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The Club operates as an autonomous entity under the Probus Constitution and closely follows the recommended guidelines of Probus South Pacific Limited. The Club’s membership limit is capped at 150, and endeavours to maintain a gender ratio to a maximum of 60% of any one gender. Due to the subsidies received from the City of Monash, the Club restricts any new members to those residing within the City of Monash.

The Rotary Club of Glen Waverley within District 9810, advertised for those interested in participating in a
Probus Club. The interest was so great they decided to form two separate combined Probus Clubs with an
interest meeting for one of the clubs being held in the Mount Waverley Youth Centre, Miller Crescent,
Mount Waverley, on 27 March 2002. At the meeting it was agreed that a Probus Club would be formed. Of
those in attendance, a total of 71 registered to become foundation members of the new club. The Rotary
members organising the meeting were Rob McPherson and Noel Taylor. (The second club formed that
same month was the Combined Probus Club of Wheelers Hill.)

The first Committee formed were -
President:                   Robert Renshaw
Vice President:            John Gibson
Secretary:                  George Crouch
Treasurer:                  Lorraine Lehman
Catering                     Alma Newton
Membership:              Helen Madgwick
Newsletter:                Margaret Smith
Outings Chairman:     Louis Agius
Program:                   Peggy Renshaw
Welfare:                    Jill Douglas




The Club operates as an autonomous entity under the Probus Constitution and closely follows the recommended guidelines of Probus South Pacific Limited. The Club’s membership limit is capped at 150, and endeavours to maintain a gender ratio to a maximum of 60% of any one gender. Due to the subsidies received from the City of Monash, the Club restricts any new members to those residing within the City of Monash.

The first Committee formed were -
President:                   Robert Renshaw
Vice President:            John Gibson
Secretary:                  George Crouch
Treasurer:                  Lorraine Lehman
Catering                     Alma Newton
Membership:              Helen Madgwick
Newsletter:                Margaret Smith
Outings Chairman:     Louis Agius
Program:                   Peggy Renshaw
Welfare:                    Jill Douglas

 The foundation members of this new club were as listed below;

  Surname Given names   Surname Given names
1 Agius Louis 37 Lambert Geoff 
2 Agius Lina 38 Lambert Evelyn
3 Barber Joyce 39 Lehey Max 
4 Bennett Judy 40 Lehey Margaret
5 Bennett Margaret 41 Lehman Lorraine
6 Bitmead Eunice 42 Madgwick Helen
7 Brand Brian  43 Mayes Rae
8 Brand Alma  44 Mayes Aileen
9 Buckley Elva 45 McKechnie Beth
10 Buckley Frank  46 Meyer Femke
11 Carlisle Audrey 47 Meyer Alf 
12 Carlisle Walter 48 Nesbitt Karen
13 Crouch George  49 Newton Elma
14 Crouch Greta 50 Pike Jan
15 Davies Judith 51 Reilly Marlene
16 Davies Ron  52 Reilly Peter
17 Douglas Bruce 53 Reith Eileen
18 Douglas Jill 54 Reith Doug 
19 Dunstan Eila 55 Renshaw Peggy
20 Dunstan Robert 56 Renshaw Bob 
21 Erlandson Veronica 57 Revill Alma 
22 Erlandson Barry  58 Revill Alan
23 Fastier Ken 59 Ritchie Helen
24 Field Tessa 60 Saitta Nancy
25 Foley Roberta 61 Saitta Tony 
26 Foley Brian 62 Smith Margaret
27 Gibson John 63 Smith Bob 
28 Gibson Jill 64 Tilley Bev
29 Goodwin Gwen  65 Tilley Graeme
30 Goodwin Geoff 66 Wall Dinah
31 Hodges Barbara 67 Wall John 
32 Howden  Patricia 68 Ward John 
33 Hudson John 69 Ward Beverley 
34 Hudson Margaret  70 Windley Clive
35 Jagusch Rita 71 Windley Glynis
36 Kurtyka Elizabeth      

2002 – 2003 (July-31st March 2003) – Each following year is from 1st April to 31st March

It was decided that monthly meetings would be held on 4th Friday of each month. It was also decided that a
joining fee of $20 would be introduced with an annual membership fee of $15 applying. The joining fee
initially covered membership badges and contribution for the Club’s initial expenses, with the costs of
morning teas, Probus Centre capitation charges and publications together with insurance fees.
Peggy Renshaw arranged the initial speaker’s program that included speakers from Ronald McDonald
House, the Guide Dog’s Association and a practicing Plastic Surgeon.

