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Revision of the Club By-Laws

Revision of the Club By-Laws has been carried out and approved by the Committee.  The revision dated 13th May 2023 is available for download under the  "Documents" heading on the left.

Change to the Club Constitution

At the general meeting on 23rd September 2021 a vote was taken by members on an amendment to the Club Constitution.  This was raised to enable a choice to be made on whether or not to conduct an audit of the clubs financial processes if club revenue is below $20,000.  The ammendment was carried by a unanimous vote from 58 members with one abstention.

Notification of the above change was made to Probus South Pacific Limited and the Office of Fair Trading and both bodies have noted the above amendment to our Constitution.

A copy of the revised Constitution is available for download under the  "Documents" heading on the left.


EFTPOS Machine

The EFTPOS machine is now available to take payments with a credit or debit card for Club activities ie Meeting Door Money, Outings, Lunches and Membership.  Raffle tickets must still be paid for with cash.  Note that the  EFTPOS facility is not to be used for theatre events or trips involving overnight stays.

EFTPOS payments can be made at general meetings and at other locations as required.   Only one activity can be paid for at a time eg door money and outings must be separate payments.  Couples can pay collectively for one activity on the one card.

For the Meeting Door Money please ensure you have been ticked off as present for the meeting and advise the Membership Officer that you will be paying by EFTPOS.  The EFTPOS machine will be located next to the entry table at meetings.

For Outings and Hospitality (Lunches) please advise the respective club officers that you will be paying by EFTPOS.   For membership payments advise the Treasurer that you will be paying by EFTPOS.  When you have paid, take your EFTPOS receipt with your name and activity on the back to the respective club officer or Treasurer to get a yellow club receipt from them which confirms your payment.

For the above payments the EFTPOS machine will be located near the door entry table during the morning tea break and after the meeting.

Payments for Theatre events and any trips involving overnight stays are not to be paid for using the EFTPOS facility.  These are to be paid through the Theatre Officer and as arranged through the Trips organiser.