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1st February. 2022

Frank Jordan- Writer of 5 novels, a member of Toastmasters and Sing Australia and has
received (Electorate of)  Banks Community Service award 2021

1st March, 2022

No guest speaker as it is the club' AGM and elections for committee members

5th April, 2022

Ralph Scrivens the Australian Bush Poet

3rd May, 2022

Penny Downey owner of Penny's Bees who may bring some honey to sell and also some live bees

7th June, 2022

Gillian Lewis from the Australian National Maritime Museum


Tuesday 7 December, 2021

No guest speaker as it is our Christmas luncheon meeting and the final for the year




In July we will have a visit from Gillian Lewis, a volunteer speaker from the National Maritime Museum. She has been a volunteer there since 2008 

and doing presentations for 6 years. She will speak to us about the Japanese Midget sub attack on Sydney Harbour.


Tuesday 1 June 2021


Barry very kindly stepped in to replace Ralph who was recovering from surgery.

Several members had recently seen Barry in the play, Our Town and he gave a more in depth explanation of the play, how it came about and why there was a lack of scenery and props.

Tuesday 1 June 2021 - cancelled

RALPH SCRIVENS - Australian Bush Poet

Local Sutherland Shire poet who enjoys reciting and promoting Australian bush poetry


Tuesday 4 May 2021


Take over thirty years of successful experience in the arts of humour and comedy, add a generous measure of articulate enthusiasm and then season with a modicum of wit and bind with wisdom and you have a substantial concoction that will delight, inform and change you.
JOHNNY PACE is an exceptional speaker and motivator bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge from his perspectives and analyses of humour in all its manifestations.
He now teaches how to dramatically improve the creativity and productivity of the workforce through professional self-improvement programmes.


Tuesday 6th April 2021

WIRES is an organization that  has been rescuing and caring for wildlife fo almost 35 years and is the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia.  A representative from WIRES gave an interesting talk on the types of animals rescued, why some were saved and others weren't able to be saved.  She detailed the causes of injuries and diseases that resulted in animals requiring WIRES assistance and what to do and what not to do if you see injured wildlife.  As a carer of injured wildlife she had some very heart moving photos to show of the varied types of animals she has cared for over the years.


Tuesday 2nd March

Wendy Lindsay, state memer of parliament for East Hills spoke about her previous life before politics and what motivated her to enter politics.  Several members asked questions regarding the upgrade of Bankstown Hosptial and the difficulty in obtaining information about new residential developments in the local area. 

Tuesday 2nd February

Tony Badder, who has since retired from his employment with Services NSW, will be giving a talk on computer and telephone scams.


Tuesday 7 April, 2020 - cancelled due to the coronavirus

Johnny Pace

Johnny Pace is a well known entertainer, best known for his many television appearances, particularly as one of the stars of Channel Ten's Celebrity Game.

He has been involved in Cabarets with a blend of jokes, songs, impressions and slapstick and has won two MO Awards as the Best Comedy Act in Australia. He is currently the Vice Chairman and Event Coordinator of this year’s MO Awards. He arrived in Australia in 1970 after a very successful entertainment career starting in Britain, and including Europe and Africa.

Interestingly, apart from being very much involved in quite a number of Production Shows, he now teaches people in the workforce how to improve their creativity and productivity through professional self improvement programs. He concentrates on teaching people the benefits of "Putting Humour to Work" showing the effectiveness of stress avoidance techniques rather than stress management, resulting in a more pleasant and productive workplace.

Tuesday 4 February, 2020

Memory Man

Bob Mitchell‘s first interview was in 1996, a very personal one which captured the memories of a dying father. The oral recordings led to a book ‘Scone Larrikin’ which was both self published and published by the NSW branch of the Oral History Association Of Australia (OHAA) in 1997.

Two years later the State Library published a special Memory Man technique which explains the process by which life story audio recordings can be published as a book. These events led to an ongoing association with OHAA and a mission to help families capture precious family oral histories before it is too late.

Tuesday 3 December

Angel Flight is a charity that coordinates non-emergency flights to help country people trying to deal with the triple trouble of bad health, poor finance and daunting distances. All flights are free and may involve patients travelling to medical facilities anywhere in Australia. We also have volunteer drivers who collect the passenger from the airport and take them to their medical appointment/or accommodation once arrived. Angel Flight is unique in the fact that all flights are conducted by pilots who volunteer their time and aircrafts to assist rural Australian’s receive medical treatment that is not available in their home town.


Tuesday 1 October

Sing Australia have choir groups all over Australia and our Guest Speaker Officer, Lauren Lewis, has been a member since 2014.  Lauren will give a presentation on Sing Australia.


Tuesday 3 September

Bankstown Canterbury Community Transport presented by Rachel Thompson (Executive Officer) and Hayley Orr (Corporate Services Officer). BCCT run organized group outings, shopping trips and assist individuals who do not have access to transport or cannot use public transport. They operate a fleet of cars and small and large buses.



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