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                                                The Kentish Probus Club

April 2021 Newsletter


Address:  c/o PO Box 76, Railton, 7306          Club Directory                                     Club No 9003791 

Committee Members and Club Responsibilities       Website:

Committee Members

Other Committee Members


Bruce Fullerton
6427 3406 or 0429 698 223

Joan Meredith 
6426 2896 or 0428 497 307

Club Speaker/

Vice President

Len Dixon
0400 456 131

Carl Cox 
6427 2706 or 0428 911 292

Guest Speaker


Annelise Hardwicke
6496 1220 or 0419 961 221

Len Dixon
0400 456 131



Rob Collisson
6491 1350 or 0408 365 199

Deidre Barton
6496 1147



Raewyn Collisson
6491 1350 or 0427 993 256

Bruce Fullerton
0429 698 223

Public Officer







                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Monthly Meetings 

This Month           13th Apr.   Club Speaker – Margaret Dixon (Social History)

                                                  Guest Speaker – Kate Frazer, Sheffield Harpist     

 Future                    11th May   Club Speaker – Peter Cocker

                                                  Guest Speaker – Cal Cox


This Month    20th Apr            Mystery Bus Trip, all day event $25 (covers bus & morning tea)

                                                  Meet at 9.00 am Sheffield Car Park

Future            ?? May              Exciting and different Outing Idea – decision to be made at this meeting! 


Birthdays                             Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Janet Fullerton, Ann Lenton,

                                                  Fergus Hodgkinson and Judy Lowry. 

Welfare                                   Both Janet Fullerton and Judy Hope are on the mend 😊

Report from 9 March Meeting

Attendance:  Members 24

Card Sharp   Congratulations to Gill Barnes who was the High Card Sharp winner - $10.


Report from 9 March Meeting

Club Speakers

No Club speaker due to our Annual General Meeting taking place.


Guest Speaker 

Bruce French – World Seeds



Bruce took us back to the origins of his organisation ‘Food Plants International’ in PNG during the 1970’s.

What has evolved since is a the world’s largest database of the worlds edible Food plants.  You can find out more

 on  about the 32,500 edible plants in the world.

Bruce’s objective is ‘Helping the Hungry feed themselves’


 Outing Reports

  • Lunch at the Epicurean Café on 9th March.

Keeping up with the tradition of lunch following our Annual General Meeting it was

different to be able to try out a new café that had just opened in Sheffield.  The café

was beautifully decorated, giving us delicious food with great service.


      Kentish Probus Club 2021 Committee,                                    The Epicurean Cafe


L to R rear, Rob Collisson (Treasurer), Annelise Hardwick (Secretary), Carl Cox (Guest Speakers),

Len Dixon (Vice President & Tours/Activities), L to R front, Raewyn Collisson (Newsletter),

Joan Meredith (Club Speakers), Bruce Fullerton (President), Deidre Barton (Hospitality)


If you have anything you would like included in next month’s newsletter please contact:

Raewyn Collisson on 6491 1350 or 0427 993 256 or email at

Did you know that members of Clubs in Australia and New Zealand make up nearly 50% of Probus members worldwide?  David Simpson, Chairman Probus South Pacific believes that this is the result of the hard work and commitment of Probus Club leaders and local membership teams.

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