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 Padstow Heights Probus Club Inc.


The Foundation Meeting of Padstow Heights Probus Club Inc. was held on 7th May 2019, under the chairmanship of the Probus South Pacific Limited (PSPL) Membership Development Officer, Josh Stojanovic.

Special guests at the meeting included Julia Oliver, Membership Development Manager from Probus South Pacific, as well as Julie and Keith from The Rotary Club of Padstow.

Persons present responded positively to the proposal of establishing the new Padstow Heights Probus Club Inc. and adopted the 6 resolutions , shown below, which will form part of the Accreditation Agreement with Probus South Pacific Limited as a Probus Club.

The following Resolutions were passed by the Foundation Members: 

Resolution 1

Foundation Members present adopted the name of the club as Padstow Heights Probus Club Inc.

Resolution 2

Foundation Members present approved the venue, day and time of monthly meetings of theClub as follows:

Venue for meeting: Padstow Bowling Club

Meeting day and time: 1 st Tuesday of each month, 10:00am

Resolution 3

Foundation Members present adopted the PSPL Model Constitution for Incorporated Associations containing the Preamble and Articles of Accreditation and approved that the Club’s President and Secretary be authorised to sign the Club’s Constitution.

Resolution 4

Foundation Members present approved to set a joining fee of $30.00 and set an annual membership fee of

$50.00 (which includes PSPL’s capitation fees and magazine subscriptions). 

Resolution 5

Foundation Members present resolved to formally elect the following members to office:

President: Collette Esther

Vice President:  Elaine Zarins


Treasurer: Jean Robson

Guest Speaker Officer: Lauren Lewis

Activities Coordinator:  Elaine Zarins

Resolution 6

Foundation Members approved that the President and Secretary of the Padstow Heights Probus Club be authorised to sign the Accreditation Agreement with PSPL, it being noted that the Club will be a provisional Probus Club until such time as accreditation is granted by PSPL.