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Payneham Probus Club - Past Speakers

This page contains the speaker abstracts/notices for speakers who have given of their time to entertain us at past meetings (since the creation of the website).

23rd April 2024


Glenys Kandelaars was born in 1955 and she lived a pretty much normal life (despite a lot of coughing) until 2016 when she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis is usually diagnosed at or near birth but her diagnosis was made at 61 years of age. Her health declined fairly rapidly from there on and she was advised that she would need a double lung transplant. 

Between diagnosis and transplant was just 8 months and she has never looked back. Her transplant took place in Melbourne at The Alfred and her partner Gerry and she had to stay in Melbourne for 3 months prior to the surgery in case any complications arose. Thankfully there were none. 

Hard work and dedication has got her to where she is today. It is now 6 years and 4 months since her transplant. Her presentation consists of her life growing up before diagnosis and then goes into the transplant aspect and life beyond.

26th March 2024

Our Payneham Probus AGM and 40th Birthday Party - Entertainment by "Little Tony"

Nazzareno Traino, aka “Little Tony” will entertain us on Tuesday 26 March 2024 at our Payneham Probus 40th birthday celebrations.  Little Tony has been in the entertainment business for over 40 years and has perform in Age Care facilities, Retirement Villages, special concerts and dinner functions.  He plays the keyboard and is a vocalist and he will perform songs from the 1950’s onwards. I am sure we can all reminisce these wonderful golden oldies together.



27th February 2024

Libby KOSMALA - Australian Paralympian and Multiple Gold Medallist

Libby Kosmala is an Australian with paraplegia who has represented Australia in 12 Paralympics in which she participated from 1972 to 2016.  During this time she has won 13 medals, 9 of them gold.   Libby first competed in the Paralympic competition  in 1972 in Heidelberg, Germany as a swimmer and field athlete.   She went onto competition shooting, winning a gold medal at the next Paralympics in Toronto in 1976.   She continued to excel in the sport at subsequent Paralympics, winning further medals and also breaking several records.   The Seoul 1988 Paralympics saw her and her husband Stan, both win gold medals in shooting and lawn bowls respectively.  She will also bring her medals, targets and her rifle for all to see.

In 1985 Libby received the Medal of the Order of Australia for her services to the sport of air rifle shooting.

Libby is also a staunch advocate for equality for disabled people and was influential in procuring parking permits for the disabled in South Australia.   She was a public relations agent for the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of South Australia.

Libby will also include in her presentation “Why she is in a wheelchair” and about her family life. 

23rd January 2024

Richard MCGRATH - (SportsUnited Board Member) and Robert LAIDLAW (SportsUnited Project Officer)  

Richard will provide an overview of SportsUnited, its history and evolution since starting in 2018.  Richard and Robert will then discuss Sporting Memories Australia program, which delivers regular group sessions seeking to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of people over the age of 50, who are socially isolated, through engaging them in sports reminiscence and inclusive physical activity.


During the presentation, Richard and Robert will provide members with the opportunity to be involved with some sporting reminiscence activities and games as well as ask questions and explore volunteering options with the Sporting Memories Australia program. 

28th November 2023

Colin SEYMOUR - Archive Officer for the Tramway Museum at St Kilda. SA

Colin Seymour is the Archive Officer for the Tramway Museum in St Kilda, SA.   He will provide us with an in-depth look at Adelaide’s public transport system since 1878.   His presentation will cover the topic of Horse Trams from 1878 – 1930, Electric trams from 1909 – 1958, the North Eastern lines which include the Paradise, Magill and Morialta trams, today’s trams and the Tramway Museum located in St Kilda.

24th October 2023

Barry SOLOMON - Grounds Manager of Norwood Oval.

Barry Solomon has been the Ground Manager at the Norwood Oval since 1996 and has overseen many events during that time. Barry will talk about the history of the oval and the Norwood Football Club (Redlegs), some of the personalities who are in the club as well as discussing the recent AFL gather round.  Barry will give us an insight of his role and the impact that it has for the state. He will discuss the general day to day care of the facility and how things have changed over the years not just at the Norwood Oval but for facilities across the country.  During Barry’s presentation he has asked and also welcomes members to be interactive and to ask questions during his talk rather at the end of his talk.

26th September 2023

Bronwyn MOORE: "Her Life and Gardening"

Bron is a textile artist, musician and avid gardener. Since retiring as a performing arts teacher she has travelled extensively to indulge her love of landscapes, wildflowers and birds.

As a photographer she endeavours to capture the soul of the Australian landscape and then interpret it through her embroidered pieces. The informal cottage garden has been lovingly developed over four decades with terraces, steps and retaining walls built to allow access to every corner of the garden, and a half basketball court provides a safe play space for the grandchildren.

Beds are crammed full of colourful flowering shrubs, perennials, groundcovers and bulbs to ensure a continuous floral display. In early spring the front garden features a beautiful Magnolia soulangeana, camellias and azaleas which shelter a vibrant mass of iris, bluebells, anemones, ajuga and forget-me-nots in every shade of blue and purple.

Behind the house, roses, sweet peas, honeysuckle and wisteria flood the entertaining area with perfume. The eye is drawn to a delightful tea house at the bottom of the garden which can be reached by meandering paths through dense plantings of hellebores, fuchsias, ferns, bacopa and alstroemeria.

Everywhere there is evidence of Bron’s artistic talents with her bonsai collection, her mosaic pieces and glassware recycled into quirky garden ornaments.

22nd August 2023

Alan STARKS: "The History of Chocolate"

 Alan will hand out sample packs with his presentation.

25th July 2023


John has been trading in antiques since 1979 and has taught in the subject at the WEA. He is the author of many articles on the topic and was involved in the identification of glass shards and archeological finds from the new Royal Adelaide Hospital digs.

He has written many articles for local and international publications on the topic.

John is asking our members to bring along something old (not modern) to the meeting.

27th June 2023

Valerie VOLK:  "The Passion Play - The Oberammergau Tales"

Since 1634 a small German village in the Bavarian Alps has produced an internationally famous event.  Every tenth year over half a million people from all over the world come to see the Passion Play of Oberammergau. This event and why has it endured for almost four hundred years has fascinated Adelaide writer Valerie Volk for many decades, leading to the publication of many newspaper and magazine articles and a full-length fiction novel based on the play. In 2022 she was invited to be the Australian press representative at the Opening Day in Germany of this decade’s production.

Valerie has always been a closet writer so, after an academic background in English, History and Education, when she retired from teaching and lecturing, she completed two long-held objectives: a PhD and then Master’s degree in Creative Writing. Now she writes!

In recent years she has published several hundred award-winning poems and short stories in journals and anthologies, as well as thirteen  books, including historical fiction novels, such as In Search of Anna, verse novels like A Promise of Peaches and Passion Play, and biblical fiction like Bystanders (2015) and Witnesses (2023). She is well known for her poetry collections, like the Caleb Prize-winning In Due Season, and Marking Time, as well as travel books. 

In her very limited spare time she loves reading, film and play going, music (especially opera and jazz), travel and cooking – and the company of friends. But one of the greatest pleasures in her life is simply to write!


23rd May 2023

Ian DRUMMOND - "The Incredible Life of Hubert Wilkins - Australia's Greatest Explorer"

Ian is a member of the Wilkins Foundation and is a passionate advocate for the subject. Educated at Unley High School and Adelaide Teachers’ College he has been a teacher and to the present day involved n tourism, hospitality, a seed investor for start-up companies, construction and mining.

His past activities: sportsman, pilot, travelling, environmentalist and public speaker.

Present interests:  sport, reading, movies, travelling, history, science, the environment and public speaking.

Wilkins was a reporter, cinematographer, polar explorer, naturalist, geographer, climatologist and aviator whose outstanding reputation was recognised internationally before it was at home. His principal fame was as a war photographer. He was one of the first photographers to take pictures from an aircraft and probably the first to take successful motion pictures of combat, often at great personal risk. As an official Australian photographer in the Great War, Lieutenant General John Monash described him as “the bravest man in the AIF”.  In later life, Wilkins was knighted for exploring the Arctic by air from Alaska to Norway. His ashes were scattered at the North Pole by the crew of an American nuclear submarine.

18th April 2023

Ian MILES - "Moving the Vickers Vimy."

The Vickers Vimy – a biplane made of wood lined with fabric with open cockpits – was the first aircraft to complete the epic journey between Hounslow in England and Darwin in Australia as an entrant in the 1919 Air Race and was on display in the Memorial Building at Adelaide Airport.

In the late hours of Thursday night, 19 May 2022, this iconic aircraft was re-located to the new terminal at Adelaide Airport under the direction of Artlab Australia, a South Australian Government agency specializing in the conservation of cultural collections with a national and international reputation for excellence.

 The Artlab team was led by Ian Miles and involved moving the Vickers Vimy in three sections from the Memorial Building to its new location inside the expanded main terminal.

The team disassembled the plane into three main parts: two wings and the fuselage and encapsulation scaffolding was then carefully built around each section to support and provide a framework for covering with polyethylene and tarps. The three sections were then wrapped to maintain a stable internal environment and to provide protection during the relocation.

It was moved in perfect weather conditions on the night of Thursday 19 May 2022 with Ian leading the relocation team comprising Adelaide Airport staff, traffic management, specialised aircraft movers, volunteers from the South Australian Aviation Museum and from the Epic Flight Centenary Committee. The move of 2.1km took four and a half hours to reach its final destination.

Reassembly of the Vickers Vimy will be carried out by Artlab, including removal of the covering and encapsulation scaffolding; piecing the wings to the fuselage and positioning the aircraft into the exhibition space. It is envisaged the exhibition will be open to the public towards the end of 2022.

28th March 2023

AGM, 38th Birthday Party and Entertainment by Steve NETTLE.

28th February 2023

John PEAKE - "Murder with the Lot."

John's presentation is focused upon a1988 South Australian murder referred to as 'The Carey Gully Murder'. It outlines the number of specialists involved in bringing the two offenders to justice.

John is a Detective Superintendent (retired) of the South Australia Police, he served between 1975 and 2008. His service included about 15 years in criminal investigation at operative through to management roles, including five years with the Major Crime Squad (homicide) and other specialist investigation roles. Other experiences included project manager of an Australasian Police Professional Standards Council (APPSC) undertaking research and progression of policing as a profession. Associated activities included a lead role for the introduction of the Bachelor of Policing for South Australia Police.

He holds a number of tertiary qualifications, including Master of Public Policy and Administration, Master of Education, and Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership. He is a Chartered Manager (Fellow) and national assessor of same, Life Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Policing. Since 2010 he has been a member of the Australian Institute of Management Business Faculty where he regularly develops, delivers and assesses subjects in the Master of Business Administration.

Since 'retirement' John has operated a successful consultancy service involving Leadership, Management and Investigations.

John and his wife Cynthia will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in April 2023. They have two children, Sharon and David, and a granddaughter Tia. 

24th January 2023

Rod BARTON - "The Life of a Spy: An Education in Truth, Lies and Power."

“I was no James Bond with a licence to kill, but I worked with the British intelligence services and with, and for, the CIA. I had guns pointed at me, death threats issued, a price placed on my head.”

In 1971, Rod Barton applied for a junior scientist role in the Australian Department of Defence. Little did he know what it entailed: as the Cold War  intensified, Barton was inducted into the murky world of espionage.

For the next few decades, Barton lived a life straight from an adventure novel. In war-torn Mogadishu, he disarmed militia, while sleeping in rat-infested barracks. As a UN weapons inspector, he flew to Baghdad on special missions, interviewing top scientists to uncover an illegal weapons program, and raced across Europe, tracking materials sold to the Iraqis.

After the disastrous 2003 invasion of Iraq, the CIA engaged him as its special adviser in the hunt for Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. But he soon clashed with the agency over what he saw – and what he didn’t find. It prompted him to step from the shadows and share the truth with the world, and to tussle with the Australian government.

22nd November 2022

Michaela ANDREYEV - The Story Keeper

So, what does an average day as an ABC radio producer look like?

Michaela Andreyev will share what it takes to pull together a live radio show in the early hours of the morning 5 days per week, including selecting the topics, tracking down illusive guests and briefing presenters on eight stories a day.

Then… what really happens during those two hours on air? What if a guest doesn’t arrive? What’s the “dump button” and when do you use it? And what happens when an earthquake erupts or a bushfire ignites and the carefully prepared schedule gets thrown out the window?

“It’s like live improv theatre for 2 hours every morning. Its unrelenting, rewarding and draining in different measure each and every day.”

Michaela will finish by explaining why she recently chose to give up the 24-hour news cycle in exchange for the stories of everyday people with her new business, The Story Keeper.

25th October 2022

Pamela RAJKOWSKI OAM - "Pioneering Afghan Cameleers of Australia"

Pamela Rajkowski is a research author specialising in the history, heritage and contribution of the Australian Afghan Cameleers (1860 - 1930). Pamela regularly collaborates with Afghan Cameleer descendants across Australia.  Although her research is founded on a range of secondary sources (eg archives, newspapers), it is enriched by ongoing conversations with descendants.

 Pamela's work has been sourced by academics, museums and the media, both nationally and internationally.

 Pamela is credited as being one of the first authors to research the history of the Afghan cameleers of Australia and uncovered previously unknown files of stolen generation Aboriginal children of Western Australia (Linden Girl) that remained active until the 1970s.

Pamela in her research sought answers to many questions relating to cameleer life - why did camels and “Afghan” cameleers become essential to the economic progress, development and trade of colonies of Australia? From how far did camels and cameleers travel to start work in Australia? Who had the vision to see how essential camels were to progress and thus brought them here? Was his vision a failure? … and there are many more questions.

27th September 2022

Ian MACDONALD - "The Wonder of the Honey Bee"

 Ian describes himself as a “semi-retired amateur beekeeper…” Once engaged in beekeeping one never really ever gets bees out of their system. It’s somewhat of a disease. You’re always wishing you had a hive…call it a passion. Seeing a swarm of bees rouses the desire to capture and care for them.

I ventured into beekeeping 50+ years ago. A friend introduced me to the art and I’m forever grateful for the sharing of his passion and insight into these amazing insects.

So …my plan today is to hopefully introduce the wonder of bees …to appeal to your naturally inquisitive nature …so you too can share the wonder and sublime joy of bees …

23rd August 2022

Stephen WHITE  - Orion Search and Rescue

Stephen served in the RAAF as a Navigator for 20 years until 1987 with three tours of 3 years each at RAAF Base Edinburgh  during that time.

Having married a local SA girl and with children in school here he decided to leave the RAAF after a posting to Canberra, for family stability reasons. He then worked in defence industries in the northern suburbs of Adelaide and finished his working life at Technology Park in Mawson Lakes where he now resides.

After retirement he was unexpectedly elected as a Councillor for the City of Salisbury over a single term from late 2014-18 - a position in local government that he really appreciated.

26th July 2022

Rod LOVELL - "From Hero to Zero"

 Setting the record straight: Captain Rod Lovell will share his extraordinary account of ditching

his aircraft into Botany Bay to save the lives of 25 passengers and crew members. 

On April 24, 1994, south coast local and former RAAF pilot Rod Lovell made international headlines, when as captain, he was forced to ditch his DC-3 aircraft into Botany Bay, after suffering an engine failure on take-off.

He was forced to take drastic action over the course of 46 seconds and miraculously, was able to execute a controlled ditching into the water, ensuring all 25 passengers and crew were saved and evacuated from the sinking aeroplane without suffering any major injuries or loss of life.

Initially branded a hero, nine weeks after the incident, he had his pilots license suspended by the Civil Aviation Authority in what he calls "the worst day of my life".

In the "persecution" that followed, Capt. Lovell was forced to defend his actions and has spent many years fighting to clear his name, with evidence only recently being uncovered to prove his actions as correct.

Rod wrote a book "From Hero to Zero" which gives an account of events and the fallout that followed, telling the true story, over 25 years later.

His talk will encompass everything from Capt. Lovell's early life on the Fleurieu, to his time in the Airforce and of course his heroic actions in April 1994 and his fight for justice, which continued for many years.

Describing the "highs and lows as the captain of the aircraft and the persecution he experienced post ditching," the talk will provide a gripping and fascinating insight into the extraordinary event that changed the course of his life.

28th June 2022

John MAKOTA - "Dance Music of the '50s and '60s"

John Makota is a musicologist – one who collects music and music video clips of the past.

The purpose of a musicologist is to preserve and understand the effect that music has on our culture.

John’s focus will be dance music of the ‘50s and ‘60s accompanied by video and of course the music and his presentation is intended for reminiscing and for nostalgic purposes.

24th May 2022

Mike SMITH - "Australia Rode on the Sheep's Back"

Mike has a wealth of experience in country life with a four year apprenticeship (Goldsborough-Mort),

and stints at Roseworthy College and jackarooing in the upper south east (Emu Springs and Glengyle Stations).

His career as a stock agent/auctioneer began with Farmers’ Union in 1964 with postings to Victoria and thence to Adelaide, selling livestock at the Gepps Cross Saleyards.

Through numerous mergers and takeovers Mike moved to Gawler with Elders but a reshuffle saw him become wool show floor manager with Dalgety Bennett’s Farmers – later to become Wesfarmers then Landmark.

Mike has a wealth of stories to tell. Many are from first-hand experience – others are from the best that he has read (with variations often cause for debate!).

The list includes Cot. John Macarthur and his duel, the Waltzing Matilda Story, the shearers’ strike, the transition from blade to machine driven shears and many more – maybe even a poem or two.

Mike has self-published a book  entitled “A Dog, a Hat and a Country Road” documenting his career as a jackaroo, “stocky” and “woolly” and the atmosphere of the sale yards – now out of print.

Mike's presentation has been very well received and promises to be excellent entertainment.

26th April 2022

Professor Glen EDWARDS - "Never Give Up!"

Dr Edwards left school at age 14 and later served as a National Serviceman, then a Regular soldier serving as a medic in Vietnam. That Vietnam experience and following events prompted Glen to write a bestselling book – “Vietnam: The War Within”. This book tells the stories of Australian, American and New Zealand Vietnam veterans as they were before, during and after their Vietnam service. This, and a subsequent book “Beyond Dark Clouds”, show the long-term cost of war, stress and trauma in raw human terms.

After leaving the army, Glen attended and graduated from Sturt College, Flinders University,

the University of West Florida USA, and Kobe Graduate School of Medicine in Japan.

He has a distinguished and very extensive record of research, clinical work and lecturing, and assisting individuals with PTSD and learning disabilities nationally and internationally.  

He has consulted for many organisations across the world and is widely recognised for his expertise with PTSD and his clinical work with War Veterans and Emergency Services personnel. Glen has worked with survivors of many disasters. Of note – the Great Hanshin Kobe Earthquake (1995), the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (2011), the Sichuan Province Earthquake (2008). Much of this work was as a volunteer as well as advisor/consultant.

Glen has been instrumental in setting up a number of organisations across the world – organisations focussed on PSTD and associated mental health issues.

“Beyond Dark Clouds” will be available for purchase at the meeting ($39.95 – all proceeds to Vietnam Veterans suffering with PTSD).

 Dr Edwards’s journey cannot be done justice in a short abstract – hear more at our meeting on 26th April.  

22nd March 2022

Our AGM and Birthday Celebrations. Entertainment by "That's Show Biz"



22nd February 2022

Rob McLENNAN - " The History of Radio in South Australia"

Rob embraced community radio in 1984 in Warrnambool, Victoria, where he served as President for 6 years, culminating in gaining a full licence for 3WAY FM in 1992.

He relocated to Adelaide in 1994 to start up the first Capt’n Snooze retail bedding store in Adelaide and joined  Coast FM 88.7 in 1998, based at the Glandore Community Centre.

After presenting the Wednesday Breakfast Program for 16 years, he now presents the Wednesday Coast Magazine morning program and has done so for 6 years.  

Rob is passionate about music from the 60s and 70s and has an interest in particular, in vinyls.

25th January 2022

Neville ASSAD-SALHA - Artist and Potter

Assad-Salha (1954- ) is a second generation Australian whose parents came from Lebanon to South Australia in the 1920s.

As Neville Assad (Salha is his family's Lebanon village name) he studied at the South Australian School of Art, taking time out to visit Lebanon and work in a village pottery making large-scale water jars on a kick wheel. After graduating in 1976, he established a pottery studio in an old congregational church at Dutton, east of the Barossa Valley. There, he and Lynette Nitschke set up the Dutton Pottery, making production ware with a painted 'Dutton Pottery' mark.

Over the years, Assad-Salha has travelled extensively overseas to work with other artists. He has also pursued a university career at the University of South Australia and the Jam Factory where he was head of the Ceramics Studio from 1999-2003.

Since 2010, he has been Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at the American University of Beirut, returning to Australia every year to spend time at his Dutton studio.

In his own practice, he makes vessel forms on a scale from small bowls to large installation works, many constructed from steel, clay, bronze and sometimes stone.



21st December 2021

16th November 2021

Mark LEWIS – “Bernie’s  Green Box”

Mark is the Managing Director of Bernie Lewis Home Loans, a business started by his Father, Bernie over 32 years ago.

In 2005, Mark’s parents both tragically died in an accident. As executor of their estate, Mark’s job of dealing with both of their estates, during a time of immense grieving, was made much easier because of Bernie’s

Green Box. Mark’s presentation will share with you the story of Bernie’s Green Box, how it made his job dealing with their estate easy and straightforward and how you too can build your own Green Box to provide ultimate peace of mind for you and your family.

19th October 2021

Lainie ANDERSON - Journalist, Author and Epic Flight Centenary 2019 Program Ambassador

This year marks the centenary of the 1919 Great Air Race, the world’s first flight from England to Australia – an achievement akin to landing a man on the moon. With only a compass for navigation, Sir Ross Smith  (with co-pilot, navigator and brother Keith Smith, and mechanics Wally Shiers and Jim Bennett) flew an open-cockpit Vickers Vimy aircraft – made of wood, fabric, and wire – nearly 18,000 kilometres across the world.

Lainie Anderson is South Australia's epic flight Centenary Ambassador. Over the past ten years, Lainie has campaigned to preserve the plane languishing out of sight at Adelaide Airport, and raise the profile of the 1919 flight. She received a prestigious Churchill fellowship to travel the world, tracing the epic flight route, and speaking to international aviation historians.

21st September 2021

David WHYTE - "Historic Hand Tools"

David is a member of the SA Historic Tool Association and is well versed in the history of hand tools.

He will explain the history of hand tools from the Stone Age to the Space Age and how the 80

members of the Association attempt to preserve hand tools for the education and information of future generations. Although tools date back to around 10000BC most information relates to tools from the 1700s onward. David will demonstrate a range of hand tools from times past, including pre-bronze age tools, explain where they fit in with the chronology of significant periods of history and how they changed the lives of homo sapiens who lived in those times.

David will be accompanied by fellow member of the SA Historic Tool Association, Peter Walters.

17th August 2021

Sandy BAYLEY - "If Asylum Walls Could Speak - A Memoir of 50 Years of Mental Health  Nursing"

Seventeen year old Sandy Bayley embarked on her mental health nursing at Parkside Hospital in 1964. Later named Glenside Hospital, it was a very different place from what it later became. A place of deep division between the sexes where women were incarcerated for infidelity and labelled morally insane, doomed to spend the rest of their lives in the asylum.

Sandy has documented the memories of her early years in a book – a graphic and moving account of life at Glenside Hospital, recounting “pencil baths”, gang showers and group bathing and how a young window cleaner saw more than expected and fled.

There are hilarious tales to be told of bodies being transported in the dead of night by very unconventional means, and of Herman the murderer who, when put in a position of trust took it upon himself to absent the institution and more.

Glenside as it was then, was a close-knit community and home to many with 1300 beds and a ratio of fifty patients to one nurse  - an environment in which Sandy worked  for 50 years and which she will talk about on 17th August.

15th June 2021

Brian WHEELER  - "Behind the Scenes at Adelaide Airport"

Brian originally worked for the operator of Adelaide Airport, Adelaide Airport Limited, as a safety and security operator. This was an “airside” role working on the tarmac, runways and wider airfield.

He will give an insight into the day to day responsibilities and an insight into operating in fog, and other than normal conditions in relation to aircraft.

Brian then moved on to become part of the duty management team in the terminal focusing more on behind the scenes activities usually hidden from travellers and perhaps not widely appreciated.

Becoming then a customs officer, Brian will relate another aspect of airport life and the activities associated with this area of airport life. 

With his unique knowledge in three areas of employment at Adelaide Airport, Brian is able to give an interesting perspective of airport operations.

18th May 2021 

Dr Robert MOLES - "Miscarriages of Justice in South Australia"

Dr Mole is a legal academic and researcher who is well known for his expertise and

writings on legal theory and miscarriages of justice.

Bob has published books mainly in the areas of miscarriages of justice and worked as a legal researcher on the release of Henry Keogh.

Bob was born and educated in the UK, graduating in law from Queens University , Belfast, and completed his PhD at Edinburgh University. He previously held positions as Associate Professor of Law at UniSA, Senior Lecturer at ANU and lecturer in law and jurisprudence at Queens University, Belfast.

He is currently an adjunct associate professor at Flinders University.

Bob will tell you something about some of our notorious miscarriages of justice cases here in South Australia (including that of Henry Keogh) as well as explaining how his team is in the process of changing the appeal laws in this area right across Australia.

Dr Moles Website can be found at





20th April 2021 

"Staying Safe Online" 

The Eastwood Community Centre is funded to assist seniors to increase their use of digital technology and provides general information sessions covering scams, safe passwords, and general digital skills.

 The presentations are aimed at a broad range of skill levels and have been popular and well received by attendees.

 Talks can be adapted to reflect the interests of members – talk to Joyke if you have specific topics which you would like discussed.

23rd February 2021 

"Daily Moves"

Daily Moves is a fitness programme available free of charge to residents 65 and over living in the Burnside, Campbelltown, NPSP, Prospect, Unley and  Walkerville Council areas.

Alyssa will introduce us to the Daily Moves Programme and the research being carried out into fitness in the over 65s.

Daily Moves is a programme to encourage fitness in the over 65s focussing on how best to support participants to be physically active and to achieve personal goals and is available at community venues across our region or in people’s homes.

Personalised support can be provided and this can include a list of local fitness opportunities, regular contact via phone calls and/or phone app, personal training and guidance by qualified personnel and provision of some equipment for home use.

The program offers regular events, come and try sessions and online workout videos. These can be accessed anytime as a member of the public.


19th January 2021

Kevin NOLAN - "1001 Trivia Questions"

A public servant for 33 years in both Commonwealth and local government, Kevin, from an

early age, possessed a keen interest in how things got their names. His experiences in working in many different locales in South Australia and beyond gave rise to many questions which helped provide material for his book.

He has always been interested in history, geography and who’s who and has a natural curiosity

about the hows and whys of the naming of things especially relating to the state in which we live.

Recording questions and answers as an ad hoc process in 1998 developed into the idea of writing

a trivia book, and upon retirement the time became available to bring this task to fruition.

Kevin will tell us all about it and will include a light-hearted trivia quiz for our members during his presentation.

Kevin will have his book for sale for $20

Kevin's email address: [email protected] phone 0449 685 215

15th December 2020

David T. SCOTT - Entertainer

David T. Scott is an entertainer who performs as both a solo artist and with groups.

His performances can include song and also dance, and he has entertained many different groups including senior citizens/retirement villages, RSLs, Probus and others.

He has also performed in musical comedy for the Therry Dramatic Society and the Metropolitan Theatre Company over the years.

He has also sung with the “Bay Big Band”, and “Big Sound”.

He will be accompanied by his 18 year old grandson, an accomplished Irish tap dancer who has won a number of awards

Come and hear David and his grandson entertain us for this, our Xmas Meeting, on 15th December.

22nd September 2020


Tony commenced his storytelling carrier in 2003 when he joined the McLaren Vale Folk Club.  His stories have an authenticAussie flavour drawing on his experiences as a Stock and Station Agent earlier in his life.  He draws his inspiration from traditional poets such as Henry Lawson, C J Dennis and Banjo Paterson as well as from contemporary works by modern writers.  His stories cover the full gamut of emotions – excitement, pathos and humour and are delivered with powerful energy.

Most of his performances are for mature audiences including Senior Citizens Groups, Probus Clubs, Legacy Widows Clubs, etc.  He has been involved in The Fringe in 2012, 2013 & 2014 performing to full houses.  He is an accomplished performer and artist.

Because of his early life in the country he has a particular concern for the welfare of all rural folk in these times of extreme drought and wild fire.  Accordingly, he would be most grateful if your club could see its way clear to make a donation to the Country Womens’ Association (provided, of course, that you enjoy his presentation).


25th August 2020

Graeme FANNING - "Quirky Tales Relating to Adelaide's Past"

Graeme Fanning is Adelaide born and bred.

He has a strong interest in his city of birth and has qualifications in tourism, is an Accredited Tour Officer through the Tourism Industry Council of SA , and volunteers as an Ambassador at the State Library of SA, and as a house guide at Ayers House Museum.

Tours with which Graeme is associated include the National Trust SA Old Treasury Building/Tunnel Tours and walking tours around the city at different times of the year.

Currently employed with Intercruises Shoreside and Port Cruises as a Pier Supervisor he assists with passengers disembarking and embarking cruise ships at Outer Harbour.

He operates his own tour business, “Down to Earth Tours” and has done so since 2014.

Graeme will introduce us to some of his tours and share some of his stories.

Graeme runs 6 tours around the city and North Adelaide with a focus on history, culture, heritage and architecture combined with tales about some of our early colonial residents and noted citizens. He will also include some snippets of Adelaide life which may not be well known.

25th February 2020:

Jayne DANCE: "Her Life"

Jayne Dance has spent many years putting smiles on children's faces as an educator of young children in South Australia and England. She is an energeticgrandma who lives simply, loves riding her bicycle and has recently invested energy into re-calibrating her life purposes. She now often finds herself forming a desire and trusting the unknown before she gathers the resources or develops the knowledge to enable something to happen. This is how ‘Dancing with Ruby’  developed – through a bucketful of faith and a strong commitment to bringing the story to children.

Dancing with Ruby takes the reader on a journey of struggles, mistakes and distractions wrapped in a wonderful sense of joy and resilience as teacher Ruby decides to embark on an adventure to bring her children some happiness. The rhyming narrative and lively illustrations capture a child's sense of fun and can-do-attitude affirming the value of effort and learning through creative movement.

Jayne is sharing her recently self published Children's picture book, Dancing with Ruby with us on Tuesday, taking us on the journey of how it was created and what she learnt about life on the way.

The book is $19 and $2 from every book sold is being donated to Who Cares? We Care! This organisation raises awareness through the arts about the impacts for children who experience homelessness.

28th January 2020:

Richard VENUS: Charles Todd - "Government Electrician"

Richard describes himself as a Forensic Heritologist. He is a retired electrical engineer with an interest in South Australia’s engineering history, a former chairman of Engineering Heritage SA and has also served as vice president of the History Council of SA. He has been formally recognised for his outstanding contribution to engineering heritage in Australia.

Richard will speak about Charles Todd the electrical engineer, often referred to as the “Government Electrician”.

In the mid-19th century, an electrician was not someone who installed power points but someone who had achieved world eminence in applied electrical science. Todd was such a man and he was elected as a Member of the Society of Telegraph Engineers as acknowledgment of his status.

Although Charles Todd is usually associated with the Overland Telegraph Line, he was a pioneering electrical engineer who took every opportunity to promote the use of electricity - often with equipment he built himself, and he was an enthusiastic advocate for electric lighting in Adelaide’s streets and public buildings. Electric lighting was installed in Parliament House in 1891 under his supervision – 2 years before he was able to install it in his own Post Office.

He played a key role in formulating national technical standards for the supply and distribution of electricity, standards which are still in force today.


26th November 2019:


Mr Andrew was born and lives in South Australia. He has had a lifelong association with the irrigation industry, particularly irrigated horticulture and viticulture. From 1975 until 1983 he was a member of the South Australian Advisory Board of Agriculture and was it’s Chair from 1980 to 1983. He was an Australian Nuffield Scholar to the UK in 1975 and had Local Government experience as a Councillor in the Waikerie District Council for 9 years. 

Elected to the House of Representatives for the South Australian seat of Wakefield  in 1983, he served as a Member of the Federal Parliament until 2004. He was appointed Government Whip in 1987. In 1988 he was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives and he retained that position until he retired from Parliament in 2004. 

Since retiring from Parliament, Mr Andrew has completed Arbitration and Mediation qualifications and has Chaired a Review of the SA Barley marketing legislation. From 2005 to 2010 he was Chairman of the Crawford Fund in Australia. A charitable organisation which provides agricultural research and training to farmers in developing countries. A former Commissioner of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, he is also a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. He was a member of the National Capital Authority from 2004 to 2008. 

In late 2011, he was asked to Chair a working party to mediate divisions that had emerged between grower groups in the Citrus industry in South Australia. This resulted in the amalgamation of State organisations and a new relationship with the Federal body; Citrus Australia. While residing in Adelaide, he continues to be involved as a Citrus grower with a property at Waikerie in the Riverland. 
The electorate of Wakefield stretched from Mannum to the Flinders Ranges and included most of the river towns and irrigation areas in this State. Mr Andrew was invited to Chair the Murray Darling Basin Authority in 2014. He continued in this role until his term ended in 2019. He is enthusiastic about the water reforms that the Basin Plan is actioning and believes their implementation will enhance Australia’s international reputation. 

Neil Andrew is married with 3 adult children and 6 teenage grandchildren. In January 2008, he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia. 

22nd October 2019:

Craig FELIX; Metropolitan Fire Service: Home Fire and Safety Presentation

Felix will talk on a number of topics including smoke alarms, home fire escape plans, electrical issues, cooking fires and safe chemical storage as well as a number of other issues related to safety in the home.

 Craig is an operational firefighter with over 15 years of experience and is currently based at MFS Headquarters in Adelaide.

24th September 2019:


Born in Glasgow, Scotland, John Murray, APM, BA, LLB, MBA, GCLP emigrated to with his family to Adelaide in the 1950s.  After three years at the Nailsworth Boys Technical School he was deemed unsuitable - too dangerous in fact - to take on any trade.  So, he joined the SA Police as a 16 year old cadet.  He served with great affection in general duties, criminal investigation, prosecution and trainer before taking on commissioned rank.  He resigned as Assistant Commissioner in 1997 to accept an Associate Professor position in Charles Sturt University, NSW.  Then in 2000 he was invited back into policing to take the position of Deputy Commissioner of the Australia Federal Police where he served for four years as the Chief Police Officer for the ACT.

Since 2004, John, a qualified barrister and solicitor, is a consultant and educator in justice related matters.  He has spoken here twice before and today his topic is – Policing Too Important to Ignore

27th August 2019:

Annie HALL

 Annie’s father returned from the Second World War in 1943 and Annie was born 2 years later. She grew up on a dairy farm, and after leaving high school began 4 years of nursing training at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane followed by midwifery at King George Hospital.

Annie then joined the army and after 2 years at Ingleburn Army Camp, was posted to Vietnam for 1 year in 1969.

Registered nurses entered as Lieutenants and she was then promoted to Captain in Vietnam. She was one of twelve nurses working in a purpose-built air-conditioned hospital with helipad, triage and 2 operating theatres.  All staff were on 24h duty.

There was no ICU training before she left Australia – she learnt during her 12 month stay in Vietnam.

On her return to Australia, Annie spent 6 months in Melbourne, 6 months in Brisbane and was then discharged.

Returning to Sydney, she commenced Renal, Coronary Care and Intensive Care at Sydney Hospital then worked at St Vincent’s Private Hospital with Victor Chang followed by 4 years at the Hospice during the AIDS epidemic.

With her late husband she retired to Semaphore in 2000.

23rd July 2019:

Ron KANDELAARS - Freelance Journalist

Since the late 1970s, Ron Kandelaars has worked in a variety of media roles including running a media training consultancy for the past 30 years. Ron is a freelance journalist who regularly travels Australia in search of longer magazine-style stories for Channel Seven News. In addition, Ron has contributed regular weekly Off the Beaten Track stories for ABC Radio Adelaide 891’s Drivetime program.

From 1999 to 2011, Ron produced and presented on Channel Nine’s popular and multi-award-winning travel program Postcards. Over 13 years, he wrote and presented more than 2,000 stories for the program which ultimately won three South Australian Tourism Awards, two national Tourism Awards and entered the South Australian Tourism Hall of Fame. Ron was also a contributor to Postcards Australia which was shown nationally on the WIN TV Network, and internationally on the Discovery Channel.

In 2011, Ron was awarded South Australian of the Year (Tourism) in the Advantage SA South Australian of the Year Awards; and Outstanding Contribution by an Individual in the South Australian Tourism Awards. In the late eighties and early nineties, Ron was ABC TV’s South Australian political correspondent; and he also worked as a chief of staff and news producer. In addition, Ron has worked as a senior reporter with several commercial television newsrooms; and as a public relations consultant for a variety of corporate and government clients on state-based and national issues.

The objective of Ron’s media training course is not only to train participants in getting their message across but also to increase their understanding of how the media works, and how it can be influenced. Over the past three decades, Ron has trained hundreds of clients who are now regularly interviewed across all forms of media. Ron also conducts presentation training courses for a host of clients. These hands-on workshops teach clients effective ways to pitch their presentations to the needs of their audiences, as well as techniques which help them inform and inspire.

For further information:


25th June 2019:

Val OLDFIELD OAM - “No Beating About the Bush”

 Val grew up in Semaphore before starting  a new life as a young bride in the outback.Mungeranie Station is a remote cattle property on the Birdsville Track,  200kms North of Maree in South Australia.

In her book “No Beating About the Bush,” she shares her many stories  both funny and serious as a tribute to outback women.

The book is dedicated to her late daughter  Suzie and was  first published in 2013.

Since then Val has had a very varied career, establishing a number of successful companies in a number of industries and attributes her success to the steely determination she developed whilst living on the track.

In 2016, Val became a member of the Order of Australia for service to the community.


Val continues to lead an active life  with yoga, race meetings, and her work with the “Suzie Oldfield Memorial Children’s Fund” keeping her  “on the go.”


28th May 2019:

Legal Services Commission 

An officer from the South Australian Legal Services Commission will talk to us about various aspects of the law.

 Topics covered will include Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advanced Care Directives, Making a Will, Duties of an Executor, Probate etc.

 There will be the opportunity for questions during and after the talk.


23rd April 2019:

Owen Crees- Angel Flight Pilot

Angel Flight is a charity which coordinates non-emergency flights to assist country people to access specialist medical treatment that would otherwise be unavailable to them because of vast distance and high travel costs.

Angel Flight does not receive any government funding and donations are used to cover costs including fuel for volunteers.

The group has made more than 20000 flights Australia-wide and Owen is one of about 40 pilots in SA who volunteer their time, skill and aircraft. He has clocked up a record number of more than 220 flights in SA for Angel Flight, mostly within the last 10 years. His wife Suzette, also volunteers for Angel Flight as an “Earth Angel” driving patients and their families from the airport to the hospital.

Owen is a frequent speaker at Probus, Lions and Rotary Clubs and we are pleased that he can join us on 23rd April to tell us more about his experiences with Angel Flight.


26th March 2019:

Ricko Entertainment  

Take a walk down memory lane with music from the Good Old Days! All the fabulous songs of yesterday; Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, and all your favourite artists jam packed into one Fantastic Show.

26th February 2019:

Michael SARUNIC - "Foot Mobilisation Therapist"

Michael began his working life in a trade as a moulder and core maker, while also studying 

mechanical engineering. Michael found he was missing the element of human contact, so even though he loved seeing how things worked he decided to leave the foundry he was working at to become a carer with Barkuma, working in the disability sector.

Michael loved his time there, but felt he had more to offer, so he decided to study to better support the people he was working with. His wife Veronica came upon podiatry and said ‘hey Michael this sounds just like you’. With podiatry Michael was able to combine the two things he loved – helping people and mechanics – namely the mechanics of the feet.

In 2013 Michael became interested in Foot Mobilisation Therapy as it ‘just made sense’ – looking at the feet through an engineer’s eyes….and what a marvel of engineering they are! Foot mobilisation therapy opened up solutions for many common foot conditions that he didn’t have the answers for previously.

When Michael isn’t working he enjoys working under the bonnet of his latest restoration, a 1971 ZD Fairlane 351 V8. With a love of muscle cars and anything fast, Michael also loves windsurfing, bike riding, bushwalking, and is a real movie buff as well. Family time with his lovely wife Veronica and three awesome teens is something Michael values highly.

Michael will be accompanied by a colleague, Tito Pignetti, a Senior Practitioner and Remedial Therapist.

22nd January 2019:

Bob MAGOR - Bush Poet

Bob grew up with a love of Banjo Paterson thanks to his dad who recited Banjo’s poems to him as a small boy. He left school at 15 to go shearing and raise lambs on the family’s dairy farm and then bought and set up a dairy farm, spending the next 20 years milking cows andbreeding sheep.

Writing verse between milking cows, he eventually leased his farm to pursue his dream of becoming a bush poet.

Bob is an inaugural member of the Australian Bush Poets Assoc. and has  received many awards for his work. He has also published  a number of books and is in demand for festivals and corporate work.

He is an entertaining and humorous speaker and we are honoured that Bob has agreed to speak at our meeting on the 22nd January

Bob's website (you can buy his books here)

Tuesday 27th November 2018:

Bill THOMAS: TV Cameraman

In 1967, Bill established his family film production company “William Thomas Productions” which involved promoting tourism, producing television commercials and films for South Australia’s manufacturing industry as well as doing contract work in the field of television news and current affairs for ADS7, ABS2, NWS9, SAS10 and SBS.

He’s covered politics for television news and worked with well-known political journalists, Mike Smithson, Laurie Oakes, and the late Peter Harvey and Allan Reid to name just a few. Bill covered the whole of the Don Dunstan decade, the Whitlam, the Hawke and Keating years and beyond for television news and documentaries.

He’s also met and worked with a number of entertainers: Elton john, Liberace, Glen Campbell, Sting, Vera Lynn, John Travolta, John Mills, Bill Cosby, Warren Mitchell, Kurt Russell and most of Australia’s well known entertainers as well as Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh.

He’ worked with a number of international television networks: BBC, Fuji Television, NZBC, ABC and European Networks.

Bill has travelled the world extensively producing mainly tourist documentaries for the Nine Television Network.

He had the good fortune to meet Bill Hanna. Hanna, with his business partner Joseph Barbera, formed “Hanna Barbera Productions”  and created the animated cartoon series “The Flintstones.” Hanna influenced Bill to try his hand at animation,

it worked, and as a result Bill produced a number of animated television commercials and cartoons for newspaper and magazine publications.

Bill is also a media coach and has been called upon  to give medial training to Premiers, politicians and business leaders including the CEO and Chairman of General Motors Holden.

At the moment Bill, through his company “William Thomas Productions,” is producing and sponsoring a series of tourist films promoting South Australia’s food, wine, and manufacturing industries.

Bill is often called upon as a guest speaker for various organizations where he enjoys sharing his many experiences.

Tuesday 23rd October 2018:

Doug OAKLEY:  Radio Host and Celebrant


   Doug is well known as a radio announcer with Life FM and in his role

   as a commentator of SANFL matches.

   He has worked in radio for more than 30 years and is an interesting

   and entertaining speaker.


Tuesday  25th September 2018:

Bruce MUNDAY - Storyteller and Environmentalist

Bruce Munday arrived in Australia just downstream from the place Thomas Austin had introduced wild rabbits to the colonies 80 or so years earlier. During 40+ years of farming in the Adelaide Hills, he and his wife Kristin have seen plenty of rabbits. Bruce has had a long history in Landcare, often in leadership roles, and a strong conviction that community action is the first line of environmental defence. With a PhD in physics and 20 years as communications consultant in agriculture and natural resource management, he has a keen understanding of the nexus between scientific research, government policy and community action. Telling Australia’s rabbit saga proved irresistible, particularly capturing recollections of old-timers who were so much a part of the tale.

This presentation will take us from the fateful introduction of wild rabbits in 1859, through the unease that perhaps there might be a few too many, to the desperate but in-vain attempts to control the plague. Everything was tried: shooting, trapping, poisoning and warren destruction were highly successful, killing millions of rabbits. But the rabbit was far more successful, breeding at an unstoppable rate. Finally scientific research delivered the ‘silver bullet’ – a communicable disease.

Rabbits had a profound impact, not only on agriculture and the environment but also on rural communities. And it could all happen again. Lessons have been learned about feral pests, but alas too slowly, and errors of the past are still repeated today.

Bruce will have copies of his book available for sale ($39.95) which he will be happy to sign.

The book was shortlisted for the 2017 Nib Literary Award and was awarded the Keain Medal for the SA Historical Book of the Year in the same year.

Tuesday 28th August 2018:

GJ (Jim) SANDFORD -  South Australian Country Fire Service Volunteer  Tea Tree Gully Brigade

Jim joined the South Australian Country Fire Service as a volunteer in 1967.

He has held various operational and administrative positions at the Tea Tree Gully Brigade and was inaugural Group Officer of the Para Group and is currently a fire fighter with the Brigade.

He has been involved in many major bush fire incidents, such as Ash Wednesday 1 and 2, Kangaroo Island fires, Wangary, Black Saturday in Victoria, Sampson Flat and Pinery fires in recent times.

With his local Tea Tree Gully Brigade, he trains weekly and regularly attends motor vehicle accidents, structure fires  and bush fires.

Jim is also involved at State level with  State Incident Management Teams

During his time as a CFS volunteer, Jim worked for TransAdelaide as an Executive Manager, varyingly  responsible for day to day operations and the infrastructure of the bus train and tram system

Tuesday 24th July 2018

Peter Christopher - The City of Adelaide; Clipper Ship


Peter Christopher is a Director of the volunteer, not for profit, Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Ltd, the organisation set up to save the historic ship.

Peter convened the first meeting aimed at saving the ship in July 2000, and is still actively involved. In fact Peter retired from his full time job last year to devote even more time to the ship project.

Peter has a broad maritime interest, and has dived on and researched shipwrecks & paddle steamers throughout Australia. He is the author of eight published books on shipwrecks and riverboats. 

As a Director of the ship project Peter has played a key role in saving the ship, and getting it to Adelaide. His next objective is the creation of a seaport village in Port Adelaide.

The City of Adelaide was built in 1864 and is the world’s oldest surviving composite clipper ship (wooden hull on iron frames). The only other is the Cutty Sark.

 The massive vessel was purpose built to carry passengers and cargo to and from the city of Adelaide, South Australia.

 She sailed 23 return voyages between the UK and Adelaide from 1864 to 1887, then went into the North American timber trade, was an isolation hospital for infectious disease from 1893 at Southampton until in 1923, she was bought by the Royal Navy, and renamed HMS Carrick. From 1948 she became clubrooms for the Naval Reserves. The City of Adelaide worked her whole life and that is why she is still with us today!

The recovery from Scotland was at the end of a 14 year campaign to save the derelict vessel- the City of Adelaide arrived in Adelaide in 2014. It is now undergoing restoration by a dedicated team of volunteers, and is open for tours every day.

Tuesday 26th June 2018

Graeme Tonkin- The Intriguing Life of Malleefowl


 Malleefowl is an intriguing bird and differs from other birds in its nesting methods where it buries its eggs in the ground and uses composting leaf material as its primary source of incubation heat.

Malleefowl are unique to Australia and occur across four states. It is a threatened species and every effort is being made to conserve its remaining habitats and give it the best chance of long term survival.

I was born and raised in Cowell on Eyre Peninsula where my family ran a garage and farm machinery dealership. My first contact with Malleefowl was as a young child in the Mallee bush around Cowell.

In the late 1980’s a student from Monash University commenced his PHD on the ‘Conservation Ecology of Malleefowl’, and asked for people to assist in searching an area of Mallee scrub near Cowell for signs of Malleefowl and I was able to help out. The area searched became monitoring site #1 in SA, of which there are now more than 75. This was the catalyst for a lifelong passion in Malleefowl conservation.

 I am a member of the National Malleefowl Recovery Team and the National Training & Database Manager.

Tuesday 22nd May 2018:
David Knight-Satellite Software Engineer

David is an electrical engineer who went “soft”, moving from hardware into software whilst retaining an interest in both sides of the hardware/software “join”.

Prior to retirement he taught at the University of Adelaide.

Following retirement he became involved in a then 3 year old satellite project, writing the bulk of the software that went into the craft. Through this experience, David learned of the rigours of space, and the testing that is required to give the best chance of a successful outcome of a satellite project.

David will take us on a journey which begins with the history of small satellites, and the SuSat project, and will continue with design and testing issues, final assembly, the launch, the aftermath and the future.

24th April 2018:
  Beth Walton - President, Australian Meteorological Association

 South Australia was settled as a British colony at a very exciting time; development of the  'portable' steam engine, electricity and the telegraph were creating amazing opportunities and changing peoples’ outlooks.  And all these inventions had a part to play in making South Australia a leader in providing meteorological services to the community in the late 1800's. 

Tony Rogers and Judy Ferrante have just written a book entitled 'The Weatherman from Greenwich' which brings these things together and also gives a rare insight into Adelaide - the young bustling community  of the mid 1800's.  It was a place which attracted its fair share of  entrepreneurs and other characters! 

 The book has enticed Beth to investigate further - the beginnings  of meteorological services in Britain and Australia - especially South Australia.  What made it possible and why was South Australia a leader?  This is what she will talk about today.  

Beth will bring copies of "The Weatherman from Greenwich" which can be purchased by members for $30.


27th March 2018:
 Graham Rees - "The Kangaroo Island That Very Few People Know"

Graham will talk about the island’s fascinating history and unique wildlife, it’s special place in the world and what it has to offer visitors –


K.I’s. sea lion colony is one of two in the world which can safely be approached by humans, it is an International Bee Sanctuary – it has the only pure strain of honey bees left in the world and has the most potent eucalyptus oil available.

KI. Has a well deserved reputation for gourmet food and small wineries.

There is no known record of pre-European human habitation which may account for the islands unusual fauna and flora.

The island was explored by the English and the French but due to the density of the mallee scrub much of the island has never be set upon by humans – even indigenous.

Members will have the opportunity to buy from a range of products produced on Kangaroo Island.



27th February 2018: Peter Day - Scientist and Underwater Photographer

Peter is a semi-retired environmental scientist.

He has an extensive background in the provision of services to environmental resource bodies and research institutions especially those associated with rural industry and landscapes. He has worked across Australia in soil management, water resources, conservation, ecology and wastewater management.

He is also a keen science writer with an interest in scuba diving and dives with a group of buddies with a strong interest in underwater photography.

The result is the publication of a book describing the beautiful array of creatures off Australia shores.

His presentation will cover the ecology of marine environments and the creatures within, including photographs and video.

It’s a virtual journey of “what lies beneath the waves” – an appreciation of the beautiful world so close but so rarely seen.

Copies of his book will be available for a special Probus price of $20

23rd January 2018: Cynthia Wynne: The Barwell Boys

The Barwell Boys were British lads who came to South Australia in the 1920s to be apprenticed on farms throughout the state.

More than 1440 boys migrated to SA under a scheme set up by the then Premier Sir Henry Barwell.

The aim of the scheme was to address the loss of 6000 South Australian men who had been killed in WW1.

The Barwell Boys assisted farmers and soldier settlers to develop their holdings with each boy signing an Apprenticeship Agreement assigning him to a farmer for 3 years with the scheme being supervised by the Australian Department  of Immigration.

The harsh environment in rural Australia was a culture shock for many of these boys and the promises of the scheme were not realized on a personal or work level.

However many did complete their apprenticeships and remained in the state. The scheme ended in 1924.

28th November 2017: Judi Wakeling


Foodbank is the largest hunger relief organisation in South Australia – in the last year it provided food for more than 3,400,000 meals.  

Foodbank SA is a non-denominational organisation distributing in many cases, surplus food provided by growers, manufacturers and processors –food which cannot be sold because of incorrect labelling, faulty packaging, part of a trial run or not to exact specifications.

As much as 30% of all food may be unsaleable and Foodbank acts as a link between food companies disposing of unsaleable stock and welfare agencies providing food relief to thousands of people struggling to make ends meet.

Foodbank also has a range of programs such as Everyday Hampers, Christmas Hampers and School Breakfast programs to name a few, always with the outcome of helping those in need in our society.



24th October 2017: Rebecca Morse

Rebecca Morse is an Australian journalist and news presenter.

Rebecca is currently presenter of Adelaide's Ten Eyewitness News.

Prior to joining Ten she worked for the ABC in Adelaide as a reporter and presenter.

She was a finalist in the Walkley Awards in 2004 in the category of Television News Reporting and in 2005 won the gold award for Journalist of the Year at the South Australian Media Awards.



26th September 2017:   Margy Maas – Fauna Rescue of South Australia

Fauna Rescue of South Australia is a voluntary organisation which is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in our State. It provides for the rescue, care and rehabilitation of awide variety of Australian native animals: koalas, kangaroos, possums, birds, reptiles, bats – the list is extensive.

Within the organisation there are groups which specialise in individual species and Margy coordinates Koala Rescue with carers receiving up to 20 calls each day for koalas in need of assistance.

Members care for wildlife in their own homes and at their own expense. Margy’s home is a wonderful menagerie of Australian wildlife in various stages of recuperation. Some require around the clock feeding. The ultimate objective of Fauna Rescue is to always release rescued wildlife bac

k into the habitat in which it was found where this is practicable and the animal is not considered to be under further threat, once sufficiently recuperated.

There’s a lot to know when it comes to rescuing and caring for our native wildlife. Each species has specific requirements in terms of handling and caring and Margy will touch on these in her talk. She will also give tips on what to do upon discovering a wild animal that appears to be in distress.

Fauna Rescue runs orientation workshops for new members and species workshops for members wanting to care for particular species. Non-members are also welcome at these meetings.

Fauna Rescue has an extensive website with a wealth of helpful information about caring for our wildlife, including advice for those who discover an animal in need of assistance, and who to contact for further help.




 22nd August 2017:   Max Anderson - 

 Journalist and Prospector


MAX ANDERSON has been a full-time writer since 1992. He has worked in London, Sydney and Adelaide. Before moving to South Australia in 2002, he was the Deputy Travel Editor of London’s Sunday Times.

His work has appeared in some of the world’s most highly-regarded newspapers and magazines including The Sunday Times, The Times, The Financial Times,

 The Independent, The TelegraphThe GuardianSouth China Morning Post, The Australian, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

 In 2002 Max spent six months learning to be a prospector in a West Australian town of 13. The upshot of this time was the publication of a book called Digger, (Picad

or UK, 2005) which was also picked up by Reader's Digest and reprinted in five languages. His talk will cover his experiences living in such a small and remote town -- and also the moral implication of writing a book about peoples' lives without their knowing about it at the time.

These days he writes from his home in the Adelaide Hills, mostly about travel for Fairfax newspapers and National Geographic Traveller in the UK. He has received a number of awards including British Travel Journalist of the Year.

Outside of having twin boys with his wife Lainie, he still regards his most exciting adventure as the time he gave up his job to be a gold prospector in a remote outback town in Western Australia.


25th July 2017:      David Williams - Sensei 

David Williams is a Sensei. The term is applied as a mark of respect to those who have achieved a high level of skill in an endeavour – in David’s case in the martial arts. In current usage it also means “teacher”.

In his teens in the UK, David studied Aikido, a form of Japanese martial arts – translated loosely it means “Way of Unifying Spirit” or

"Way of Spiritual Harmony”.  His training took place under one of the great masters of the art, Kenshiro Abbe, himself a student of the creator of Aikido, Morihei Ueshida. David became one of the first black belts in the UK and was instrumental in promoting the discipline in that country, becoming an Assistant National Coach in Aikido.

Upon immigrating to Australia around 14 years ago, David continued his interest in the sport and set up his own dojo (place of training) for Aikido which is now operated by some of his former students.

David has long held an interest in Japanese culture, especially the development of weaponry in earlier times and the development and use of  the sword. He will detail the place of the Samurai in Japanese traditional life, demonstrate the use of the sword and tell us how swords are constructed, the significance of the different parts and etiquette when handling these historic weapons. The audience will also be able to handle examples of Japanese swords (rendered safe for handling :>) and view photographs which will illustrate aspects of David’s life as a student and teacher of Aikido.

A range of swords will be on display including some which are more than 100 years old, many bearing inscriptions of historical significance.


27th June 2017:   Jim Everett:       Charles Campbell's Backyard - Then and Now

Jim has lived in Campbelltown for more than 40 years and was the foundation President of the Campbelltown Historical Society and is the author of four published histories.

Jim's presentation is based on his keynote address at the Eastern Region Societies Seminar in 2012, and traces changes in the region from a pastoral holding, market gardens and then to a modern suburb.

Charles Campbell settled on Sections 309 and 310 alongside the Torrens in 1842 and in 1868 the area was proclaimed as the District Council of Campbelltown.

What would Campbell think of his back yard today?


23rd May 2017:   Ian Henschke

Ian is working to raise the profile of older people and to strengthen the collective voice of National Seniors members. A teacher before 

choosing a career in the media in 1980, Ian has worked in film, television, radio and print for 37 years.

He has served on the board of the ABC, presented regular radio programs and won prestigious media awards, including UN Media Peace Prizes in 2007 and 2009. Ian was named Telstra Rural Journalist of the Year in 1998 and was a finalist in the prestigious Walkley Awards twice.

He was recognised for his service to Australian society through broadcasting’ with the Centenary of Federation Medal in 2003.

He continues to write a column for the The Advertiser’s SA Weekend magazine since it was launched in 2009.

Ian Henschke was the inaugural ABC Reuters Foundation/Chevening Fellow to Oxford in 1999 where he negotiated a co-production between 4 Corners and BBC World. He graduated from Adelaide University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and Diploma of Education in 1977


 18th April 2017: John Murray APM, BA, LLB, MBA, GCLP

                                                   Reflections on Policing - What Have We Learned?

John migrated from Scotland with his family in the 1950s and attended Nailsworth Boys Technical School where, after 3 years, he was declared the least suitable apprentice for any trade. 

So, at 16 years of age he joined the SA Police as a junior constable and served as a uniformed officer, prosecutor, detective and trainer before taking a commission, managing several commands. In 1997 he resigned as Assistant Commissioner to take up an Associate Professor position with Charles Sturt University. Much of his work was with the Hong Kong Police as an advisor and consultant.

He re-joined policing as Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police in 2000 and was the Chief Police Officer of the ACT. In 2003 he was the Territory Controller for the Canberra bushfires when 4 died and 400 homes were lost.

For the last 10 years John has been a consultant in justice related issues, and he believes he has now retired and now spends most of his time writing. 

He has written two novels; "Taking the Low Road", now published, with another, "Arresting the Demons", just completed.

John looks back on his career to present - "Reflections on Policing  What Have We Learned?"



8th March 2017: Margaret Clogg



28th February 2017: Ken Vear

The website for the SA Woodcarving Academy is phone (08) 8363 2288


24th January 2017: Chris Flavell-

Useful links:

22nd November 2016: Libby Kosmala-

25th October 2016: George Bredon: Colonial Reflections of a Well-Spent Youth



27th September 2016: Val Potter, the Award Winning Bear Artist


23rd August 2016 - Andrea Ogier




26th July 2016: Kate Clements - 

Kathy Wright, who, in 1968 was 24, kept a frank and meticulous diary. It is an absorbing, amusing and exciting story of the epic journey across the world of two young and very naive people. Kate is a fit and healthy, seventy-year-old retiree, living in Adelaide, South Australia, very much enjoying the free  time for travelling, reading, walking, and swimming. Until recently, she was an active member of the International Lion's Club, giving something back to the community.

It's not everyones idea of a honeymoon - a 12000 mile flight from Scotland to Australia in a single-engined, canvas-covered plane. Even less idyllic if the pilot has only 44 hours flying experience and the navigator learned her job via a do-it-yourself course. But George and Kathy Wright from Glasgow did it - eventually. 

It took four months of trepidation and resourcefulness, fear and frustration, and delight and innocent blundering through the formalities of four continents. Refuellingin mid air ... landing at secret military airfields ... trailed by police ... the plane looted ... caught up in the sensitivities of politics ... marital tensions.



28th June 2016:       Juan Gallego -

Juan Gallego is owner/operator of Juan's Paella Catering. Juan is passionate about his Spanish culture, language and food, and entertained us with his very interesting background while he prepared his paella, describing each step, answering questions from the audience and passing on a wealth of useful tips to achieve a paella which we all very much enjoyed.

Web address for Juan's Paella:


28th November 2017: Judi Wakeling,  Partnership Manager, Foodbank SA


Foodbank is the largest hunger relief organisation in South Australia – in the last year it provided food for more than 3,400,000 meals.  

Foodbank SA is a non-denominational organisation distributing in many cases, surplus food provided by growers, manufacturers and processors –food which cannot be sold because of incorrect labelling, faulty packaging, part of a trial run or not to exact specifications.

As much as 30% of all food may be unsaleable and Foodbank acts as a link between food companies disposing of unsaleable stock and welfare agencies providing food relief to thousands of people struggling to make ends meet.

Foodbank also has a range of programs such as Everyday Hampers, Christmas Hampers and School Breakfast programs to name a few, always with the outcome of helping those in need in our society.

(Our annual donation this year is going to Foodbank. Please check out the info on the Noticeboard)