At the August Meeting there was a NOTICE OF MOTION – Namely the recommendation that the combined Probus Club of Syndal be incorporated, it would be necessary to adopt a model Constitution and By-Laws, as supplied by Probus Centre, to conform to requirements for incorporated bodies. A copy of proposed Constitution and By-Laws was distributed to members at the August general meeting.

As 21 days’ notice of motion must be given, the motion -” that the Combined Probus Club of Syndal adopt the model Constitution and By-Laws as distributed to members on 23 August, 2002” be put to the September general meeting and was passed unanimously. One item adopted at the time was that a membership cap of 120 applied. The Club was formally incorporated as of 18th February 2003.
A newsletter was initially printed by the Monash City Council as a community service. Advice was given by the Rotary Club of Glen Waverley that an application be made to the Monash Council for a subsidy to cover the cost of hall hire and printing.
New members who joined during that Probus year were Judy Clifford (resigned Feb 2008), Geoff Chandler and Norma Chandler (decd. May 2006), Phyl Ketting-Olivier, Lyn Grenfell, Gwen Thornton, John and Joan Denton together with Fay Norris (resigned May 2006) Frank and Marie Andrews, Nita and Robert McKay
Group activities were suggested which were many and varied, including water aerobics, armchair travels, sport, cards, strollers, computer, gardening , theatre and many more. The initial Outings Officer, Louis Agius undertook a survey amongst the members to ascertain places that they wished to visit and organized the tours to suit. Initial tours were to the Werribee Zoo, Walhalla, Maldon and the Nagambie wineries.
One member, Doug Cowling, had experience driving buses, and arranged bus hire with himself driving to a number of outings at a more economical rate than otherwise available.

A Notice of 1st Annual General Meeting was given at February Meeting and was held in March as is common to all Probus Clubs. With the exception of the President, all positions on Committee were declared vacant.
As the Club had not been running for a full year, the President was entitled to retain office until a full year had been completed and this action was adopted.

At the Annual Meeting the President reported that the club started with 71 members and had since grown to 90. A cap of 120 had been initially determined and under the terms of the then adopted constitution, a combined club could not have an excess of 55% of any one gender, which meant a maximum of 66 of the one gender. Many functions and outings were held during the year being well received by the members who participated.

2003 – 2004
Members elected to the management Committee for 2003 – 2004 were:
President:                 Robert Renshaw
Vice President:          John Gibson
Secretary:                 George Crouch
Treasurer:                 Lorraine Lehman
Catering:                   Alma Newton
Membership:              Peggy Renshaw
Newsletter:                Margaret Smith
Outings:                    Judith Davies
Program:                   Dinah Wall
Welfare:                    Jill Douglas

That year the following people were admitted to the Club – Bill (decd) and Joan Emmerson (non-active May 2013), Graham and Sue Gunson, Trevor and Janelle Biggs, Doug and Jean Cowling, Valerie Wong, Joseph Borbas, Barbara and Geoff Peters, Lorraine Baker, Graeme Sheehan (resigned March 2005) and

Shirley Sheehan (decd Nov 2006), Elizabeth Trevaskis, Karl and Ute Berberich (resigned August 2006), Neil and Beryl Maher (resigned July2004), Annette Clifford (resigned Feb 2008), Graham and Dawn Stocks (resigned Nov 2004), Carmel Rogers, (resigned 2009) Jack and Jan Segal (resigned April 2005) , Barbara Angus (decd April 2005.) and Graham Angus, Susan and Roger Hollingworth, Elaine and Bob Jeffares, Graham Baker, Keith Craddock (resigned 2012) Pam Craddock, John Rochstein, Robyn Waugh (decd 2008), Janice Tennant, Brian Tennant (resigned March 2011) Lyn Holland (resigned 2004) and Glenda Munro (membership terminated Sept 2007).

Interesting guest speakers were arranged by Dinah and outings were organised by Judith (Judy) Davies and Glynis Windley and included a trip to Victorian goldfields railway and Maldon 16th March 2003.
This year also saw the commencement of a walkers group led by Joyce Barber, an evening dine out group led by Geoff Lambert and a craft group led by Peggy Renshaw.
It was moved in March 2004 to increase the membership from 120 to 150.

