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Meetings: Second Monday every month ; 9.30am -  Bomaderry Bowling Club Meroo Road            

Address:  P.O.Box 22 Nowra 2541 

Telephone:44214397 - President Gordon Elford
                   44215910 - Secretary
 Allan Sloane

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Management Committee 2019-2020

Gordon Elford - President 

Michael Miezo - Newsletter

Daryl Roth - Activities

Sigi Ferchow - Committee Member 


Jim Carroll   -  Treasurer

Ed Jolly - Senior Vice Pesident

Geoff Webb -  Past President

John Knowles - Committee Member


Allan Sloane- Secretary

Terry Wright -  Junior Vice President 

Jim Reid - Membership

Terry  Wright - Caring


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April  Carmel Krogh, Director of Shoalhaven Water, spoke about the management, treatment and distribution of water in Shoalhaven City  

May  Rick Meehan and Fred Campbell, from Shoalhaven RSL gave an informative talk about the RSL and its activities, particularly the gathering of past VC winners to Diggers Day and the black tie ball in the evening.

Club Speaker Allan Baldwin gave a very interesting summary of his life, marriage and family.  

June  Robert Dicker BSc., BE (Hons 1) told us about life as a commercial pilot with Cathay Pacific, spending 15 years based in Hong Kong and flying planes all over the globe.

Club Speaker Darryl Thompson and wife Lesley presented an enthraling audiovisual of their train trip across Australia to Perth  

July    Club Speaker Geoff Spencer, a member for 18 years, was Senior Field Manager with National Parks and Wildlife and gave a very interesting talk on migrating shorebirds and waders that come here from the arctic circle. 
August  Our guest speaker was Gary Yianakis, a publisher and creator of technical Magazines. He described the concept and manufacture of new titles, manufacturing costs and all the things necessary for a classy publication .

Club Speaker Gordon Elford was our Club speaker and spoke about his varied career which ended up with 30 years in the ambulance Service. What a story!  

September  Breeze Zammit, a member of the Digital Health Team of COORDINARE, spoke about the security, content and access to a person`s My Health Record.

Our main speaker was Lloyd Pitcher, who gave us a very interesting talk about the early days of whaling in Jervis Bay  

October    The guest speaker was Michael Brodnik, the regional manager for fresh hope care and manager of Clelland Lodge at North Nowra. Fresh hope care has an emphasis on human flourishing with a concern for the spiritual, moral and economic aspects of life.  

November   Dr. Pia Winberg, the founder, director and chief scientist of Venus Shell Systems, spoke eloquently about a range of seaweed products for food, digestive and skin health applications. Pia identified the deficient nature of magnesium, iron and iodine in nearly all foods consumed in nearly all countries of the world and expressed her desire to provide these elements from ocean products that can be used as food supplements.  

December Peter Bindon, our guest speaker, gave an extraordinary account of the famous cave art in Southern France, namely Niaux, Chauvet and Lascaux caves.  

January    Tammy Makin, the area manager for Hammond Care, gave an informative talk on a wide range of dementia topics. She indicated that diabetes increases the risk of Alzheimer`s together with other causes such as uncontrolled cholesterol build up. These cases can be controlled if early diagnosis by a medico is obtained. 

Club Speaker Kevin Hardigan gave us a run down of his 49 years in the RAN and what an eventful period has our new member had all over the world. 

 February   We were delighted to have the school captains from Nowra High, together with their Deputy Headmaster, visit with us.  Oscar Mosey and Leigh Hutcheson gave addresses that came with distinction and hidden with accomplishments that have made Nowra High one of the best High Schools in NSW.  

Neville Stephenson 


When I became Membership officer in 2012-2013, we had a total of 73 active members, but over the 7 years have seen a steady decline in numbers. Sadly, this year we lost Bob Waller on the 10th May and our life and foundation member Bernie Johnson on the 25th December, both of these gentlemen will be sorely missed and condolences were extended to their extended families. We were only able to welcome one new member, in Kevin Hartigan on the 8th of October, so to Kevin and Kathryn hope you will enjoy our company as we are enjoying yours. With Alan Soden moving to non-active, our total financial membership stands at 56. Attendance at our meetings averaged 41 with apologies averaging 10 per meeting. Ladies attending averaged 19, our highest month was 43 in December and July saw only 29 attending. My thanks go to Gordon Greensmith in assisting at the table during the year. Gordon is not standing for office this year, so I will be looking for another helper at the table. Jim Reid

Jim Reid Membership Officer


This has been a very good year with six coffee mornings, five visits to the players theatre. 

April 23rd Sports day at Callala with Nowra Probus April 3rd A most enjoyable trip to Jindabyne for five days April 20th B.B.Q at the Shoalhaven Heads Arboretum

May 25th Lunch at the Destiny restaurant

June 22nd Lunch at Doyles in Sydney

July 20th Lunch at the Husky bakery

August 17th Lunch at Gerroa fisherman club September 21st B.B.Q at Currarong

September24th Croquet with Nowra Probus September 28th Lunch at the Destiny restaurant

October 22nd John Hodgensons bowls at Worrigee October19th Progressive dinner at the Webbs, Elfords and Parrotts October 24th started playing 500 cards at golf club. Fortnightly since. A great success

December 10th Xmas lunch at greyhound track. Chicken & Champers January 21st Picnic with Jervis Bay Probus February 15th Combined BBQ at Seven Mile National Park. A fine year.  Thank you to all who helped make it so successful. 

Daryl Roth Activities Organiser