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Hi Bearbrass Probus Members

We’re back in in lockdown but there is still plenty of Bearbrass Probus activity!

Over recent weeks the number of club events and activities has grown substantially and most of them can beundertaken using Zoom or other online  services!

The fortnightly general meetings will continue using Zoom. Next week (14th July) we have another one of our members, Lynne Wenig whose talk is enticingly titled “Travels without my Aunt".

Lynne will share some unusual, unexpected, curious and memorable experiences during a study tour behind the Iron Curtain in 1980.

Other ongoing activities available to members include:

·       Film group (Convenor Anne Fairhall) will commence soon using a combination of readily available movies that can be streamed into your house/apartment and discussions using Zoom 

·       Coffee catchups (Convenor Mel Gray)  will continue using Zoom

·       Cycling group (Convenor Greg Jeffrey) will be ready to hit the paths and tracks as soon as thelockdown ends

·       Golf Fanatics Group (Convenor Milton Dickins) will also have to wait until the lockdown ends, although there may be some possibility of playing in groups of 2 during lockdown

·       Bridge group (Convenor Milton Dickins) will be able to start during lockdown using various online bridge services and (of course) Zoom

·       Book group (Convenor Cate Thompson) is underway and will continue using Zoom

·       Quiz Night (Convenor Julia Fraser)  a date for this will be set in the near future and is designed to be conducted using Zoom.

In the next few days each of the Convenors will communicate to all members explaining what they have in mind and how things will operate. Please respond to them as soon as you can to indicate your level of interest or to ask questions.

Should you have an idea for an activity that you think other members may be interested in, please contact me. 

The next 6 weeks may be a little challenging for most of us but hopefully we can continue the fun, fellowship and friendship that we have developed over recent months.

Best regards

Mel Gray


Melbourne Bearbrass Probus

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