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Club Constitution

The Combined Mornington Probus Club operates under the terms of the Incorporated Model Probus Club Constitution. This Constitution includes the Probus Club accreditation requirements as well as the legislative requirements relevant to each state. The Constitution is comprised of 7 pages and because of limitations as to file size, it is necessary for each individual page to be stored on the site rather than the complete document in one file.

Individual pages may be viewed here:

Page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page 6; Page 7



By-Laws are a set of "house keeping" or management rules a Club may choose to set in place to regulate their internal affairs in accordance with the wishes of the membership. A By-Law cannot be in conflict with an Article of the Constitution. To amend a By-Law; 21 days written notice must be given to all members. A 75% majority vote of those members present and voting is required to formally adopt the motion by Special Resolution.

The Combined Mornington Probus Club does not have By-Laws but is governed by Standing Resolutions.


Standing Resolutions

Standing Resolutions are similar to By-Lawsinsofar as they set out ongoing internal rules for the Club which may be changed from time to time. Standing Resolutions are however simply resolutions of the Club, and all that is required for them to be amended is for the Club to pass a different Standing Resolution in the future. A Standing Resolution shall not be in conflict with an Article of the Constitution. A Standing Resolution may be moved at a general meeting from the floor with or without due notice depending on the situation.

A copy of the Standing Resolutions may be viewed here.


Events and Refunds Policy

This document is a reference for club members planning events that require prior bookings and payments to organisations providing services for event/s.

These guidelines also apply to events where bookings are not required and payment is made directly to the provider.

A copy of the Events and Refunds Policy may be viewed here.


Risks Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is twofold:

1. To reduce the risk of injury.

2. To protect the club and its members in the event of action being taken against the club, its officers, committee and sub-committee members, activity leaders or individual members.

A copy of the Risks Management Policy may be viewed here.


Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate may be viewed here.


National Insurance Program

The National Insurance Program provides cover for Public Liability, Personal Injury, Association Liability and Club Money Cover. The national Insurance Program does not provide cover for illness. 

Insured/Covered Persons

Probus South Pacific Limited, directors, staff and all accredited Probus Clubs, accredited Probus Associations and provisional Probus Clubs including members of those Probus Clubs and Probus Associations, honorary members, life members, non-active members, spouses and/or partners of these members, Probus Club self-assessed non-members, voluntary committees and voluntary workers.

Australian Certificate of Currency 2020-21 can be viewed here.

Summary of the coverage 2020/2021.


The National Insurance Program should not be confused with the Probus Travel Insurance Plans, details of which can be found by visiting the Probus South Pacific website or clicking the link to Travel Insurance in the header of this page.

Probus Travel Insurance is available for both domestic and international travel and is exclusive to Probus Club members, Rotary Club members and their immediate family.