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Local Outings

The club undertakes up to half-day outings to local places of interest, mainly in the "Dry Season" between April and September. They are notified in the monthly Newsletter and at meetings well in advance of the event. Occasionally these outings are linked to a monthly Dining Out visit to any one of a number of local restaurants.

Combined Outings

Where one of the local Probus Clubs organises an outing that will include one or more overnight stays, it is generally made open to all members of the local clubs, but subject to number restrictions. In recent years these have included:

A bus trip to Katherine; and

A bus trip to Kakadu National Park.

Interstate or Overseas Tours

These events are not common or regular, however, over the past ten years, a few of our more adventurous members have enjoyed trips such as:

A cruise to Singapore; 

A trip to Norfolk Island; and

A cruise to New Zealand.

While having stated that 'overseas' trips are not regular events, as at 1st October 2023 there are around 15 members booked for a trip to Norfolk Island in December (Six from our club and nine from Darwin Probus Club)

Just to further contradict the "not common or regular" statement, another trip still open as at 1st October is a cruise to Singapore that has attracted around 15 members to date (Four from our club and eleven from Darwin Probus Club)