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Membership Officer 2020/21 - Carol Gilmore

In accordance with the rules of the Club (the Constitution and Standing Resolutions), prospective members must attend one meeting of the Club and at least 2 other meetings and/or events before being invited to join the Club or being placed on the Waiting List.

No membership application form will be offered to a person on the Waiting List until such time as there is a vacancy for membership.

No monies shall be received or accepted from a person on the Waiting List until such time as the application for membership has been approved by the Committee.

Persons included on the Waiting List may attend all club meetings and activities and be required to meet associated costs in attending.

Application for Membership must be sponsored by two current Members of the Club. Approval for membership can only be given by a majority vote of the Committee. The Committee shall have the right to reject an application for membership without being obliged to give any reason for such rejection. 

The annual subscription (currently $50 p.a.), joining fee (currently $25) and visitor admittance fee (currently $3) shall be reviewed and set at the Annual General Meeting and become payable from 01 April each year. The subscription of a person joining the club is to be paid pro-rata on a quarterly basis. That is where a person joins the club during the:

 - Quarter ending June 30 - Subscription is payable in full

 - Quarter ending September 30 - Three-quarters of subscription is payable

 - Quarter ending December 30 - One-half of subscription is payable

 - Quarter ending March 31 - One-quarter of subscription is payable. 

Notwithstanding the date upon which a person joins the Club, the Joining Fee is payable in full.

The maximum membership of the Club shall be 125, which will be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting.