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• Arrange and preside over Committee and General meetings

• Work closely with Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer, together with Committee

• Ensure Agenda is prepared and distributed prior to meetings

• Endeavour to run meetings smoothly and on time

• Promote the importance of Fellowship, Friendship and Fun within the Club



• Prepare Agenda for the Committee and General meetings and distribute prior to meetings.

• Work closely with President & Treasurer, together with Committee

• Record accurate minutes of every Committee and General meeting and email to members.

• Liaise with Membership Officer to keep up to date list of membership

• Receive, answer and/or forward all correspondence



• Work closely with President & Secretary, together with Committee

• Collect, receipt and bank all money received

• Prepare Treasurer Reports for Committee and General meetings, as well as for the Newsletters

• Maintain accurate and current records

• Reconcile Petty Cash

• Prepare accounts at the end of the year for Auditor


Membership Officer: 

• Work closely with President & Secretary, together with Committee

• Maintain accurate membership records and forward to Probus South Pacific Ltd. Also provide Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Officer and Welfare Officer with up to date records on a regular basis.

• Have all members, visitors and guests sign attendance sheets at each meeting and give copy to Secretary for inclusion in the minutes

• Arrange for membership badges etc to be ordered for new members


Newsletter Editor: 

• Work closely with President & Secretary, together with Committee

• Set a deadline for all input to the Newsletter & advise members

• Collate all reports from President, Treasurer, Guest Speaker officer and others

• Publish Newsletter and email to members prior to General meetings and have copies available at meeting.  Send copy to Probus South Pacific and/or other Clubs as required


Hospitality Officer: 

• Liaise with Doylo (Donna) re room set up and requirements for meetings (seating plan, sound equipment, projector etc)

• Ensure tea and coffee available at each meeting

• Bring birthday cake, candles etc for all members having birthdays

• Communicate with Treasurer re coffee tickets and money

• Pay Doylo coffee money after each meeting

• Form sub committee (if needed) to organise special events (Christmas etc)


Welfare Officer: 

• Phone and send a card and/or flowers to sick members

• Inform members of any member who is not well


Activities / Outings / Trips: 

• Investigate suitable day outings, tours etc

• Submit suggestions to Committee for approval

• Circulate information to all members for consideration, including dates, costs and other relevant information

• Coordinate with Treasurer re collection and banking of money collected

• Ensure each outing is costed to cover expenditure

• Submit to Newsletter Editor to publish in Newsletter


Guest Speaker Officer: 

• Endeavour to arrange guest speakers at least 6 months in advance

• Keep a list of guest speakers on file

• Obtain from guest speaker details of their subject and check whether they need projector or sound equipment etc

• Send letter/email to speaker confirming the date, time and place

• Phone speaker a week prior to the meeting to confirm details

• Meet the guest speaker on arrival and introduce the speaker

• Arrange for a “Thank You” gift (if required) and liaise with Treasurer


Risk Management Officer: 

• Keep a record of members’ signatures for each event, for insurance purposes

• Keep a record of events and outings information on file for reference, not only for injury, but to cover loss of deposits etc if necessary

Club Ambassador: 

• This is a supporting role

• Greet guests and visitors as they arrive

• Introduce them to the Membership Officer who will ask them to sign in etc

• Introduce them to President and available Committee members

• Advise the order of the meeting etc and show them the tea, coffee

• Other tasks which may arise from time to time to assist the President


Cluster / Inter Club Ambassador: 

• Attend meetings together with other Ambassadors in our area

• Report back to the Committee on relevant items of interest to our Club

• Send report to Newsletter Editor for publication

• Report to General meetings


Publicity Officer: 

• Report on Club activities to local newspapers and radio stations

• Be aware of all deadline dates for all newspapers and publications and submit copy well before the deadline closure, including photographs where possible.  Most copy is submitted on line

• Regularly submit articles and photographs to PSPL for Active Retiree Magazine, Facebook or the PSPL website.


Web Officer: 

• Set up and maintain the Club’s website