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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus, our club members will not meet physically until it is safe to resume activites. But we have gone on-line with meetings and guest speakers.

All about our club 


We are sponsored by Rotary Central Melbourne, and enthusiastically supported by Probus South Pacific headquarters.

We are the first Probus to launch for inner-city residents since Rotary Central Melbourne launched Melbourne Sunrise Probus in 2011. Because Sunrise Probus is now full while retiree residents in inner Melbourne have soared since 2011, there is an obvious need for our new club.


We're thrilled to have created a new club that will give enormous interest, virtual networking and pleasure to seniors and retirees in Melbourne. We expect many members  from new-ish towers around the city, who have come in from suburbs and the country, and are keen to join new networks of friends for meetings, activities, hobbies and touring once the COVID-19 measures permit. Meanwhile our presence is wholly on-line.

Our club will be what WE make of it. The more we all PUT IN to the club, the more benefit we will GET from it. Maybe you'd like to volunteer for committee positions, or start or join club interest groups? Every contribution of whatever sort is welcome...


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