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Our Zoom speaker for 10am Tuesday June 16 is our new member  Susan Bower. She’ll tell us about her career with Australia’s most popular TV series such as the much-loved 
A Country Practice. Then there was  All Saints  about hospital life – Susan herself started as a nurse.  Her roles in All Saints included writer, story editor and script producer.

She was a script producer, supervising producer and executive producer for the uber-successful McLeod’s Daughters. For three years she was executive producer for the iconic Neighbours, and she was story producer for Sea Patrol. She was producer for Little Oberon (a tele-movie starring Sigrid Thornton), and more recently ran the “writers’ room” for Series Three of  A Place To Call Home.

Her role has involved all sorts of inputs taking the initial script through to production support, editing and adding music, while liaising with TV channels and networks like Foxtel, Netflix and ABC/SBS.  “I have to ensure the artistic integrity of the show while keeping all parties happy,” she sums up. Here’s her website:

Susan’s currently teaching screen-writing for the Australian Film & TV School.