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Members will need to register for the event with the Group Leader who will then send details of the meeting time, location etc. Under the COVID-19 requirements, groups must comply with regulations for numbers and social distancing, so please do not "just turn up" at any event. Always contact the Group Leader first. Contact details are in the Newsletter.

The Probus Club of Rouse Hill Inc – Compliance with NSW Health Orders at Interest Groups or Outings

As members will be aware, until 1 December 2021, under NSW Health Orders, double vaccination for Covid-19 will be required for many activities, including those run by Probus Rouse Hill. When these activities are held at a venue (e.g., The Fiddler) the operator of that venue has the right to inspect evidence of vaccination and may refuse entry without such evidence. For other activities not at such a venue, (e.g the Walking Group) until December 1, we suggest that members will have their vaccination evidence on them in case it is requested by an authorised person, such as a police officer. The rules will presumably change from 1 December and we will advise when they become clearer.

Some outings may have number limits that apply and the Interest Group Leader will advise once numbers are reached and create a waiting list.

We request that all members comply with NSW Health Orders at all times when participating in club activities.

How to Register for Interest Groups and Outings for Probus Rouse Hill?

 The Interest Group Leader / Outings Coordinator (Group Leader) will advertise dates for their activities for the following month in the Newsletter and on the Website via the Monthly Calendar. The advertising will NOT have a time or meeting location. The activity will also have an RSVP date shown.

Members must email / phone the Group Leader before the RSVP date to ensure that the number of

attendees is in compliance with Covid-19 regulations. There may be two groups for some activities if

numbers are high.

The Group Leader will then contact you by phone or email to provide details of the time, meeting place,


If you are no longer able to attend, please let the Group Leader know as there may be a wait list.

If you are unwell on the day please do not attend the activity and let the Group Leader know as soon as


A list of the Group Leaders and their contact details can be found in the Newsletter.

To view the Calendar, click on the link below


* September_2023_Calendar_of_Activities.docx


* OCTOBER_2023_Calendar_of_Activities_Revision_1.docx