It was also moved to increase the membership subscription by $3.00 to $18.00. Both of these motions were passed by the membership.
The 2nd Annual Report was tabled by the outgoing President, Robert Renshaw who wished the incoming President Margaret Smith every success.

2004 – 2005

Office Bearers elected for 2004 -2005:
President:                    Margaret Smith
Vice-President:            Max Lehey
Vice-President:            Glynis Windley
Secretary:                   Robert Renshaw
Treasurer:                   Janelle Biggs
Catering:                    Alma Newton
Membership:               Femke Meyer
Newsletter:                 Robert McKay
Outings:                     Judith Davies
Program:                    Dinah Wall
Welfare                       Jill Douglas.

New Members welcomed in the year were - Pat Taylor, Jim Grenfell, Joyce Willmott, Bob Stobie, Marjorie and Alan Taylor, (both resigned March 2011) Pat and Ken Fitzpatrick, Adelaide Toward (resigned Feb. 2009), Judy Nielsen (resigned Nov. 2006), Barbara Owens, Margaret Cox, Neil Were, Fay Norris (resigned May 2006) Bill and Betty Wiles (both decd 2013) Carole Smith, Marlene O’Loughlin, Jan Howell (decdNov-09), Phil Byron (decd May 2009)

Sub Committees being run at this time were strollers (Joyce Barber), dine-out (Geoff Lambert), luncheon/Cinema club (Rae Mayes), theatre Group (Alma Brand), cards (Judy Davies), craft (Peggy Renshaw), Lunch after general meetings (Janelle Biggs)
Many outings of interest took place during the year – visits to Police Academy, Glen Waverley, Costume collection plus Heide Gallery, Johnstone collection, Ford factory tour, Campbellfield, were some of the
outings that year.

In addition to guest speakers arranged by Dinah, two members addressed the club. These were Bob Stobie who provided advice on reducing travel costs and Margaret Bennett who spoke of her life’s adventures.
A trip to the Gold Coast and Sunshine coast was made on 2nd August 2004 and Doug Cowling organised a 5-day trip to Mildura and Broken Hill on 31st May 2004 and 33 participated in a trip to Walhalla. A group went to Tasmania on 11th March 2005.
A Christmas lunch was held at Kelly’s on the Hill in Olinda. Also, a bus tour of Christmas lights and Crown Casino was organized.

The Annual General meeting held in March 2005 saw the President, Margaret Smith presenting her report and advising that at the time the club had 119 members with an average attendance of 85.

2005 - 2006
The Committee appointed for 2005 – 2006 were;
President:                        Max Lehey
Vice President                  Glynis Windley
Secretary                         Robert Renshaw
Treasurer                         Janelle Biggs
Catering:                         Lyn Grenfell
Membership:                    Femke Meyer
Newsletter:                      Robert McKay
Outings:                          Judith Davies
Program:                         Graham Angus
Welfare:                          Sue Hollingworth

New members welcomed during the year were Bev Goodall, Joy Oaten, Elaine Cooper (resigned April 2012), Judy and Norris Gale, Rosemary Mitchell, Clive Windley, Isobel and John Poynter, Nola Loschiavo, John and Fay Keane.

The outings program for 2005-2006 was full of interest with many places to visit. The outings included Gumbuya Park, Tesslaar Tulip farm, Earimil Garden Mt Eliza, Flemington racecourse and Maribyrong river cruise. Bus Trips to Marysville, Morwell, and Churchill Island, and a tramboat lunch. Members also travelled to Flinders Ranges from 10th to 17th September 2005.

The Small Group activities were also well patronized during the year.
A Christmas in July lunch was held at the Cuckoo Restaurant in Olinda and a December Christmas lunch held at Strath Creek, Hume and Hovell Cricket Ground.

A barbeque meeting and lunch was held in February 2006 at Valley Reserve. The meeting was subjected to light rain but was well enjoyed.

Graham Angus led a group on a Caravan trip to Ballarat for 3 days late March 2006.
President Max Lehey presented his report in the March Annual General Meeting where he thanked all Committee and sub-committee members for their assistance during the year.

Membership at the end of March, 2006 of 123 comprised 46 males and 77 females.

