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Sometimes members have some great photos that they would like to share, perhaps from a recent trip or general interest photo, but they don't fit in with the Photography Group's Theme of the Month, this is where they will be posted.



Co-vid time - May 2020.

From Rob Brewer -  you could do worse than Somers in the enforced isolation.


Activities in Covid time from Stephen and Ros Teh





Pre-covid time


A Somers resident - Malcom the Koala, photograped by Di Price


From Frank Robertson - Somers Beach


The end of summer - Vern Tansley


Pelican Point, Hastings - Di Price



Swamp Wallaby at Coolart

Clare Baldwin reminds us of the pleasures of Coolart!


Somers Combined Probus Club informal meeting on the Sunshine Coast, July 2018!

The exodus of members to warmer climates is on in ernest!  Here are Barb Shaw,  Margie Partos, Gil Schwarz and Patsy Coats whale watching and lunching at Sunshine Beach Surf Club.  Judy Lewis was part of the group too.



Home Invasion – Somers style  (Tuesday 13 March)!

 At 3.30am this morning Gerry and Judy Lewis were woken by this cheeky possum that had entered the house and was under their bed. Whilst Gerry and Judy were trying to get it to relocate to another room, and ideally outside,  it made it’s way back into the bedroom and headed for the light!  Many thanks to Judy Lewis for the fabulous photo, and Clare Baldwin for sending it.


The dolphins playing with the locals. Taken by Diane Price from her kayak.


One of our prospective members, Clare Baldwin, was out walking in Beach Hill Avenue and came across these two Tawney Frogmouths. They can be seen in the areas of Beach Hill Ave and Victoria Street.


Wouldn't we all love a home away from home like this one in France sent in by Sue and Frank.


Inspired by the August speaker the Mansie's visited this magnificent orchid display in Singapore.

Enjoying low tide on Somer's beach and Lola swimming with the dolphins, from Sue Mansie.

Some amazing holiday, sunset photos, from Glenda Culley.

From Sue Mansie.

A recent visitor, just outside Sue's drive a couple of days ago.

Himeji Castle Japan taken by Sue Mansie