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  • At the start of the reporting year, we had 128 members.
  • During the year the club lost 8 members through resignation or sadly passing and in the same time have inducted 18 new members.
  • At this moment at the end of the year the club currently has 125 members with 12 people on the waiting list.
  • The gender balance of male to female currently sits at 48 male (38.4%) and 77 female (61.6%).
  • The management committee has recommended (subject to member approval) that the club membership ceiling be increased to 140 members.


  • Over the past year there has been a monthly general meeting held every month with attendance averaging at 64 members.
  • There have also been 6 management committee meetings held throughout the year so the committee have been very active and productive.

Guest Speakers

Every monthly meeting there has been a different guest speaker and the members attending have been thoroughly informed and entertained by a variety of interesting people. One of the most popular speakers being Paige McCrowther from Assistance Dogs Australia with Knuckles the wonderful Labrador. Remember Susie Crick a passionate environmentalist who opened our eyes and made us ask questions when she spoke about the impact of plastic on the environment. We also can’t forget Louie Kelbert, a local bee keeper who gave us all a different perspective on the birds and the bees!

Website & Newsletter

The dynamic duo of Glenn and Mary Ellen Durrance have once again kept all the members informed throughout the year. Glenn has continued to maintain the club website and Facebook page with relevant information and photographs. Mary Ellen as the Newsletter Editor has consistently provided us all with a very comprehensive coverage of the news and activities of members in the superb monthly newsletter.


There have been numerous outings and excursions undertaken by members throughout the year. All of which have been expertly researched and handled by Mike and Gail Brennan. Some of note being the Kembla Grange races in March, the visit to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) in May, Christmas in July at Panorama House, Government House in September, Coolangatta Estate Winery in November to name a few. The piece de resistance being the mystery tour to wrap up the year, which for all who attended was a great day for Mike and Gail to sign off as Outings/Excursion officers.

Caravan and Camping

Early in the year a small group headed down to Canberra for a few days. In October there was trip to Belmont where 30 campers enjoyed the local area for 4 days. Our intrepid campers then only last week visited Tuross Head on the south coast where 38 members attended. 

The following activities have been well attended throughout the year:

Activity Coordinator(s) Frequency
Golf  Kevin Costelloe  Weekly & monthly on Mondays
Book club Sharon Hay Monthly on Mondays
Trivia   Anne Haine Monthly on Wednesday evenings
Walking Teresa Urbanski  Monthly on varying days
Cycling  Rodd Smith  Monthly on varying days
Barefoot Bowls   Henry Urbanski  Monthly on Mondays
Coffee club Yvonne Whitesmith Monthly on Mondays
Theatre/shows  John Penhallow Every two to three months
Small group dining John Penhallow Monthly on varying evenings
Buzzer lunches Angie Penhallow Monthly on varying days



For me one of the highlights of the year was the Probus Day in October when we had 91 members attend the day and they enjoyed line dancing, barefoot bowls and a lovely lunch. Christmas dinner and dance in December here in the club was also a great evening with 84 members attending. At the start of the year as your new President I had a new Secretary and a new Treasurer and a new Vice President to form the Executive Management Committee. We also had new committee members filling the Membership Officer and Travel Officer positions. As a newly formed committee I believe that we have all worked well together through the various challenges and the committee have delivered over the year to the benefit of all members. I would personally like to thank them all for their support and I will sign off by wishing the incoming committee all the very best for 2024/5.

Derrick Blackmore, President