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 Padstow Heights Probus Club Inc.


We are a relatively new Probus Club founded in May 2019. We have an enthusiastic group of members who want to stay active by participating in a wide range of activities.

Come and join us and create a pathway to greater enjoyment and friendship.


Retirees Love New Experiences

Retirement is the perfect time for retirees to rejuvenate and enjoy new experiences. Travelling both domestically and overseas has become a very popular activity amongst today’s retirees.  

 With many retirees embarking on new adventures and choosing to travel, here are a few interesting facts about their travel habits.

Comfort is their top priority

Retirees like to enjoy new travel destinations in ease and comfort. They tend to book shorter flights, with fewer locations per trip and better accommodation. Some also choose to travel business class for extra comfort. Activities and tours are designed to their pace.

Seniors are loyal to their travel advisors

Retirees understand the value of a travel advisor as they want to spend their investment in travel wisely. Travel advisors are important to many clients because:

◘ They make personalised recommendations based on previous trips they have booked together.

  • ◘ They design trips based on factors including their client’s preferences and their physical ability.
  • ◘ They are with their clients throughout the entire process providing support with ideas, arranging details, checking in during the trip and debriefing afterwards.

Retirees love to travel in social groups

Travelling in groups brings a range of benefits for retirees including group discounts, a pool of experience that introduces new opportunities and for the inexperienced traveller, a feeling of confidence when travelling with likeminded people.

These are just some reasons why Probus is great for retirees. Probus provides opportunities to make new friends, join in on a range of activities and travel for as long or as little as they would like. Probus Club members can also take advantage of various membership benefits such as Probus Travel Insurance.

To find out more about Padstow Heights Probus by calling Jean on 0417 650 993, email [email protected]