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Anzac Day Sunrise from the 100 Steps Beach






Look up and see what is hiding in the trees of Somers



Somers Beach


An on-line meeting this month!

Some photos from Jean and Jeremy Grant - the theme was "Gardens" - even more important now in this Coronavirus era!



The September meeting of the photography group was held at Jean and Jeremy Grant's house. 


The Photography Group in in recess until September.


Sue and Tim Rintpoul hosted June's Meeting and the theme was Autumn.



Di and Barry Price hosted the May meeting, whose theme was "Gardens".  These photos were submitted by Steph Schwartz (top) and Glenda Culley.  The second photo shows a natural outback ‘Australian garden’ setting in Arnhem Land with thr third one showing ‘A Garden in pots’ decorating the front of a small bottle shop/restaurant in France.  The name ‘Poulbot’ translates to ‘urchin’ in English.




The theme of the March meeting, held at Jean and Jeremy Grant's home, was Hats - and such a wide variety of them!


Sandra Sheil                                                                          Jeremy Grant


                       Jan and Alan Angwin                                                 Jan Angwin's mother

                George Schwartz

February 2019

Members the Probus Photography Group met on 12 February and as usual it was most enjoyable with some super photos, enthusiastic planning for the coming year and lots of catching up over dinner. The theme was shadows and reflections.  

 Jean Grant will be taking over the Photography Group this year from Glenda Culley – thank you Jean!    Jean will be in touch with all the members in due course.

 A big thank you to all who have participated in the Photography Group over the past few years – it is so much more fun to share our interest in Photography! 


Sandra Sheil                                                       Jeremy Grant


Frank Robertson                                                   Di Price - Mudjimba at sunrise

Di Price - Hastings at Pelican Point


The focus of the group this month was to explore the many ways of creating a portrait.  Some selections are shown below, together  with a very relaxed group at the end of the session.



This months the subject of the Photography Group meeting was PEOPLE.

Many photos were very serious, but some were not. The one of Tim Rintoul has been Photo-shopped (obviously!). The one of ex-member Alan Ames didn’t need this!



Dear Photophobics,

Here is the report from Tuesday's informative, enlightening, artful meeting with some outstanding photos of our beautiful clouds.

Those of us who were lucky enough to be in attendance saw some rich monochromatic and colourful versions of the map of Australia in the sky by Patsie Coates, Frank Robertson's various unusual formations, and Clare Baldwin's artistic, contrasting creations.

Thank you all for your contributions, and of course to the wonderful dinner and wines which made the evening most enjoyable in Barry and Di Price's beautiful home.

Please be aware we are in recess for July and August, and our next meeting with the subject "PEOPLE" is in  Jeremy and Jean Grant's home on Tuesday 11th September 2018.

Happy flashing!

Steph and Glenda    


  Three photos were chosen to go in the newsletter but everyone who attended was able to choose 2 photos, so here they are!

Clare Baldwin

Diane Price. Looking from Coolart towards Somers beach. Photo 2, From the grounds of Coolart Homestead.


Frank Robertson. Photo1 taken on Somers beach, photo 2 Greece.


Jan Angwin. Countryside Australia. Tillas Mountain, Greece.


Jean and Jeremy Grant.


Patsie Coats. Photo 1 The Little Frankston Golf Club - First Fairway and Photo 2 Spectacular clouds.


Sandra Shiel. Photo 1 taken from Lord Somers Rd looking across Coolart and photo2 taken at Power Centre, Frankston.


Steph Schwarz


Vern Tansley. Mytleford and Somers, looking west.



The theme for May was ‘doors, windows & gates’. The meeting was held at Patsie Coates’ on Tuesday 15th May at 6pm.  We enjoyed looking at all the photos and picking out some special ones, then we sat down to a lovely casserole dinner and enjoyed a glass of wine and good company. Thanks for hosting Patsie.


Jean Grant's photo of the door into the amber room in Catherine Palace, Pushkin, outside of St Petersburg.

Old store with interesting window in Japan from Glenda Culley.  Glenda's photo of a gate at The Todai-Ji Temple in Kyoto.
 Diane Price, Italy.  Diane Price, France.  Diane, The Melbourne Garden Show.
 John Copeland, Outback Hotel.  John, window in Outback Hotel.  John Copeland, France
 Gill Schwarz. Castle in Ireland Vern Tansley. Ireland, Cliffs of Moyle. Tourist Information and shops.  Vern.Sweet Shop. Oldest Tudor House in Memours France.

Patsie, our hostess provided this lovely Collage.

And to finish off Photos, fun and food!



The theme of the April meeting was "Funny Photos".  Here are three of the contributions sent by Jeremy Grant.






The March meeting theme was "Spring" with a wonderful meeting at the Reeves' beautiful home overlooking the water.  The photos of "Spring" were astounding - it is quite surprising what artistic talent we have amongst us!  Members selected a few we thought the membership would like - here are a couple to start with, more to follow.....

This photo is by Steph Schwarz, with the prettiest flower in the middle!


The photo below was selected by Jeremy Grant.


Glenda Culley sent in this image  from her recent trip to the Antarctica where she stopped at the Falkland Islands. 

King Penguin with egg.  

1,500 adult king penguins with 600-700 chicks are raised each year at this colony on the Falklands Islands –an extraordinary site.

The egg is incubated on the feet.  This is a critical stage, as disturbance to the adults can lead to the egg being lost from the egg rolling off the penguin’s feet.  The parents take alternate shifts for 34 days during the brood period.  Shifts last 4-9 days, with one parent caring for the egg and then the chick when hatched, while the other feeds at sea.

Marcia Reeves sent in this photo for the photography group's spring theme.



The leaders of the group and the photography club at work.





Jeremy Grant has sent in these lovely photos to lighten the heart!




This month, September, the photo theme is “Drone Images” - aerial photography with discussion on technique, light and variety in images. Family history and historical photos and the compilation of Photo Books was also discussed. 

The following photos were sent in by Jeremy Grant.






Photography Tuesday, 14th February

The topic was illusions, this is what Frank presented !!!




The photography group is in recess until October while many of our members are off travelling. October's  the theme will be " Holiday photos" so we will be able to catch up on the many interesting places our members have visited either home or abroad.

The theme for July is Water.

 Glenda Culley has sent in a  photo taken at the Arafura Swamp in Arnhem Land.  The variety of plants growing in the area of the swamp have provided food and medicine for the local community for many generations.




Jeremy and Jean Grant have sent in these photos, the first is of the beautiful blue Danube, the next is Plitvice Lakes, Croatia and finally a rainbow over Somers. 


Diane Price has some from Bloomsbury, near Airlie Beach Queensland, White Haven Beach in the Whitsundays and then some from further afield, Corfu, France, a sunrise heading to Venice and finally Venice.



This was a photography challenge using the water theme – to take a photo using water to alter or enhance the image.This one is from Glenda.


The theme for March/April is Autumn.

Glenda Culley provided these lovely photos.


Jean Grant provided the photography group meeting at Coolart for autumn colours – taken by the Ranger.


Autumn photos from Diane Price, trees on the Merricks Trail and mushrooms in Lord Somers Road.


The theme for January/February was Somers Summer Food.

Our first photo is from Patsie Coates and it is the dessert we enjoyed at our first photography meeting for the month.


Diane Price. Summer crop and product.