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Norfolk Island

We already have 6 couples signing up for the 8 day holiday to Norfolk Island in 8-16 September 2022. This is an escorted trip with Serina of Trade Travel showing us around the island. She grew up there so knows all the places and many of the locals. We have 10 rooms reserved which means there are 4 more doubles available. Now is the time to sign up and pay your deposits to Trade Travel so that rooms can be allocated or given back to the hotel. I have uploaded the itinerary and forms into the FILES section of our Facebook page. All the info you need to make a decision to join us for a fun trip is there.

Great Southern Rail and Indian Pacific Trips

I have also added info on the Great Southern Rail Trip from Brisbane to Adelaide, and also the Margaret River, Perth & Indian Pacific Rail Trip for 2023. The basic details are in the Events section of our Facebook page. I have had a good level of interest from members who would like to go.  I will table more of the trip details after Februarys Committee Meeting.  If you would like to go and havent told me yet, then join up or go to our Facebook page. Click on Like” or commit as Going” on the trip you would like to do. I will be in touch with more details once they are confirmed by the Committee. Happy Holidays are coming back! John. [email protected]