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Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Date                    Speaker                                       Subject

Jan 2008      Kerry De Waal                      Aged Care Health

Feb.2008      Linda Cardew                      Willoughby Civic Place Project

Mar.2008     John Ives                              Heron Air

April 2008   Chris Zinn                             Australian Consumers Asscn.

May 2008 Cecile Yazbec                         Life in Apartheid Sth. Africa

June 2008 Jo-Anne Kokas                      Donkey Sanctuary

July 2008 Brian and Melissa                  NRMA

Aug.2008 Kevin Anderson                      Health and Wealth

Sep. 2008 John Shaw                           North Shore Heart Research Foundatio

Oct.2008 Doug Edwards                 Life in the Navy (particularly submarines

Nov. 2008 Meg                                    Small Aged Care Rights

Jan.  2009 Sgt. Fran Aciprandi             Policing in Chatswood

Feb. 2009 Greg Growson                      Rugby

Mar. 2009 Peter Cooper                    Wilderness Society

April 2009 Stuart Efler                      WIRES

May 2009 Bob Wilson                      Travels in a T Model Ford

June 2009   Robert McLeod            Cochlear Implant Centre

July 2009 Gary Cook                       Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

Aug 2009 Anne-Marie Lock           Willoughby Meals on Wheels

Sep 2009 Tom Sweeney               “The Plot Thickens”

Oct 2009 Patsy Templeton              Pymble Players

Nov 2009 Don Swonnell               Another look at Henry Lawson

Jan 2010 Pat Cooper                    Historic Houses Trust

Feb 2010 Donna Fitzgerald            Willoughby Theatre Company

Mar. 2010 Dennis Overton          “Elizabeth your house s burning down”

April 2010 Michael Fahey            “The Baggy Green Cap”

May 2010 John Barclay                Bush Poetry

June 2010 Mardi                          Murray River Tours

July 2010 Ben Smith                    Northern Beaches

Aug 2010 Garry Blackler            Rotary and Probus Clubs

Sep. 2010 Stephen Caruthers      The Last Salvo

Oct. 2010 Chris Russell             The New Inventors

Nov. 2010 Paula Jones              Teaching adult Australians to read

Jan 2011 Bill Blissenden            Opera

Feb 201  Barbara Holowbrow       Helping Children

Mar.  2011    King Fong                           Chinatown

April 2011    Matt McCredie           Police Dogs

May 2011     Gary Raymond          Police Rescue

June 2011 James Kelly             Owen Hodges Lawyers

July 2011 Paul Couvret            Atomic bomb,Nagasaki

Aug.2011 Elizabeth May(member) Recent Holiday Memoirs

Sep. 2011 John Jeremy          Cockatoo Dockyards

Oct.  2011 Ken Vaughn            Internet Fraud

Nov.2011 David Harris           The Snowy Mountains

Jan. 2012 Ian Pfenningwoth RAN -Gen. Macarthur

Feb. 2012 Derek Jones           The Arab Revolution

April 2012 Gordon Mar       Chinese Coolies WW1

May 2012 Graham Ball         20th Century Music

June 2012 Graham Ball 19th Century Music

July 2012 Lynne Blackford   Hearing Loss & Communication

Aug. 2012 Mary Bentley         Flying Doctor Service

September 2012 Derek Jones  Africa-the Hope & the Horror

October 2012     Anne Tomlinson  Palmistry

November 2012  Linda Ellis       Law

February 2013    Ros Burton  St. Declan's Way-Ireland

April 2013          Christine Lopasinski Understaning Mood Disorders

May 2013         Donna Hendry  Macular Degeneration

June 2013        David Synott      Healthy Lifestyle

July 2013         Tom Ware         Entertainer

 Aug. 2013       Ros Klumps       Assistance Dogs

Sept. 2013       Amy Bates         "Compeer" a programme for people with mental illness

October 2013   John Hungerford  Trekking in Spain

Nov. 2013        Rosylyn Hayes     Real Estate

Feb. 2014        Neryla Jolly          Vision & Driving

April 2014        Neville Lamb gave us a short talk about his visit to Guangzhou In in China , Harry Chariton also talked about Xiamen together with Bruce Coombes - Nth. Queensland cruise on the Sun Princess and Judith Dunstan  spoke to us on her extensive travels in Norway , Finland and Denmark and also Lotti Mardell joined in with memories of her time in Scandinavia      