2006 – 2007
Committee members elected for 2006 – 2007 were;
President:                      Glynis Windley
Vice President:               Doug Reith
Secretary:                     Robert Renshaw
Treasurer:                     Janelle Biggs
Catering:                       Lyn Grenfell
Membership:                 Femke Meyer
Newsletter:                   Robert McKay
Outings:                        Judith Davies
Program:                       Bev Goodall
Welfare:                        Sue Hollingworth

New members welcomed during the year were Ann and Ray Cross (resigned Mar 2008), Pegi and Brian Webster, Gordon and Beverley Silver, Chris and Ken Firth (resigned June 2007), Meng Lee, Del Gilder, Millie Perrin, Les Barber, Maurice and Dinah Tobias, Estelle Carman, Audrey Schaedel, and Ian and Joan Shepardley (resigned Feb 2009).

Outings in 2006/ 2007 were all well patronized with day trips being made to Bleura-Tallis, Mt Akinson Olive Grove, Ripponlea Mansion, Police Museum and MCG tour, Rupertswood Mansion tour, Barwon Park Mansion Winchelsea tour, Rye Sand Sculptures Pt Nepean Park to name a few. Trips were made to Kangaroo Island 22nd to 28th October, Norfolk Island 7th to 14th March. The caravan group went to Foster area and Wilson’s Prom for a few days in October and Port Fairy and Warrnambool area for a few days February led by Graham Angus.
Christmas in July was held at Glencoe Restaurant and Christmas December luncheon was at Tivoli Theatre Restaurant.

In applying for Council subsidies, the Club Secretary is required to submit a return to Monash Council which includes the number of Club members living outside the Monash area. Because of the benefits the Club was receiving from the Council, such as subsidised hall hire and printing, the member‘s residential location became of greater concern. The Management Committee then decided that persons wishing to join who reside outside the Monash area would not be considered for membership. Until circumstances change this was decided to remain Club policy.

Membership at the end of March was 55 males and 81 females.
The Christmas luncheon was held at Alfred’s Homestead, Warrandyte which was enjoyed by all who attended.
The year 2007 commenced with January meeting held in the Youth Centre.
We again had the barbeque at Valley Reserve for our February meeting and once again this event went well.
The Annual General Meeting was held in March 2007 and a new Committee was elected to serve the members for the following 12 months.

2007 – 2008
Committee members elected for 2007 -2008 were:
President:                              Doug Reith
Vice President                        Judith Davies
Secretary:                             Carole Smith
Treasurer:                             Gwen Thornton
Catering:                               Lyn Grenfell
Membership:                          Barbara Peters
Newsletter:                            Barbara Hodges
Outings:                                Glynis Windley
Speakers:                              Bev Goodall
Welfare                                  Sue Hollingworth

The following members were inducted during the year – Barbara Webster, Noel Franklin, Beverley and Gary Howell, Ron and Bev Trevethan , Elizabeth and Laurie Stuart (resigned Aug 09) Len and Judy Sharp, Ron and Betty Cameron.

Robert Renshaw was made a life member October 2007.

Outings included a coach tour to Hanging Rock, Goulburn River – Nagambie Wine tastings, Cloudhill Nurseries, Barwon Grange and Wool Museum.

Graham Angus took interested members in caravanning several days to Beechworth and surrounding districts. Those without caravans stayed in cabins. Doug Cowling took a group to Tasmania 27th February to 11th March 2008 A bus trip to Loddon Valley was organized 10th – 12th September also led by Doug Cowling.

A Christmas in July function was organized at the Tram Car Restaurant on 18th July and the Christmas Lunch was held at Alfred’s Homestead at Warrandyte on 12th December 2007.
Again the February meeting was held at Valley Reserve, where members enjoyed a barbeque lunch.

2008 – 2009
The Committee for 2008-2009 was elected unopposed -
President:                    Judith Davies
Vice President:             Trevor Biggs
Secretary:                    Carole Smith
Treasurer:                    Barbara Hodges
Outings:                      Glynis Windley
Catering:                     Sue Hollingworth
Speakers:                    Bev Goodall
Membership:                Barbara Peters
Newsletter:                  Robert McKay
Welfare:                      Joyce Barber

The following members were inducted during the year - Maxine and Tom Murphy, Heather and Alan Robison, Shirley and Noel Waddington, Linda and Brian Towers, Don Graham (resigned), Bob Gilder, Maree and Peter Donovan, Sue and Brian May,

A full program for the year was enjoyed by many. This included Living Legends Stud Farm, Gardens of Mount Macedon, Boats and trains round the bay, Carmelite Monastery, a trip to Daylesford and a visit to Kyneton Daffodil Festival

The Christmas luncheon was held at Clover Cottage on 10th December, which was an excellent venue.
Some members went on a coach trip to Merimbula, 1st to 6th March 2009, others went to Floriade in Canberra 5th to 9th October 2008, and a caravan trip to Port Fairy and surrounding area 26th October to 1st November 2008.

