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 The Club shall be managed by a set of Standing Resolutions approved and adopted by members.

 1.         The Club shall be managed by a Management Committee (herein called ‘The Committee’) comprising of a President, one or two Vice-Presidents, the Senior Vice-President being President Elect and of alternate gender, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and Committee Members to be responsible for the activities of the Club.  The Immediate Past President shall be a member, ex officio, of the Committee and is entitled to vote if present at the Committee Meeting.

2.         (a) The Management Committee is authorized to appoint and Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer.  Such assistants to the elected officers do not have voting rights.  However, if the assistant is acting for the officer in his/her absence then the assistant/s would have one (1) vote representing the officer.

            (b) The Treasurer and one (1) other delegated officer of the Management Committee, appointed by the Management Committee are authorized to use electronic funds transfer (eft) banking system for Club accounts.

 4.         The Club shall meet monthly at 10.00a.m. on the fourth Friday of each month at a designated Meeting venue with the exception of December each year.

 5.         The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of March each year.

 6.         The maximum membership of the Cub shall be 150 with the Management Committee authorized to increase the membership by one (1) to enable, where necessary, the admittance of a couple when one (1) vacancy only becomes available.  The increase can only be utilized by the Committee when the membership numbers are reduced to one (1) below the maximum membership of 150 and a couple is next on the waiting list for membership.

7.         The Management Committee shall endeavor to maintain a gender balance of not more than 60% of any one gender.

8.         The Club shall adopt the following to manage and maintain a waiting list:

            (a)  An expression of interest to join the Club will be recorded by date and gender, and

             (b)  No membership application form will be offered to a person on the waiting list until such time as there is a vacancy for membership, and

             (c)   When appropriate a membership application form will be offered to a person on the waiting list, such application must be sponsored by two (2) current members of the club and approval for membership given by a majority of the Management Committee, and

             (d)  No monies shall be received or accepted from a person on the waiting list until such time as the application for membership has been approved by the Management Committee, and

             (e)  Those persons included on the waiting list must meet the requirements of attendance under the protocol set for visitors.

 9.         A visitor may attend a maximum of four (4) meetings or activities per year of the Club.  AA visitor attending a general meeting will be charged a fee to cover costs.

 10.       An electronic copy of the Club’s membership records shall be retained by both the Secretary and Membership Officer.  The lists shall be regularly synchronized for security of record purposes.

11.       The subscription payable by members shall be reviewed annually.

12.       The joining fee payable by a member on admission to the club shall be reviewed annually,

13.       The Club shall operate under a Risk Management Policy.

14.       The Club shall operate under a Privacy Policy.

15.       There shall not be more than three (3) Life Members at any one time.  Life Membership may be conferred upon a member who has rendered outstanding service to the Club.  Nominations shall be submitted in writing to the Management Committee for consideration, and if approved, referred to the next general meeting of the Club for confirmation.  Such Life Members shall enjoy all membership privileges and shall not be expected to pay annual fees.

            Life Membership has been granted to:  Robert Renshaw      26th October 2007                                                                            Judy Davies              24th March 2014                                                                            Barry David             22nd March 2019

16.       Non-active members are not required to pay subscriptions.   Record of non-active members should be appended to the membership list.

17.       An asset register shall be retained by the Secretary.  This register shall include the responsible holder of each item, date of purchase and be amended as necessary.

18.       The designated Club Historians shall ensure that the Club’s history is current at each annual general meeting.  This record shall be regularly synchronized for security of record purposes.

19.       The Club shall endeavor to keep a minimum of $1500 in a separate savings account to help meet the recommendation of Probus South Pacific Limited of one (1) year’s running costs.

20.       These Standing Resolutions may be amended at any general meeting of this Club, a quorum being present, by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members present and voting, notice of such proposed amendment/s having been published to all members at least 21 days before such meeting.

Members resolved to formally adopt the above Standing Resolutions numbered 1 – 20 by Special Resolution at a General Meeting on 23rd August 2013

Signed…Norris Gale (President) and Janelle Biggs (Secretary)

Date…26th August, 2013

Clause 15 amended by Special Resolution on 22nd March, 2019.

Signed…Robert Renshaw  (President) and Margaret Smith (Secretary)

Date…22nd March 2019