May 2014      Dr. Tom Crow           Stroke Recovery

June 2014     Grahame Ball            Musical Opera   

July  2014       Noel Phelan             Maritime Museum

August 2014    Graham Ball              Modern Musicals

Sep. 2014       Kevin Fitzpatrick      Sir Earnest Shackleton in the Antarctic

Oct. 2014       Harold Dewes           Movietone News

Nov. 2014       Diana Bernard         Aged Care Rights Service

Feb. 2015       Gary Cook              NSW State Library

April 2015      Gail Giles-Gidney     Willoughby Council Mayor-Amalgamation of Local Councils

May 2015       Jenifer Philps          Children's Medical Research Institute

June 2015      Dick Whittiker          Weather

July  2015      Rihard Garard         "Black Dog Institute"

Aug. 2015      Otto Patterson         Magicion & Escapee from the Nazis in1938

Sep. 2015      Johnny Pace            Putting Humour to Work

Oct.  2015      Dr. Lucy                  Shen Yun

Nov  2015       Faye Yarroll             Cochlear Awareness Network

Jan 2016        Bronwyn Brown         Roald McDonald House Charities

Feb. 2016       Ron Humpherson     Computers

April 2016       Paula Jones (Member) Bombed Out in WW2

May 2016       Jo-Anne Berthelsen     " Wright from the Heart, an Auther's Journey"

June 2016      Jenny Beer              Willoughby Council Shared gardens Project

July 2016       Andrew Rodgers        Titanic

Aug. 2016      Keith & Ernie             Keith & Errnie show

Sep. 2016      Brian Copeland          My Life in Crime

Oct. 2016      Pam Palmer               Travel Tales

Nov. 2016      Keith & Ernie             Keith & Errnie show

Jan  2017      Adrian Hallett          Rrotary District Probus Chairman-  Future of our Club

Feb 2017       No Speaker

April 2017      Evelyn Argall           Physiotherapist- Peventing falls

May 2017      Keith & Ernie             Keith & Errnie show

June 2017     Graham Willcox          Qld. Joins Comm. Aust

July 2017       Kristine Pedler           Easylink Transport

Aug 2017      Gabbi Ringger            Guide Dogs

Sep. 2017       Keith & Ernie             Keith & Errnie show

Oct 2017      Lindsay Stoddart        Owen Hodges Lawyers

Nov 2017      Jim Wells                  RDPC Sopoke about cars roads and everything else

Jan 2018      Bernard Babarello       Arthritis NSW

Feb. 2018     Sam Everingham         Cobb & Co.

April 2018      Pam And Judy Show (Members) Travel Talk

May 2018       Jim Wells              Aviation

JUne 2018     Pam And Judy Show (Members) Travel Talk

July 2018      Paul Storm              Willoughby District Historical Society & Museum   Paul Storm           

Aug.2018       Paul Storm             Willoughby District Historical Society & Museum   Paul Storm

Sep.2018           Paul Storm          Willoughby District Historical Society & Museum   Paul Storm  

Oct. 2018       Jim Wells                Railways

Nov. 2018       Daniel Cakmac         Real Estate  

Jan. 2019     Keith Cook & Ernie Wallbank 

Feb. 2019     Jim Wells                   Nevill Shute

March 2019   AGM                         No Speaker

April 2019     Ron Humpherson      Scams 

May 2019      Rafaele Joudry          Sound Therapy

June 2019                                     Keith & Errnie show 

July 2019    Ken Bock                    Radio 2RPH

August 2019 Pam Palmer            My Adventures in Iceland 

Sep. 2019    James Kelly             Hodges Lawyers   

Oct. 2019     Brian Copeland        "Murdersers I have Met" 

NOV 2019      Steve and Daniel Cakmak, Sales Executives, McConnell Bourn." Real Estate Market Update".

Jan 2020        Keith & Errnie show 

Feb 2020         Keith & Errnie show

Mar. 2020        AGM -No speaker

Apil  2020