It was suggested by Judy Davies that a photo register be made to make it easier for members to recognise members. This was finalised and a copy made available to all members -one per couple. The preparation of this document together with the photographing of members was undertaken by Clive Windley.
The Dine-Outs arranged by Ken Fitzpatick proved very popular each month with an average of 40-50 members attending each time.

The Saturday/Sunday Group had been very well patronised with a dress up cocktail party at Robert and Peggy Renshaw‘s house in December, 2008. Another outing saw many go to an evening dinner at the Titanic Restaurant at Williamstown.

The last outing for 2008 was Christmas lights tour through the city and eastern suburbs.
The February meeting barbeque at Valley Reserve was changed at the last minute to a barbeque in the meeting hall because of weather conditions but proved to be a very successful day.
Member numbers as at March Annual Meeting were 145, comprising 80 females and 65 males.

2009 – 2010
Committee elected for 2009-10 were as follows-
President:                  Trevor Biggs
Vice President:            Femke Meyer
Secretary:                  Robert Renshaw
Treasurer:                  Barbara Hodges
Catering:                    Lorraine Baker
Membership:              John Keane
Newsletter:                 Les Barber
Outings:                     Glynis Windley (Doug Reith)
Speakers                    Del Gilder
Welfare:                     Joyce Barber

New members inducted during the year were - Jackie and Barry David, Betty and Wilfred Seelig, Jenny and Ken Haymes, Gabrielle and Ian Russell (resigned), Dorothy McDonald (Decd Nov 2010), Kelvin Rosenthorn (resigned).

The program for 2010 appeared very interesting although a lesser number of outings were undertaken due to a delayed changeover in outings organiser with Glynis ‘holding the fort’ for this interim period. A boat trip to Maribrynong was undertaken, a visit to Ercildoune House and Garden at Burrumbeet, and a tour of Abbotsford Convent were some of the outings that year.
Some members went on a trip to Lord Howe Island 18th – 25th April, and caravan trips were organized by

Graham Angus to Lakes Entrance 24th to 30th May 2009 and Avoca October 25th to 1st November 2009. Robert McKay organised a group to Floriade in Canberra 4th to 8th October 2009
The Christmas luncheon in December was held at Josephs Wheelers Hill and was very successful.
A Christmas barbeque was held at the Renshaw’s home in December and some 50 people participated in that event.

One highlight of the Saturday/Sunday club during the year was a tram car luncheon consisting of four courses inclusive of drinks.

The February meeting was attended by 118 members. After the meeting, a barbeque lunch within the hall was organised with many helping hands to make this successful.

All Sub-Committee outings continued to get good attendance.

During the year, an honorary life membership was presented to Judy Davies for her continued work in supporting the Club with outings, cards and many other items over the years making her a stand out member.

A motion was put forward to members and passed that annual fees be increased to $25 as from 1/4/2010

2010 – 2011
The Annual Meeting was held in March where the following Members were elected to Committee for the year 2010-2011 -
President:                         Femke Meyer
Vice President:                  Les Barber
Secretary:                        Robert Renshaw
Treasurer:                        Barbara Hodges
Catering:                          Lorraine Baker
Membership:                    John Keane
Newsletter:                      Brian May
Outings:                           Barry David
Speakers:                         Del Gilder
Welfare:                           Joyce Barber

Members joined during the year were Bruce Davies, April 2010, Peter and Carmel Dunne, July 2010.Ken and Dorothy Johnston (Feb 2011)

Members attending meetings continued to be in excess of over 100 during the year.
An extensive number of outings was arranged by Barry David and included visiting the Fire Museum and Parliament House, the State Coal Mine in Wonthaggi (followed by lunch at an Inverloch hotel), Shrine of Remembrance, Abbaworld and the Dromkeen Gallery at Riddells Creek. Barry also arranged a barefoot bowls day at the Glen Waverley Bowls Club where 50 attended. Also, a day in the Dandenongs and a picnic in Yarra Valley were organized and well attended.

“Fashions on the Field” was the theme for October meeting, and Barry David assisted with cup sweeps making it an enjoyable day.

