HAPPY_VALLEY_-_Constitution.pdf

At this time (early 2020) the Club has determined that we do not want to have a detailed set of By-Laws, and as allowed in the Constitution, we will rely on Standing Resolutions.

The following document is a list of such resolutions, subject to any other such resolutions that the Secretary may have on record:



Membership Application

A membership application form (in PDF format) may be downloaded by clicking on the following link:


Please contact the Club (see "Contact Us" tab on the left) for any assistance in completing the form.