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The Beginning

Probus is an Association of retired and semi-retired persons who join together in autonomous clubs throughout the world.

The formation of the Mornington Ladies Probus Club Inc. was a result of the Rotary Clubs of Mornington and Mt Martha  convening a meeting on March 26th 1987.

The meeting was chaired by Mr Ron Gamble, President Elect of the Rotary Club of Mornington and Mr Robert Loutitt, President of the Rotary Club of Mt Martha

During the morning tea, intending foundation members were requested to complete membership application forms indicating which club they wished to afilliate with as Foundation Members.

Prospective members convened at separate meetings in the Clarke Room  and Friendship Room at the Uniting Church in Barkly Street Mornington.

Thirty six members attended the inaugural meeting of the Mornington Ladies Probus at 11.00 am.

The Standard Constitution for Probus Clubs was presented and was unanimously adopted.

Mrs Bobbie Moorfield was elected the first President and she was presented with the President’s Collar.

By 27th May 1987, membership interest had been so great, the management committee decreed to set membership ceiling to 65.

Probus South Pacific confirmed the Club’s registration .

The Club became incorporated on 4th September 1987.

It was decided to meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 10.00am in the Friendship Room at the Uniting Church , Barkly Street ,Mornington.

The new Committee was elected as follows:-

President Mrs Bobbie Moorfield

Vice President Mrs Heather Bawden

Secretary Mrs Esma Bohme

Treasurer Miss Mabel Durie

Committee Mrs Marj Tomlinson

Mrs Mavis Muir

Mrs Edna Duffin

The Objective of Probus :- to enjoy the fellowship of other people who appreciate and value in their retirement an opportunity to meet others of similar levels of interest.


Past Presidents of Mornington Ladies Probus Club

1987 Bobbie Moorfield

1998 Marj Tomlinson

1989 Heather Bawden

1990 Audrey Bibra

1991 Jess Young

1992 Wilma Plunkett

1993 Lorrie Brough

1994 Leslie Ogden

1995 Jean Gellie

1996 Jean Lovelock

1997 Marie Castles

1998 Margaret Hall

1999 Betty Paddle

2000 Ruth Jones

2001 Betty Easdale

2002 Pat Scale

2003 Jo Mathews

2004 Val Steggall

2005 Beth Lewis

2006 Noel Simpson

2007 Ann Tuck

2008 Frances Hehl

2009 Margaret Boyes

2010 Maggie Gollogly

2011 Joan Baillie

2012 Pam Wood

2013 Yvonne Martin

2014 Yvonne Martin

2015 Margaret Jacobs

2016 Linda Ivanovski

2017 Carolyn Jealous

2018  Linda Steel