All the groups within the Club were functioning well. A Scrabble club initiated with meetings at the home of Greta Crouch. A Garden group commenced led by Marlene O’Loughlin. Also, during this year, a small group of male members led by Robert McKay started a golf group.

A Christmas luncheon was held at Contessa Functions in Ashwood where in excess of 100 attended.
The Saturday/Sunday club had a cinema afternoon followed by fish and chips at Judy and Ron Davies home in February 2011

Femke Meyer being the outgoing President presented her report and advised that membership now totalled 150 members.

2011 – 2012
The following members were elected to Committee - for the year 2011-2012 -
Committee members elected were:
President:                   Les Barber
Vice President:            Del Gilder
Jnr Vice President:      Norris Gale
Secretary:                  Janelle Biggs
Treasurer:                  Brian Towers for part year then Carole Smith
Catering:                    Bev Goodall
Membership:              John Keane
Newsletter:                Brian May
Outings:                    Barry David
Speakers:                  Ken Haymes
Welfare:                    Judy Davies

We welcomed the following members during the year. Barry Cumming, May 2011, George Hellyer, April 2011, Jeff and Marlene Benjamin, May 2011, Bryan (decd Jan 2014) and Helen Mills, November 2011, together with Robert and Judith Pierce (November 2011)

Outings arranged during the year included Tutunkham and Age of the Pharoahs where 48 attended, TAA Museum and Donnybrook Farmhouse (47 attended), Beleura House and Garden at Mornington, Latrobe Valley Powerworks Museum and a tour of Fort Queenscliff.

Barry David also announced a new Club Group being – M & M‘s - Midweek Music for members to attend midweek performances and entertainments at suburban theatres.

A number participated in a ‘Race Day’ run by Probus Victoria at Mornington Racecourse and eighteen members attended a Probus South Pacific Rendezvous in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.
Robert McKay arranged for fifty-three members to fly to Magnetic Island and Townsville for a week in May.

The caravan group renamed the getaway group and led by Norris Gale went to Barwon Heads late February.
Special general meetings with themes adopted for the occasion of the Club’s birthday in July. A ‘Football Day’ with beanies and scarfs worn by members in September and a ‘Race Day’ at the end of October being near the Melbourne Cup. For this latter meeting sweeps were drawn together with ‘Fashions on the Field’ judging with prizes.

A Christmas in July lunch was enjoyed at the Tivoli Theatre Restaurant and a Christmas luncheon was held in December at Contessa Functions with over 100 members attending.
A second Lawn bowls event was held early in the calendar year where 52 members participated.

Our club hosted Monash Regional Information Day, serving morning tea and lunch to Probus members
President Les achieved a reserve funds amount set aside as recommended by Probus South Pacific at the end of his year.

The membership reached the permitted membership cap of 150 members at the end of the Probus year.

2012 – 2013
The following were elected unopposed to the Committee for 2012 to 2013.
President :                 Del Gilder
Snr Vice President:     Norris Gale
Jnr Vice President:      Lyn Grenfell
Secretary:                  Janelle Biggs
Treasurer:                  Ron Trevethan
Catering:                    Bev Goodall
Membership:              Len Sharp
Newsletter:                Peter Dunne
Outings:                    Barry David
Speakers:                  Ken Haymes
Welfare:                    Judy Davies

Members who joined during the year were Judith and Gordon Fisher, June 2012 and Larry and Gail Stevens, February 2013.

All sub-groups were receiving reasonable attendances for all events during the year. These groups included M & M’s, Craft & Cuppa, Cards, Dine-out, Golf, Garden, Saturday/Sunday, Scrabble, Strollers, Theatre, Wine Tasting, and lunch after general meetings

Some members participated in a ‘Race Day’ run by Probus Victoria at Carisbrook (near Maryborough) where a fun day was enjoyed by all.

Our club again hosted Monash Regional Information Day on Monday 14th May 2012 at High Street Road Uniting Church Mt Waverley, serving morning tea and lunch to Probus members present.
In July probus members celebrated the club’s 10th birthday. Members were entertained by Geoff Smith, pianist, Michael Crichton, balloonologist and our own member Max Lehey who had some good jokes to
share. Robert Renshaw Rotary District 9810 Probus Chair presented the club with a 10-year certificate from Probus South Pacific.

A group of 38 Probians mainly from Syndal Combined but including some from 4 other Probus Clubs undertook a 25-day trip to Canada and Alaska via Korea. Following this, 18 of the group then continued to East Canada and the United States for a further 14 days.
Later in the same year some 14 members undertook a seven-day trip to the Snowy mountains area.

A Christmas in July lunch was held at the Cuckoo Restaurant in Olinda.
The getaway group, led by Norris Gale undertook a few days camping during late February to Philip Island.
Christmas lunch was held at Yarra Yarra Golf Club on Friday 14th December and 112 members attended. John Adams entertained us with Christmas carols on his key board.
Barefoot bowls was again held in January at Mt Waverley Bowls Club

Membership stayed at the permitted cap of 150 at the end of the Probus year.

2013 – 2014
The following were elected unopposed to the Committee for 2013-2014
President                Norris Gale
Snr Vice President   Lyn Grenfell
Jnr Vice President    Barry David
Secretary                Janelle Biggs
Treasurer                Ron Trevethan
Catering                 Glynis Windley
Membership            Len Sharp
Newsletter              Peter Dunne
Outings                  Barry Cumming
Speakers                Ken Haymes
Welfare                  Judy Davies


Members who joined through the year were Margaret and Ray Calway (April 2013), and Philip McKenzie, (November 2013) and Des and Lorraine Martin (March 2014).

Once again Probus Victoria run a very successful race day at which several of our members attended. That year the races were held at Kilmore. Some of our members won prizes for being “best dressed”.

Some members went to South Africa 2nd to 26th September 2013.

A group of 24 from our Probus club plus two others visited Darwin for 8 days 13th to 20th July 2013.

A group from our Probus club went to Sapphire Coast Merimbula 2nd to 7th March 2014. These trips were organized by Robert McKay.

A Getaway group attended Probus Rendezvous 13th to 20th October at Albury. The Getaway group also went to Nagambie in March 2014 for a few days.

A ‘Christmas in July’ was held at Mount Waverley Scout Hall, Valley Reserve on Saturday 27th July. This was a spit roast and a very enjoyable night was had by all.

The 11th birthday celebrations were held in July and the Committee entertained members. The ladies did a dance and song routine to “Hello Dolly” while the men did a routine to “YMCA” dressed up as the
“Village People”. Probus member Max Lehey entertained members with a few good jokes. General meeting themes were again held, such as footy scarves and beanies with party pies for morning tea, and in
September celebrating the AFL footy finals played on the following day. “Fashions on the Field” was the theme for the Melbourne Cup with cup sweeps and chicken sandwiches for morning tea in the October meeting. Our usual “bring a plate” for our end of year meeting morning tea in November was also held.

Barry Cumming did a good job of organizing monthly outings which included both all day coach outings together with public transport outings. Some of these included bus outings to Healesville, Tarra Warra Estate art/wine tasting, Cape Schanck Lighthouse and Museum tour of Charlie’s Auto and Memorabilia. Public transport tours included the James Bond Exhibition and the MCG. Barefoot bowls was again held in January 2014, although due to the extreme heat conditions, indoor trivia games were played instead of outdoor bowls.

All sub-committee groups M & M’s, craft and cuppa, dine outs, golf, garden, Saturday/Sunday, Scrabble, Cards, Strollers, Theatre, wine tasting and lunch after general meetings, still attracting good attendance.
The Christmas luncheon was held at Yarra Yarra Golf Club on Friday 13th December 2013 and 125 members attended.

During the year the five-year review of our Constitution was finalized.

Other highlights of the year saw our member, Les Barber being made President of the Probus Association of Victoria at their AGM in November 2013, and in the Syndal Combined Club's AGM in 2014, President Norris made one of our foundation members, Judy Davies a Life Member of the Probus Club for her organising many outings for the membership over a long period of time.

It became necessary to increase our annual subscription fees for 2014 and beyond to $30 p.a. due to a sharp increase in capitation fees charged by Probus South Pacific Ltd.

Membership at the end of this financial year was 151.

The following members were elected unopposed to Committee for the year 2014-2015 –
President                  Lyn Grenfell
Snr Vice President      Barry David
Jnr Vice President      Carole Smith
Secretary                  Barbara Webster
Treasurer                  Ron Trevethan
Catering                   Glynis Windley
Membership              Len Sharp
Newsletter                Fay Keane
Outings                    Barry Cumming
Speakers                  Gail Stevens
Welfare                    Barbara Peters